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Weekly Horoscope 5 July To 11 July, 2021

By: Future Point | 05-Jul-2021
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Weekly Horoscope 5 July To 11 July, 2021

Every new week brings new aspirations, we always remain curious as to what the next week holds for us. We at Future Point are providing you an insight into the coming week through the weekly horoscope for the coming week. Here's what may come to you, personally, according to your zodiac sign.

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Birthdays of some prominent personalities falling during this week (July 05 – July 11)

  • July 5- Rakesh Jhunjhunwala (Billionaire investor)
  • July 6- Ranveer Singh (Actor)
  • July 7- MS Dhoni (Cricketer)
  • July 8- Saurav Ganguly (BCCI President & former Cricketer), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Businessman)
  • July 9- Sanjeev Kapoor (Late Actor)
  • July 10- Sunil Gavaskar (former Cricketer), Alok Nath (Actor)

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Know in advance and plan your week accordingly. Here are the predictions meant for all zodiac signs: 


For Aries, the week begins with positivity; a positive moon will help in overcoming the hardships you faced last week. Progress in life is expected with support of the friends and relatives. You may suddenly find improvement in your efforts that will bring forth luck for you. You may plan a short trip and may wish to indulge in religious activities. You may also spend some money in charity. Elders will remain satisfied with you and you may earn an opportunity through their blessings. Financially this week will remain good you will be praised at your work place and there are chances of getting promotion as well. Jupiter is bestowing its blessings and you are likely to make money gains this week. All your desires will be fulfilled and you may hang out with close friends to enjoy the week even more. Your decisions for your children will bring fruits and you may get good news from their side regarding their health and studies. The first part of the week is going to remain relatively hectic and packed.

The second half of the week will ignite the love possibilities in life. Married couples will experience better understanding and show love and care towards each other. You both will work mutually to solve any problems related to household. Those looking for love partner may succeed this week and may find someone worthy of their heart. In short, this week will prove auspicious for you and the productivity this week will be sufficient to compensate for the losses made last week. It is only the last part of the week that may bring restlessness to your mind. But with divine blessings this week, you will be able to overcome the same. If possible avoid driving in the last part of the week.


A negative moon will surround you in the beginning of the week and you may find lack of inspirations. We suggest you to work on your body and mind in the beginning and may try some exercise and meditation sessions. A sudden halt in the running projects may trouble you and there are chances of arguments with people due to harsh speech. So, take care of your words. You should be careful while talking to your siblings and friends and try to remain as soft as you can be. As you know harsh speech may only bring bad name to your reputation. You may decide visiting a temple or indulge in some religious activities which will certainly bring your mental peace back. If possible avoid doing anything in partnerships in the beginning of the week. The second part of the week is relatively auspicious and untidy things will come under your control and the work goes smoothly during this phase. There are chances of long travel as well. Destiny will support you to make monetary gains through disputes and health will remain fine. You may spend in the beautification of your house giving wings to your creativity. You will help those in need and the children may give some excellent news regarding their studies. Love birds will spend quality time together. The last part of the week is particularly auspicious for you, you will earn favors of the boss and colleagues will praise you for your initiatives. Bonding with the spouse may enhance and the job seekers will attain some new job opportunities. Students seeking job will succeed this week. Stay aware to consider all of your options before making any choice as the week will leave you contended and transformed, of course in a positive way.


Most of the time, your focus remain on family and business giving yourself a back seat but this week will prove more fruitful for you if you start it with self consciousness. Spend time in doing exercise, meditation and meeting old friends. The starting of the week will keep you busy and there will be a growth in your efforts and resultant gains. You are likely to start something new in partnership and will share harmonious relations with the spouse. Your respect in the society will improve further due to your philanthropic acts. Your health and enemies will remain under check and there is a possibility of some new opportunity coming your way at the work place. You may also decide to carry renovations or beautification of your work place. That will enhance your creativity. Mid of the week may bring in troubles due to negative moon. Your mind may remain restless and there may be arguments with those around. Stay soft while dealing with the spouse to maintain cordial relations. Investors are suggested to avoid any investments decisions during this small phase. The students have to try hard to maintain their focus in studies. Last days again uplift your mood and you will get success in the projects you were trying since long back. Elders will support you and you are likely to make gains through their support. By the weekend, you may find interest in your hobbies and may plan an adventure trip with friends. The continual blessings of the Sun and Mercury will save any setbacks in the work or business this week. You will also visit a shrine and make donations there to seek divine blessings.


 The week will begin with the blessings of the positive moon. You will experience inner motivations and mental strength to overcome negativity prevailing last week. Your health and opponents will remain under your control and you may get some promotions or new opportunities at your job. You may additionally win in any legal cases you may be undergoing. The mid week will remain relatively busy but you will be able to maintain proper balance between your personal and professional life. Your friends will come in your support. From 8th of July, negative environment may set in, you may experience blockage in already smooth running projects for no reason. Arguments with the people around you and family may depress you so take control of your words. You may feel attracted to esoteric world also. Chant spiritual mantras and introspect to realize your deeds in the past that will help you overcome the negative emotions you might be surrounded during this phase. The expenses this week will be well-managed. The last days of the week are normal and you may seek blessings of the elders to win in your endeavors. Your halted work will pick speed and you may plan to travel some long distance. However, take care of the health as there are chances of some infections in the body. Final words for the week, you will remain busy with the family and love birds will see their love blooming leading happy times.


The week will begin with all round happiness and success in the efforts. Last week’s crunch will diminish and you will spend happy times with family and friends. The results at the work front will remain positive and you will enjoy all round success and good reputation. Your speech will turn sweet which will help you to resolve any past issues. The health will remain fine and the kids will prosper in their studies. It’s a favorable time for the love birds as well and they can enjoy their blissful moments. Mid week is again favorable, you may earn accolades at the work front and new opportunity may come your way. You will enjoy sound health and competitors may not be able to trouble you during these days. Stuck cash will be recovered and you will experience enhancement in creativity and intuitions. The relations with the wife will remain cordial giving you bliss of married life. The last part may not prove that conducive giving you boredom and ill health. Stay alert against your rivals and avoid driving if possible during this phase of last two days. Try meditating your mind on positive aspirations and staying calm is the key against negative vibes.


The first two days may not prove that productive and you may find arrogance in your attitude. It is important to take control on your harsh speech to avoid any likely arguments in the family. Stress at work will be reflected in your mood spoiling relations back at home so, take control of the same. You are suggested to hold any investments in the fixed assets you were planning to make for these two and a half days. The mid of the week will demand attention on kids regarding their studies. You may also plan to travel for their study purpose and those who are planning to go for higher education may succeed. Avoid working in pairs or partnership during this phase. Those looking for perfect match have to wait and the investments again may not bring the desired returns. Make sure you have an exciting weekend planned. This week, your wellness will remain good.


This week, you will be appreciated for your efforts and hard work which will boost your confidence. The environment at the work place will remain conducive and you may land a beneficial opportunity for yourself. Health and competitors will remain under control and soma of you may also go for special training to sharpen your work skills. The students will perform well in studies and creativity will enhance. Any property disputes with the siblings might get resolved. Individuals in love will experience more passion in their love life and married people will grow mutual understanding, as Venus gets a favourable placement in your chart. By the end of the week, you'll have enough reasons to rejoice. In terms of career, the second part of the week will offer positivity showering luck and grace on you, and the havoc played earlier will vanish. The last part will prove hectic but in appositive way, the stuck projects will pick speed and you will perform better. You will help needy and make donations at some religious place. You will enjoy cordial relations with the spouse. You will feel enthusiastic overall in terms of your health, and will remain fine during the week. In the first part of the week, it will be hard to manage your blood pressure, but rejoicing in the second half of the week will put things in the right order.


The beginning of the week will give you mindfulness regarding your expenses and you may spend logically and in a fruitful manner. Your wise investments will bring gains to you and your sweet speech will resolve any pending issues this week. You will spend productive time with the family members and will feel happy and energized inside. Kids will perform well in studies and it is also a suitable time for lovers to carry on with their love and romance.  The environment at job will remain pleasant and some new opportunity awaits for you. The competitors and health will remain under check giving you self confidence and energy. Mid of the week too is beneficial giving you monetary gains and sound health. You will be overloaded with work so balance your professional and personal life wisely. Jupiter’s blessings on the first and fourth houses will certainly bring an enormous budget. Those working in the construction industry will reap benefits throughout the week. In terms of love life, your spouse will show love and care towards you. In the latter half of the week, you might meet your in-laws. 


Your love and professional lives will uplift due to the Mars transit through your zodiac sign. You may start something new with the assistance of family members this week. Your career aspirations may turn fruitful and those already working will make gains. Respect and praises will be showered at the work place and you will remain energized throughout. However, you will be able to establish a new business but you must remain aware about the high risks involved. This week, you might face disagreements with your partner. You will remain busy at work giving no time to your personal life, so there are faded chances of arguments but if you manage them well, harmony will follow. As the third day of the week approaches, financial issues will remain your area of focus. The last part may bring sadness with it halting the smooth operation of your projects for no reason. You are advised to stay calm and manage things patiently as you will succeed in your aspiration this way.


 The negative moon in the beginning may bring boredom and health issues. Some known may deceive you so you need someone trustworthy to take you out of this situation. Your mood swings may keep you in trouble but a visit to a temple will calm you inside. Overall, it’s not a good beginning as there might be arguments with the spouse as well. Students have to work harder to achieve their pre determined study goals. The mid part of the week will bring positivity and your existing problems will fade away. You will see growth in business as well and the kids will do well in studies. Love life will bloom too and the couples will regain mutual understanding and respect. In the later part of the week, placement of many planets in a single house may bring confusions, but you will be able to handle them effectively. This week, you'll build in new network of some worthwhile contacts. New transactions may attract your attention but reconsider it before finalizing. This week, minor physical health concerns may cause you some discomfort.


Ample opportunities wait for you in the beginning of the week with the blessings of a positive Moon. You may initiate a project ensuring long term gains to you. Friends may assist in taking investment decisions and your new network of contacts will enhance your social status. Finest of the bargains will be available during the first two days of the week. After 6th July, things may not remain that favorable so take important decisions before that only. The last part of the week might bring in boredom and ill health. Stress may overtake the harmonious environment at home. So, stay mindful and manage the personal and professional life wisely. 


As the week progresses, you will notice tremendous changes occurring around you. You will be quick to adapt to the changes, so there is no need to worry. In the first part of the week, you will be overburdened with work, while the second half will prove little pleasant for you. In the first part of the week, you will initiate significant alterations in your working attitude and techniques. In the second half of the week, you will do fairly well in business and work. The strong 4th house will keep you free from any kind of hassles in married life and relations family members. During this week, you may go to a temple and indulge in religious activities along with the spouse. The students will become more focused in their studies. The last three days of this week may give health troubles to you and siblings. But things will remain under control this week. 

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