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Your Moon Sign reveals the kind of Mother you are

By: Future Point | 24-Mar-2020
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Your Moon Sign reveals the kind of Mother you are

Being a mother is a privilege that cannot be equated with anything else in the world. No worldly comforts & conveniences can give even a fraction of joy that motherhood does. It is said that even the Divine considers motherhood as sacred and a blessing to humans.  The vital care and the much needed nourishment that a mother gives to her child, lays the foundation for the child to become self dependent in this world someday.

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Mother in Vedic Astrology 

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology offers a deep insight into the realm of motherhood. Apart from a comprehensive study of the planetary positions in a woman’s birth chart, an experienced astrologer can reveal the kind of characteristics that she is going to have once she becomes a mother, by simply looking at her Zodiac Sign and her Moon Sign.

Which out of the Moon Sign and the Zodiac Sign, reveals the most accurate information about a mother?

Well, both the Moon Sign and the Zodiac Sign of a woman hold key information about her traits as a mother.  However, it is the Moon Sign that comes out on the top when it comes to the maximum and most accurate details about a woman’s motherhood. The reason being- Moon is the natural significator of mother in Vedic Astrology and hence the Moon sign holds the maximum and most accurate information about a woman’s motherly characteristics.

It is recommended that a woman must talk to astrologer and get her natal horoscope analyzed in a comprehensive way to know what the planets have in store for her as far as all the aspects of her life are concerned including motherhood. 

This way an experienced astrologer after carefully analyzing her natal horoscope, would suggest her incredibly powerful Vedic remedial measures that would have the potential of nullifying or minimizing the problems that certain planets are signifying in her life.

However, to give a fair amount of idea about what kind of a mother a woman is based on her Moon Sign, we are presenting the following information that our astrologers have compiled after an extensive research based on numerous case studies:

A Mother with an Aries Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Aries, then your Moon Sign is Aries. Your motherly instincts are infused with high proactiveness for your child. You are always eager to teach new things to your child and in this process, you sometimes unintentionally go overboard and put unnecessary stress on your child. 

You never get tired of engaging with your child by means of different learning activities for his/her all-round growth which is a good thing. However, just keep your enthusiasm balanced and things will work out to be excellent. You also tend to get annoyed very easily when your child does not listen to you. Just relax! Children are moody and they take time to learn.

A Mother with a Taurus Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Taurus, then your Moon Sign is Taurus. Well, congratulations! You are a very tolerant mother which by the way is a much needed trait in the personality of mothers considering the number of tantrums that children throw their way.

You patiently listen to your child and give him/her a feeling of being someone who is really being cared about. Do consider being a “little” strict with your child as far as following a routine is concerned and exercise mild authority every now and then otherwise your child might stop listening to you at all and create a lot of fuss later on.

Your keen sense of observing your child’s progress plays a significant role in laying a strong foundation for the child’s overall development.

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A Mother with a Gemini Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Gemini, then your Moon Sign is Gemini. Your child does not need a friend when you are around. Such is the charisma of your sparkling personality. You very cleverly make your child do things that he/she usually wants to avoid e.g. eating vegetables, doing academic exercises, keeping the bed tidy etc.

You bring out the very best in your child by providing him/her with an atmosphere of warmth and friendly involvement wherein his/her learning capabilities find full expression. Your child would never complain about you not talking to him/her much!

A Mother with a Cancer Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Cancer, then your Moon Sign is Cancer. You are very emotional and extremely overprotective for your child.

The only purpose of your life seems to shower immense love on your child with constantly striving to fulfill every demand of your child. This sounds very nice and in fact every mother feels the same way about her child however, extreme pampering makes a child stubborn and does not bode well when the child grows up and interacts with the outside world. You take great joy in cooking what your child likes to eat. 

Remember, children are very choosy when it comes to eating. You must keep encouraging them to eat a balanced diet which is necessary for their growth & development. Do not let them straight away reject the foods that are vital for them.

You like to incorporate art & other extracurricular activities to teach your child and try to make learning, a soothing & pleasant experience for your child.

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A Mother with a Leo Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Leo, then your Moon Sign is Leo. You are super energetic and are always on your toes for your child without any complaint. You keep thinking of new ways in which you can take the learning curve of your child further up!

Generally, mothers are the ones who eventually get exhausted by attending to their children at the end of the day but you on the other hand, are always full of energy and ready to be absolutely involved with your child.

You are quite adamant when it comes to making decisions for your child and often outright reject other family members’ opinions which is not a wise way to maintain harmony in the family. You understand the importance of discipline in life and teach your child the same.

A Mother with a Virgo Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Virgo, then your Moon Sign is Virgo. You focus a lot on teaching manners to your child and sometimes take it too far. Remember, a child learns in a gradual way as time passes by.

You take special interest in dressing up your child and give attention to details. You are a firm believer that children learn by observing things & scenarios around them rather than listening to lectures or forced teachings.

For you, it is more important that your child develops comprehensive intelligence rather than a mechanical brain cluttered with useless information that only inflates his/her ego and actually does not contribute to his/her true growth.

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A Mother with a Libra Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Libra, then your Moon Sign is Libra. Striking the right balance in everything is your mantra and that is what you include in your teachings or advice to your child. Neither do you hesitate in being strict to your child for his/her own benefit and nor do you shy away from expressing your unfathomable love for your child.

You have high expectations from your child and emphasize a lot about having a goal in life along with a plan of action to achieve that goal. Your efforts would surely play a highly significant role in preparing your child to face any challenge with grace, that life throws his/her way. 

A Mother with a Scorpio Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Scorpio, then your Moon Sign is Scorpio. You are a very supportive mother and take keen interest in ensuring the complete development of your child. Your leadership qualities propel you to work towards making sure that your child embraces hardwork in life and gives his/her 100% to whatever he/she commits to.

You are thoroughly clear in your mind about what is best for your child and believe that the habbit of self learning must be inculcated in the child at an early stage of his/her academic life, although in a slow & gradual manner.

A Mother with a Sagittarius Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, then your Moon Sign is Sagittarius. You have a pin pointed outlook towards ensuring that your child grows to his/her full potential and make sure that he/she develops a problem solving attitude from an early age.

You are a great teacher and know the importance of learning both from the traditional means of books etc. and also by means of practical learning techniques like academic games, outdoor learning from nature etc.

You make sure to keep the humour alive in your interactions with your child so that the child remains involved and at ease while being with you. This helps you in creating a beautiful bond of love & warmth with your child.

A Mother with a Capricorn Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Capricorn, then your Moon Sign is Capricorn. You execute every task efficiently and always keep your cool intact while interacting with your child.

You make it a point to be absolutely involved with your child every moment that you spend with him/her. As you are a great listener, your child eventually learns to express more & more and later on develops great communication skills. For you, it is absolutely important to eat healthy and this is an area where you exercise a strict approach towards your child.

A Mother with an Aquarius Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Aquarius, then your Moon Sign is Aquarius. You are a visionary and hence, always try to think out of the box when it comes to raising your child and deciding what is best for him/her. You believe in long term planning for your child and take all necessary steps to ensure a bright future for your child.

Your love, care and compassion for your child knows no bounds and the well being of your child is always on the forefront in your mind which makes you think a lot and sometimes worry as well. Do not worry, as it would only alienate you from the present and that might make your child feel neglected.

A Mother with Pisces Moon Sign

If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Pisces, then your Moon Sign is Pisces. You love to pamper your child and are always eager to create memories in the form of photos with him/her. For you, even a simple thing like a walk in the park with your child is in itself a relishing experience!

No matter how tired you are, when it comes to interacting with your child, you do that with absolute involvement and with sheer joy. You are very emotional and find it hard to impose any restrictions on your child even when they are required. This might make your child stubborn and create problems in his/her early days in school as the child would straight away reject educational authorities.

This was a research analysis as per the Moon Sign of a woman. However, do consult with our highly experienced astrologers to get a detailed analysis of your Birth Horoscope and know about what the planets are holding for multiple aspects of your life and also get incredibly powerful remedies that have the potential of changing the course of destiny and making success, wealth, love & bliss, an integral part of your life!  

Also, do not forget to get your Free Horoscope Report and take the first step in your journey on the magical road of Vedic Astrology!

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