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Concept of Vastu & its Applications in Home Decoration

By: Future Point | 25-Mar-2020
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Concept of Vastu & its Applications in Home Decoration

Home is a place that reverberates with our innermost self and gives us a profound sense of belonging. It is not just a place where we dwell physically, but our subconscious mind shares a very intimate bond with our home as well!

Decorating a home is not just an exercise stemming out of a social trend, rather, it is a reflection of aesthetics and culture. Festivals are a perfect example of events that since ancient times, have been inspiring people all over the world to decorate their homes at various times in a year as per their culture & traditions.

What is Vastu?

This infinite cosmos is an arena where different types of energies function and these energies tend to get attracted to different types of physical forms. Vastu is a divine science that deals with architecture in relation to comic energies as both have a very intricate relationship between them.

Every structure based on its design both in the inside as well as on the outside, emanates very subtle yet significant vibrations that result in a specific set of energies getting attached to it and the effects that these energies have on the people coming in contact with that structure are simply phenomenal.

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Vastu and the Five Elements

When it comes to establishing different functionalities of a home, one must first understand that as per Vastu, all five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space) have specific cosmically designated areas in the home where they reside.

If functionalities in a home are planned in accordance with these five elements, then they attract prosperous and blissful energies. However, if there is discord between them, then a lot of negative energies seep into the home and create unnecessary troubles.

Example: The Earth element is associated with the South-West direction and this element signifies stability and a strong foundation in life. Therefore, the master bedroom or the place where the head of a family sleeps, must be made in the South-West direction in a home.

If the master bedroom is made in the South-East direction in a home which is the place associated with the Fire element, then it increases bickering in the family and the family members often find it difficult to agree on just about anything. Further, it attracts negative energies that create frequent disruptions in the health of the head of family.

The right thing to do is to have a kitchen in the South-East direction so that the Fire element attracts energies that promote health through food and enhance nutrition in the food that is being cooked there.

Similarly, other functionalities in the house must be designed & established by making sure that the element residing in that direction is in harmony with those functionalities.

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A House with a Vastu Dosh

It is heavily emphasized that one must build a house by keeping the principles of Vastu in mind or buy only such a readymade property that checks on all Vastu related parameters.

However, there are many who either did not build their houses by incorporating the wisdom of Vastu in mind or simply bought an already constructed property that was not Vastu conducive.

Such properties are considered to have “Vastu Dosh” or an architectural flaw as per Vastu.

A Vastu Dosh brings a lot of malefic energies in a house and wreaks havoc in the lives of people residing in that house in the form of diseases, obstacles in professional life, loss of wealth, accidents and even worse- an untimely death in certain rare cases.

Therefore, the negative impacts that a Vastu Dosh can have on the lives of the occupants of a house must never be underestimated.

What can be done in a House that is built against Vastu norms?

The sacred scripture that houses the knowledge of Vastu is called “Vastu Shastra”.

Besides laying out the fundamental rules of Vastu, Vastu Shastra also prescribes highly powerful & effective remedies to correct the imbalance of a place’s Vastu without heavy alteration in the broader structure.

A Vastu expert suggests these remedies or Vastu tips after analyzing the house or the structure very carefully. These Vastu tips for House correct the imbalance in the Vastu of that house by attracting positive energies that promote health, wealth, abundance and peace in the lives of its residents.

There are numerous Vastu remedies & tips that can be incorporated particularly when it comes to home decoration, however, it is advised to talk to a professional before narrowing down on one, as the tip needs to be relevant to the specific Vastu situation of the house and the goals of its residents.

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Vastu backed Colour Schemes for Home Decoration

Colours play a very significant role in attracting & storing different energies in a house and it is their application that decides what characteristics or effects would they bring in the lives of people residing in that house.

Following is the list of certain colours that are majorly used in Vastu related home decorations and the characteristics associated with them:

  • Red- Passion, Proactiveness, Vigour, Sexuality and Courage.
  • Blue- Honesty, Research and Deep Thinking.
  • Green- Imagination, Communication and Creativity.
  • Pink- Romance, Art, Joy and Harmony.
  • Orange- Finance, Business and Career.
  • Purple- Spirituality, Mystery, Meditation and Peace.
  • White- Calm, Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Innovation and Inspiration.

Role of a Yantra in Vastu

The best and most effective home decoration is the one that is done on spiritual grounds in a home.

A Yantra is an object that is an architectural representation of highly powerful cosmic energies and has the potential of attracting & emanating the energies associated with it.

For all problems arising in a house because of a Vastu Dosh, the “Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra” is a perfect solution. This incredibly effective Yantra creates a positive energy field inside the house that wards off all malefic effects coming out of a Vastu Dosh.

It builds a protective grid of positive energies and calms down the aggravated or disturbed elements in the house, thus bringing in peace, prosperity and success in the lives of people living in the house.

The entrance of a house is a very important place when it comes to the overall energy flow in that house. If the Vastu of a house is disturbed, then a lot of malefic energies get stationed at the entrance of the house and stop the positive energies from getting inside that house.

A “Hanging Vastu Nivaran Yantra” is a perfect solution to ward off all malefic energies right from the entrance of your house itself so that the flow of only positive energies that bring prosperity, good health, abundant wealth and peace must be ensured.

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Importance of Paintings in Vastu

Paintings have been used in correcting the Vastu Dosh of a home since ancient times because paintings attract & radiate energies based on the theme that they display.

Therefore, people who suffer from depression or a set back are often advised to put up a painting that has a happy & positive theme. Similarly, for students or professionals aspiring for a successful career in their lives, should put up paintings that show a sunrise, or a prancing horse etc.

Paintings that show war or aggression must be avoided as it would induce anger in the subconscious minds of the residents and would result in frequent discord among the family members.

Zodiac Sign inspired Home Decoration

The Zodiac Sign of a person is a reflection of his/her innermost self and personality. When it comes to decorating by Zodiac Sign, a person can choose certain articles or colour schemes that are associated with his/her own Zodiac Sign. This will strengthen the personality of that person and would boost confidence, thereby taking that person closer to his/her goals in life!

Each Zodiac Sign represents an element and based on that element and the current state of energies as per Vastu in the house, an astrologer or a Vastu expert makes the relevant recommendation.

The “Silent” Role of Mirrors

Mirrors are said to be the gateway of both success and doom inside a home. Just as the right placement of a mirror could bring immense success & prosperity in a home, a wrongly placed mirror can result in highly detrimental & devastating energies finding their way inside a home.

On a generalized basis, one should always place mirrors on walls that face the North or East directions. Bagua Mirror is a Feng Shui based object that is known to be very effective in preventing negative energies from entering a house!

The Auspicious Water Element

The Water element is said to be highly auspicious and if managed properly in a home, it can bring unprecedented prosperity and well being in that home. The two most popular items of home decoration that are based on the Water element are Aquariums and Small Indoor Water Fountains.

These must be placed in the North, East or North-East directions in a home as these are the directions that make the Water element in that home strong and result in attracting abundant wealth & success in the lives of people residing in that home.

To summarise, the energy field in a home is the most important deciding factor when it comes to the quality of life of people residing in that home.

Therefore, we urge you to take the prudent step of contacting Future Point for speaking to a Vastu consultant in Delhi and take the help of the divine sciences of astrology and Vastu to make your home a place that becomes a hub of sound health, love, joy and abundant wealth!


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