Weekly Horoscope: 20-26 September 2021

By: Future Point | 20-Sep-2021
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Weekly Horoscope: 20-26 September 2021

A new week always brings with it new hopes and aspirations. This week has special and religious vibes as the week is starting from the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This is considered important as this full moon also known as Bhadrapada Purnima marks the beginning of Pitru Paksha. Pitru Paksha holds immense significance in whole India and people worship and make offerings for the peace of departed souls of their ancestors. 

Let’s discuss how this week will be for the people from Aries to Pisces through the weekly horoscope-


The week may give you some mood swings, while after 23rd, an unknown fear may trouble you but you are advised to stay calm. If the mind is disturbed due to any reason, then spend time in bhagavat bhajan. Concentrate on your work at office as this will help you overcome undesired anxiety. As we all know Karma predominates everything so, if you will do your karma i.e. work at office you will feel relieved. Those involved in education field are likely to get benefits. The youth preparing for the competition should focus on studies, the time is appropriate. The week demands you to take good care of your health and eat nutritious foods. Take due precautions while working at a height. Try to maintain good relations with father. Offer water to the ancestors daily during the days of Pitru Paksha.


This week, you need to work hard in order to achieve success, mere saying will not do the job and you have to struggle more to accomplish the assigned tasks. Avoid taking loans for the attraction of luxuries and other comfort articles in the middle of the week. Take care of your assigned responsibilities in the office, as well as keep distance from those people who believe in gossips. Spend on the promotion and advertisement of your business, profits will come your way. Students should not waste their time, and focus on revising their lessons learnt earlier, while the youth will be benefitted with the contacts. Be aware of infection regarding health. Avoid family discord from the middle of the week. In the days of Pitru Paksha, every evening Havan must be done.


This week, planning should be done regarding investment, on the other hand, some work may not be completed as per the plans, but it does not mean that you offend others with anger and negative speech. Take care of your harsh speech. Salaried people who have been promoted recently should keep pace with their assigned duties at the office. Looking at the planetary position, being careless in the present time may prove expensive. Those in real estate business are likely to earn abundantly in the last days of the week. Stay alert and think wisely before initiating any new partnerships. Take care for blood related diseases. Old people may feel healthy and active. Spouse will get success in her/his field of profession or work. Offer garland on the photo of ancestors in Pitru Paksha.


Don't take any important decision in anger this week. On the other hand, success of others may make you feel jealous of them which should be avoided as this may be the cause of sorrows. Employed people have to understand what their boss expects out of them even without his saying that, so try to understand and read the body language of your boss to maintain good relations with him this week. The business class should stay away from immoral ways to crack a big deal as this may cause troubles later. Youngsters may consult elders in case of any confusion. Students have to focus in studies. Those who consume tobacco products should take care of the mouth-related disorders. Do not hesitate to respect your elders and show full hospitality towards your loved ones. Do Shradh of Pitru during Pitru Paksha.

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Avoid unnecessary expenses this week. To get a high paid position in your career, it is advisable to upgrade your skills through some skill enhancement courses. From 24 onwards, the planets will support you. Take care of your mistakes at the office as repetition of the same mistakes may prove expensive. Those doing business of cosmetics will reap benefits. Those involved in the business of electronic goods will gain this week. General store related merchants should pay attention to the quality of their store products. The week may give you stomach trouble or dehydration. So, take care of your health.  Also stay away from electric appliances and sharp articles, there is a possibility of accidents. People wishing to buy a house will get success. Make sure to pay your reverence to the ancestors before leaving the house.


This week one has to understand the importance of soft speech, talk sweetly and nicely with everyone. Doing this will prove to be beneficial for both present and future. The people working in the software company will have to work really hard to complete the assigned work. On the other hand, higher officials and boss will support and assist you if any need arises. Keep good behavior towards the business class employees. Traders of medicines will get good profits. You may face stomach related problems like constipation. Those who have been recently discharged from the hospitals have to stay alert. You may face disharmony in the relations with the family, so, it is important to give importance to emotions of everyone in the house. If the married life is already turbulent then you have to be extra conscious during this week. Offer food to needy people in the name of ancestors.


This week, you should try to keep everything in sync. When paying through a credit card, be sure about the amount to be paid beforehand as there are chances of mistakes. Take care during journey and don’t forget to take necessary precautions required for the pandemic. You will have to stay active mentally about your work. The results of your hard work will be witnessed after September 22. Those who were facing problems in their career will be relieved. Those who want to start the new business should do the paperwork properly. You may face the trouble of burning in the chest. This week you may spend on beautification of your house. In Pitru Paksha, feed brahmins in the name of ancestors. 


This week, your past investments will reap good profits. On the other hand, time is going well to update your skills. Dedication and management of work will remain good, as well as efforts should be made to lessen the communication gap with your boss and higher officials. You might lead the team in the office. The business class should take special care in following only the right ways to earn money. The whole week is going to be full of profits for those in the business of medicines related to Ayurveda. Stay alert from stomach related diseases, stay away from the consumption of outside food items. If the mother is prone to infection, advise her to take care and stay conscious. Worship the ancestors, and feed the animals.

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This week, while circumstances and luck will support you the most, on the other hand, do not speak harsh words or get into ego clashes with your loved ones. A sattvik or noble image has to be maintained in the society. At present, the mind is very active relating to work but colleagues will give tough competition. The business class should use business intelligence and soft speech during this time to get good profits. Traders should remain patient, in the coming days they will be making good profits through sales. Stay fit and active as well as stay mentally calm. Take care of your valuables at home. Offer water to the ancestors daily, and offer sweets at home.


This week, focus on work, new opportunities for making money will come your way. Take your career seriously, as well as be gentle with female colleagues and superiors. Luck will support you. This week is going to be beneficial for the business class, who were not satisfied with the ancestral business will get happy with their decision of joining it. The youth will be able to perform well due to their high intellect and capabilities. There may be hair-related problems or hair fall, contact the doctor if the problem is severe. The mutual harmony of family members may deteriorate a bit. Spend time with children. On the days of Pitru Paksha, feed the pets in the name of ancestors.

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This week your efforts will help you to come out of all the difficulties. Those who are engaged in social work will feel contended through helping others. Start the process of repaying old debt step by step. People working in government departments can get promotion, while on the other hand those working in banking and telecommunication will get good incentives. Traders need to maintain good social network, but one thing has to be kept in mind that do not invest money without consulting seniors. Take care of your health for the first two days of the week and avoid being careless. Family members will agree with your decisions. Help the disabled in the name of their ancestors.


This week there will be lots responsibilities which may add to your mental anxiety. Try to meditate or stay calm to turn the things in your favour.  While there will be challenges regarding the work in the office, on the other hand it is not right to get involved in unnecessary arguments with colleagues. If you are planning a change in business, then you should wait this week. The youth may remain restless and can’t find peace. Drive carefully and stay away from aggression. Respect the emotions of your spouse to maintain harmony in the married life. There is a possibility of dispute with spouse and friends. On the days of Pitru Paksha, clean the photos of ancestors and light a lamp in front of them daily.

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