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Weekly Horoscope: 15th to 21st January 2024

By: Future Point | 15-Jan-2024
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Weekly Horoscope: 15th to 21st January 2024

This is the most crucial week of January month as Makar Sankranti will occur on the start of the week i.e 15th January 2024. Makar Sankranti is an immensely auspicious festival in the Hindu faith as it brings phenomenal changes in the flow of energies in the cosmos.

When the Sun enters a sign, it is called a Sankranti. Since there are 12 signs in the zodiac belt and the Sun takes a month to traverse through a sign, there are 12 Sankrantis that occur in a calendar year. However, when the Sun enters the sign of ‘Makar’ or Capricorn, the event is called Makar Sankranti.

The fact that makes Makar Sankranti a special occasion is that the 6 months long period of ‘Uttarayan’ also begins from this very day. It is a period when energies in the cosmos are such that with the right approach & efforts, a person can realize his/her objectives in life with minimum friction. One get the support of positive energies that significantly help the person in advancing on both the spiritual as well as the positively material path.

So without further ado, let us find out how this week will be for people based on their ascendant signs.


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There could be some disagreements between you and your colleagues at work. This period could bring well deserved financial gains in your life. However, secure your gains and do not get tempted towards speculative activities as they could reverse your financial luck. You will get the required support from those in powerful positions to successfully complete or execute key tasks in your life. Take care of your health and avoid getting exhausted by focusing too much on your professional life. Know more about Weekly Aries Horoscope


You will be involved in some social gatherings or events during this time. You could very well come across some promising career opportunity. Travels both short & distant are on the cards. You need to focus on acquiring new skills or upgrade your existing ones to advance on the path to your professional objectives. Your creativity and problem solving attitude will get you in the good books of your superiors at work. Take care of your mother’s health and keep your important documents in order. Know more about Weekly Taurus Horoscope


This will be a very busy week for you as you will be deeply involved in domestic as well as the work related issues. You will experience a stressful state of mind and this might take a toll on your performance at work place. However, as the week would advance, situations would start moving towards normalcy. You will get the support of your near & dear ones in going through the challenges that you are facing. Your state of finances will improve and you should focus on saving money for some contingency that could occur in the future. Know more about Weekly Gemini Horoscope 


Your efforts of the past will be duly rewarded bringing you growth in your current job profile. If you are self employed, then this is a time to avoid any expansion and rather focus on strengthening your current business operations. You could come under the weather due to low immunity, therefore it is advised that you stick to a balanced & healthy diet. Relationships with your spouse will not be smooth and you could get into unfruitful arguments that would negatively impact the state of your marital bliss. Know more about Weekly Cancer Horoscope


You will face obstacles in your professional life as this is a period that will put you in a tough spot at your workplace. Your advice would be construed in a wrong way and therefore, it is best that you maintain a low profile and do not offer any unsolicited suggestion. Your enemies could conspire against you and your image could be tarnished in the public domain. Try to remain calm and spend more time contemplating your next course of action in a calm state of mind. Know more about Weekly Leo Horoscope


You will be very active and will feel highly energetic during this week. You will witness monetary gains but will be quick to spend those gains as well. This is a time when you will act spontaneously and often in haste, which could get you in some trouble. Your relationship with your spouse or lover will be good and you will spend some quality time together strengthening your bond of love & trust that you share with your partner. The end of the week could bring some health related issues, dampening your energy levels. However, speedy recovery in terms of your health is very much on the cards for you. Know more about Weekly Virgo Horoscope 


This is a time to be disciplined in your approach to life, especially the financial aspect of it. You will experience a dent in your pocket due to some sudden and unavoidable expenditure either on the health front or on account of some unplanned travel. Try to save as much as possible to have a contingency fund for the future. Stay away from office politics as you could lose some professional opportunity by getting into the bad books of your boss. This is not a good time to buy a vehicle. Know more about Weekly Libra Horoscope


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You will witness a desired expansion or rise in your job role which will open up new opportunities of growth & success in the professional sphere of your life. Your relationship with your spouse will require a lot of patience from your side. Any difference in opinions with those in your family as well as your workplace should be taken in a constructive manner to ensure harmony. You should be mindful of what you speak as your speech could do irreparable damage to your relationships with people. Know more about Weekly Scorpio Horoscope


Handle your financial affairs with utmost caution especially if you are running a business of your own. Some sudden regulator change could take you by surprise and might pose an obstacle that you are not ready to face. If you are facing a delay in getting married then try to stay positive and keep on looking for a good match as things will change for the good very soon. A lucrative job opportunity might come your way from a far away or distant land. However, perform due diligence before taking any final call. Know more about Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope


You will face frequent differences in opinions or clashes in view points with those around you. You will sense a loneliness in your heart and will find solace in the pleasant memories from your past. You will lose interest in day to day affairs which is not a healthy sign for your personal as well as professional life. You are advised to take care of your health both physically by means of a balanced dietary intake as well as mentally by practicing meditation and staying positive. Know more about Weekly Capricorn Horoscope


You will find it hard to keep focussed on your objectives and will face frequent distractions. You are likely to get annoyed or irritated and this will bring bitterness in your relationship with your near & dear ones. You must cultivate patience and tolerance otherwise you will act in a counterproductive way that you will regret later. Your finances will be stable and in fact, you could come across some promising opportunity of professional growth during this time. Just be patient and positive in your attitude. Know more about Weekly Aquarius Horoscope


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You will emerge highly efficient & successful in the professional domain of your life. You are likely to see your job role getting elevated which will open new doors of opportunities & growth in your career. Do not argue with people as this will eat into your productive time and will paint a negative picture of yours in the public domain. You will receive good news from or related to someone in your family. This is a time to take up a positive daily practice such as meditation and yoga which will reap fantastic physical & mental health rewards in the times to come. Know more about Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Wishing you and your family- A Very Happy & Prosperous Makar Sankranti 2024!

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