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Possibility of Debts and Astrology

By: Future Point | 03-Jul-2021
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Taking or giving loans is not a forte of all! In Vedic Astrology it is believed that a planet affects us by creating certain alterations in our behaviour. It is vital to know is that if a person takes a loan, it activates certain planets - if those planets are auspicious in his chart, then they will prove beneficial. However, if those activated planets are inauspicious or akaarak, then the effects will not be favourable in all aspects of life. 

For instance, you may have noticed that a native's health or relationships may go for a downfall after taking a loan. On the other hand, a person started to bloom after taking a loan. For example, if someone has to take a loan due to Saturn – particularly in Leo moon signs - then they may observe deterioration of their own health and of their spouse as well soon after accepting the loan. 

A birthchart may tell you about the possibilities of loan and the negative effects of indulging in loan activities mostly show between the ages of 36 and 42, so if one is approaching these ages, he has to be very careful while taking loan decisions. 

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Signs hidden in the horoscope: 

  • If in a person’s chart, the planets placed in or house lords of the 6th or 12th house are related with the 11th or 2nd house then it indicates that the person will take loan at some time. 
  • If three planets – Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are weak in a chart, then also there are chances that the person will take a loan under special circumstances. Even if the person is financially strong then also such situation may arise like the person's money may get stuck in some fixed deposits due to which he may have to take a loan.
  • If the 12th, 2nd, or 6th houses are afflicted with Saturn and Rahu then also one may have to take a loan due to some unavoidable needs. 
  • In a horoscope of a business man if Mercury is afflicted with bad Saturn or Rahu, then also the person will land in great debt despite what his outward appearances may portray. 
  • If the 11th house of a native’s chart is affected by a malefic Saturn or Rahu, then it makes a person of such kind that the person can’t resist taking loans. 
  • If Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter influence the 6th house, then also one finds it difficult to repay his debts. 
  • If Mercury and Jupiter are weak planets in your horoscope, then never take loans in your name rather make your mother, daughter, wife, or your second child to share that loan. 
  • People with strong Sun, should never make donations for the Sun. So, people with exalted Sun must not donate any objects signifying the Sun as it will hamper the good affects of the Sun and can push them into debts which they may not repay. 
  • In general, Aries and Pisces Moon signs need to be extra careful while giving or taking loans. 
  • Anyone suffering from pitra dosh should not give loans in general. 
  • Aries ascendants face problems of debts if their Mercury is afflicted with Saturn. 
  • If the 2nd and 6th houses in a native’s chart are influenced with Ketu, then a person may feel the need to take loan with inability to repay it later. 
  • If Rahu has an influence on the 6th house, then the person may get into a habit of taking loans, which again is not considered good.

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Remedies for different Moon signs: 

  • Aries: If you are under debt, then feed yoghurt and some white sweets to cows on Fridays and recite Durga-saptashati path.
  • Taurus: Feed birds with barley; feed barley to cows on a Friday. If you are undergoing huge debts, then take some barley mix it with milk and float in flowing water. 
  • Gemini: Put milk in your bathing water and bathe with it on full moon or poornima; also donate some kheer. If the amount of the loan is big then recite gayatri mantra during sunset. 
  • Cancer: Add some strands of kesar to your food or tea; throw some jaggery in flowing water on a Sunday if you are facing great troubles or if you are facing troubles in getting back your money. 
  • Leo: every evening, light an oil lamp near a peepal tree on Saturday and also sit under the tree for some time. Gift some bangles and kum-kum to married women or your mother/sister. 
  • Virgo: light a lamp in front of the Tulsi plant; this is an effective remedy for those with huge debts or quarrelsome homes. Stop eating urad dal and donate it instead. 
  • Libra: Donate surma on Mondays; wear a gold or brass ring in your index finger; especially if Jupiter is weak. 
  • Scorpio: start chanting Om Bhram and donate some bricks to help a person build his home or for constructing a religious place. 
  • Sagittarius: After seeing your reflection in an iron bowl filled with mustard oil, donate both the bowl and the oil to some poor person. Make sure to see your reflection properly - this will bring about positivity. Help little girls as much possible. 
  • Capricorn: Stay away from other women as they may cause drain of money; give some sweets prepared of sesame seeds to maids or servants. 
  • Aquarius: prepare kheer with some kesar in it on Thursday and give it others after eating yourself. Perform narayana puja and chant "om narayana namo namaha"; you may also give a silver article and rice to your wife or mother. 
  • Pisces: Give sweets or sugar revari to little girls on any day of the week; make donations to help leprosy patients – wheat or copper. 

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Remedies for people if the money loaned by you is not coming back: 

  • If a person taking loan from you, has strong and auspicious Moon, Mercury and Jupiter then you can safely give loan to him as there are chances he will pay it back surely along with the interest. 
  • However, if you give loan to someone who has a strong Rahu and Ketu, then due to some reason or the other, you may not be able to get your entire money back. You may have to fight or perform some remedies to get it back. 
  • If it's not possible to ascertain the same, or you've already given the loan due to some compulsions, then follow the remedies below: 
  • Float some alcohol in sewage water (not in clean water) on a Saturday. Throw it in a slow manner while praying to God to help you reimburse the money. 
  • Donate mustard oil and black sesame seeds on Saturdays.
  • Light a diya filled with mustard oil during sunset while facing the East direction. Then close your eyes and remember the face of the individual whom you lent money for 10 minutes and ask him to give you your money back. This is a special remedy, which although seems weird but will certainly work. 
  • Recite Gajendra moksha  paath to get rid of debt. 
  • Reciting Vishnu sahastranaam is also an effective remedy.
  • Float some coal made of wood in some dirty water (not clean water or river) on a Saturday. 
  • Feed sweet chapatis to a bull, cow or a dog on a Monday, Thursday, or a Saturday. 
  • Do remedies for pitra dosha. 
  • Remedies for huge debts: 
  • Praying your isht devta will do wonders for you. 
  • Whenever you give water to someone, always give a glass full it. 
  • Offer milk to the roots of the peepal tree or tulsi. 
  • Give 5 utensils as gifts to a bride at her wedding. 
  • Recite “Om Shrim Namaha”