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What does Astrology have to say about the cause of delay in marriage?

By: Future Point | 01-Nov-2023
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What does Astrology have to say about the cause of delay in marriage?

People in the modern Indian society either choose their own partner or if they cannot find someone then their parents help them in finding one who is best suited for them. Marriage is bliss if done at a suitable time and with a correct match & if not, then it turns into a curse. Curses are nothing but negative karmas from our past lives which give us bad luck in our current life. Going through testing times in life with respect to the domain of marriage is unfortunately quite common these days. This is precisely the reason why a lot of people wish to talk to astrologers to overcome delays in marriage or in fact address their post marital issues. 

Reasons for Delay in Marriage

If we try and find out the reason behind marriage related problems especially that of delay in getting married, then it’s mostly not finding the perfect someone but according to an experienced love marriage astrologer, there are lot of planetary combinations that drive this - 

  • First of all you have to study the ‘Karaka’ of the 7th house (the prime house of marriage) which is Jupiter for females & Venus for males. If these planets are afflicted or placed in the ‘Trik’ houses such as 6th, 8th or 12th then this can cause a delay in marriage. The power of benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus gets very low in the Trik houses & this leads to a delay in an individual’s marriage. 
  • After checking the placement, you have to see if they are being aspected by malefics like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu since the aspects of these planets also make the karakas and the 7th house weak and can delay an individual’s marriage. Last but not the least, you have to see which is the planet that the karaka is conjoined with. If it is conjoined with benefic planets then it becomes strong & if with malefics then it becomes weak. Get your Free Kundli from Future Point to know about the state and positioning of various planets that are affecting the marital domain of your life.
  • Then a proper analysis of the 7th house should be done. If there is a planet like Saturn then it is definitely going to delay an individual’s marriage. Saturn is considered a slow planet & delays things. Thereafter, you should study which all planets are aspecting the 7th house. Here also the aspects of malefics delays one’s marriage. The 7th house can tell a lot about the individual’s married life, spouse’s nature & personality, so this should be analysed in great detail by an experienced marriage astrologer. 
  • Post all this, the lord of the 7th house must be carefully analyzed. The placement of the 7th lord matters a lot when it comes to decoding the marital domain of a person’s life. If it is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house then it can cause a lot of delay in marriage. It is prudent that you can talk to an astrologer in this regard to get remedies for the same that are specific to your kundli or horoscope.
  • Lastly, transits also play a very important role in marriage. In fact the best astrologers give more importance to transits than ‘Dasha’ (specific periods of planetary operation as per the natal chart)  because transits are universally true for everyone. Even in transit, particularly the transit of Jupiter should be associated with the 7th house to get the blessings for marriage. Sometimes when a person attains the marriageable age, the “conducive” transit of Jupiter does not take place and it causes delays.

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Consult with an Astrologer

Well, by now it must have been clear to you that planets as per their positioning in the natal chart or horoscope as well as their transit in the zodiac belt cast an enormous impact on various domains of a person’s life including marriage. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to consult with an experienced astrologer to get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed.

Furthermore, those who get a marriage proposal but are not sure whether this match will be good for them or not, must go for the immensely beneficial astrological process of Kundli Matching (Horoscope Matching). Also known as Kundli Milan, this process helps in ascertaining the compatibility between a prospective bride & groom.
The best astrologers apart from performing Kundli Milan for a boy & girl also suggest a lot of remedies for overcoming delays in marriage to those who are still single. If a planet is well placed in the Kundli then they suggest remedies that could make it further stronger. Also, if some planet is aspecting the 7th house then they suggest beneficial & speedy measures to activate it by wearing the gemstone associated with that planet.

However, if the planets associated with the 7th house are not good then one can have certain powerful Vedic Puja rituals being performed in his/her name to overcome the problems. Remember, it’s not just the Manglik Dosh or Kaal Sarp Dosh that causes delays, but many other factors as well. 

A good astrologer will also study the D-9 chart which reveals key information about your spouse and understand it further to see why a delay is happening. After seeing that a person has the happiness of marriage in his life through the Lagna chart, the timing can be confirmed by analysing the D-9 chart, transits & Dasha.

So it is only prudent to consult with the Best Astrologer in India and wholeheartedly perform the remedies suggested for a happy & blissful married life!

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