Wish to know your good and bad times in life? - Look for Saturn!

By: Future Point | 24-Aug-2022
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Wish to know your good and bad times in life? - Look for Saturn!

Saturn or shani has been called after its nature, which means a slow moving planet. The name of the planet Saturn always creates fear in the ordinary minds and is often seen as a negative planet. But is Saturn really bad?

Does it always give bad results?  Saturn is placed farthest from the Earth and stays for about 2.5 years in a specific zodiac sign.  Saturn with its longer stay affects the sign and thus the life of the native in the most effective manner.

As with its slow movements it exerts larger and deeper influence on a person’s life. It is wonderful to know that 90% of predictions in Astrology are based solely on the transit of Saturn!  

To understand the transit of Saturn one needs to use horoscope software which may give minute details of the transit of the most influential planet Saturn.

Astrology enthusiasts know that all major events in life occur due to the influence of Saturn in transit, dasha and yoga. It is the planet responsible for good and bad periods in life.

This is the reason why all the astrologers keep a keen eye on the transit of the planet Saturn. To understand the occurrence of major events in someone’s life, Saturn needs to be analyzed carefully.

It is thus important to invest in the best astrology software like LeoStar-I to understand the transit and other details about Saturn in detail.

Free astrology software is a great way to get closer to the planets in order to understand their working and effects. The knowledge of Astrology is more of a practical in nature and until and unless the astrology students study transits and natal planets along with their degrees, they can’t learn it in real terms.

A little information about Saturn

Saturn is the son of the lord Sun and his wife Chaya. It is said that Saturn shares an inimical relationship with his father, this is the reason it is placed very far from its father Sun. Saturn is a dry and cold planet with no warmth inside. This is a planet to depict an old age.

Now, if we ask whether Saturn is always bad? Then the answer is no. first of all it is important to understand that no planet is good or bad and it depends upon its strength, placement in houses and signs that render a planet good or bad.

One must analyze a planet carefully degree wise to understand the correct placement of it. If the planet is under aspect or conjunction of other planet in closer degrees, it tends to get affected more with it.

This is where the need of astrology software is felt as without good astrology software it is impossible to ascertain the correct position of a planet. Astrology software free download enables a person to have a close look at the planet. This also serves the basis for the most accurate predictions.  

So, when with the help of the software, you have ascertained that the planet Saturn is auspiciously placed in the birth chart then what can you expect now? A well placed Saturn bestows wealth and prosperity on the native.

It makes the native workaholic, strongly determines, hardworking and focused. With these qualities, the person achieves great heights in life. Saturn is also a karaka of Land and if it is in a good position in the horoscope, it may give abundant land and property to the native.

On the contrary, if it is bad, the native has to face difficulties, challenges, misery, poverty and pains. Saturn is a karmakaraka and is considered a judge in Astrology. It bestows its results based on the deeds of the native. You perform bad karmas and remain ready for the punishment as granted by Saturn.

Saturn gains directional strength in the seventh house and is weakest in the first house. Saturn though harsh but makes you learn important lessons in life. Saturn rules our muscles and bones and can give lots of troubles in bones due to its malefic placement in the birth chart. Saturn doesn’t appreciate chaos and loves everything to be organized properly. 

Two significant period of Saturn

There are two main period of Saturn which brings life upside down. They are shani dhaiyya and shani sade sati. These are the periods which bring major changes in a person’s life.

This is the actual time of the realization of the result of Saturn whether good or bad. It is not always that dhaiyya and sadesati will prove bad, if natal Saturn is strong and the sadesati takes place in a good house from the moon then this is the period to get maximum gains as well.

There are many people who get riches and fame in life during their sadesati only.

You will be amazed to know that if a person is undergoing a sadesati and he fights in election then there are strong chances of him winning the elections.

Role of Saturn in Our Life

Saturn if placed in the ascendant can make the native lazy. The native may get all the facilities in life but will not enjoy them and would prefer to be a loner. Saturn gives positive results in the 6th, 10th and 11th house.

Positive results are seen if Saturn is powerful and makes connection with other auspicious planets in the birth chart. Under such situation, the planet makes the native work hard to attain his desired goals in life. 

Saturn wishes the natives to learn discipline and responsibility. It is believed that Saturn turns furious and negative if a person refuses his basic responsibilities. It is during the dasha or sadesati that Saturn will teach lesson to that person. Perform right karmas and Saturn will not disturb you.

Keep a record of Saturn with the best astrology software LeoStar-I

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