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Vedic Mantras - A scientific and remedial approach

By: Future Point | 22-Sep-2021
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Vedic Mantras - A scientific and remedial approach

Vedic Mantras: Whenever we think about our ancient Vedic times, the prime thought that comes to our minds is that of our learned saints. We often visualize them dressed in yellow attire while performing yajnas or fire sacrifices with rhythmic chanting of sacred mantras. This explains the authenticity and sacredness of these Vedic mantras which have been in practice since thousands of years. 

What is so important about these mantras? Why they still   continue to remain an important part of astrological remedies even today? Why varied branches of medical sciences still wonder at the efficacy of these mantras? Why chanting of these mantras enhance one spiritually?

We seek to find answers to all these questions in this article.

Vedic mantras are a set of syllables or words that when chanted while keeping complete focus and with proper pronunciation bring about variations in the universal energy while affecting the chanter spiritually. Chanting of specific Mantras is known to develop one's mental pursuits and strength, ease stress, and take one to a higher level of consciousness.

This is perhaps the only ritualistic practice that has not lost its relevance till date. Regular chanting of mantras frees one from fear, anger and depression, and helps relieve several health disorders. Chanting also improves one's memory and power of concentration, so, it is really important for the students who want to achieve certain academic goals.

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Sound and the psyche

It is no less than a miracle that mere chanting can bring about tremendous changes in an individual. But for a chant to work in a mysterious way, a process has to be followed. On the physical level, pronouncing a mantra correctly impacts the abdominal area (from where the chant notes are raised), the lungs, and circulatory system and so on, Amazing!

Mantras and Astrology

The whole system of astrology is dependent on the placement of planets and stars in a birth chart of an individual. The planets or celestial bodies are nothing but the energies in the sky that have been engulfed us. In other words we can say that these are the energies around us. Whenever we come to know about the afflictions in a horoscope through a talk to astrologer we are mostly advised to do mantra japa or chant of a particular Mantra. Each planet in astrology can be propitiated or strengthened through japa of the beej mantra specifically assigned to that planet. 

The chanting of specified mantras in the specified period gives miraculous results and the individual gets positive results. There has been end number of cases when natives have reported to overcome their individual problems through chanting specified mantras.

Scientific basis of Mantras

Research has been done at various places to know how exactly a chant works. Chants are energy-based sounds and voicing a word or a sound produces a physical vibration. Chants thus create thought-energy waves, and create vibrations in tune with the energy and spiritual tone of a chant.

Scientists say that when a person rhythmically chants a mantra, it creates a neuro-linguistic effect. Even if the chanter doesn’t know the meaning of the mantra still he reaps the same effects. One just need to pay full heed to the punctuations, pauses, pronunciation, notation, length and the force of the chant while repeating it over and over again. The transformation tends to happen step by step, over a period of time. 

Now think, if you know the meaning of what you are chanting then it tunes your mind towards reaching your spiritual goal. The chanting produces some kind of chemicals in the brain, which have calming and curative effects on the body. 

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Spiritual awakening

Chanting eventually makes us meditate. Meditation requires concentration, which is difficult to achieve. But, when you chant, the mind gets focused. 

Chanting is good for kids and students

Chanting enhances concentration and thus also increase focus in studies. It synchronizes the body, mind, voice and breath, creating inner harmony, which paves the way for spiritual awakening. Happiness inside ultimately leads to happiness outside!

There are people who have discovered that chanting can take you to a higher plane of well-being. Some have managed to leave taamsik lifestyle with the help of daily dose of chanting. 

How to go about it

* It is always better to learn from a guru. Besides teaching the correct pronunciation of a mantra, a guru knows which mantra you need.

* Sit on a mat to conserve body energy.

* Chant slowly and clearly, sticking to the exact pronunciation and emphasis.

*Notice your breath and try to tune in the mantra with it.

* Keep your eyes closed.

* Breathe deep and slow.

* Don't hold yourself rigid. Let your muscles relax.

* Have patience as the effects slowly but precisely.

Amazing Health Benefits of Chanting Vedic Mantras

Chanting is not just related with religion and spirituality; rather it's a combination of sound and breath that helps in channelizing the energy. The mantras have both psychological and physiological effects on your body. Here are few of the health benefits that chanting may bring.

Chanting improves immunity

Chanting certain mantras puts pressure in different parts of the mouth including tongue, vocal chords, lips, palate and other connecting nerves in the body. The vibration from the mantra stimulates a gland called hypothalamus. It regulates many bodily functions including immunity and happy hormones. The happier you are the stronger your immunity.

Helps to calm the mind

The certain vibrating sounds of the mantras helps in stimulating the hormones that calms the mind and relaxes your body. It also helps you to concentrate and thereby tranquilizes your mind.

Increases concentration and learning

According to a research and experts people who chanted mantras had better concentration and learning power. Because when you chant the resultant vibration helps to activate the chakras present on your face and head which are responsible for concentration and memory. 

For a healthy heart

Chanting a mantra calms the person and slows down the breathing process which ultimately regulates your heart beat and keeps your heart healthy. 

Keeps you stress free

It helps to beat stress and stress-related problems. Regular chanting helps to reverse the damage done by constant stress on your body. 

Vedic mantras help in balancing the chakras.

Chanting helps in stimulating or aligning the body chakras, also known as the energy centres of the body. 

Increases radiance

The vibrations so produced also help to improve the blood circulation and get rid of the toxins from the body. The breathing pattern of chanting helps to oxygenate your skin, making it look younger and glowing.

Cures asthma

You breathe in deeply while chanting, which helps strengthen your lungs and help in better breathing. 

Takes you closer to the almighty

The sounds produced through the mantras can help you feel closer to the almighty. It can uplift you in a spiritual way to feel the presence of divinity.

Syncs you with the universal energy

 Universal energy is the power that surrounds each and every living and non-living thing in the world. It is what shapes the world as you see and feel it. It is said that this energy is pliable and can be harnessed with the power of the mind. Mantras can help you get in sync with this universal energy.

Thus Vedic mantras are the ancient miracles which can be used to the maximum benefit of an individual both mentally and physically, if done in an accurate way. Every individual is facing one or the other difficulty in his life which is majorly due to the malefic placement of planets. 

Each planet can be made to give good results with a specific beej mantra. To know the appropriate mantra based on your astrological calculations that may do wonders for you while transforming your life for better consult the best astrologer of India at Future Point.

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