Venus Transit In Scorpio - It's Time To Make Secret Gains, Love, And Money

By: Future Point | 04-Nov-2022
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Venus Transit In Scorpio - It

Venus, the planet of love and romance, will transit into the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 11 November 2022. The transit of planets is responsible for bringing important changes in our lives. Now, with Venus coming to the mysterious sign of Scorpio, a lot more can happen in your life! Secrecy will remain the main theme of transit, and there is a possibility of getting sudden and unexpected results in your lives.

This is a fundamental question to ask, whether everyone will get the effect of this transit of Venus in Scorpio? Well, everyone will see little or more effect, but those running the dasha or antardasha of Venus will get the prominent effects of the transit. If your dasha Lord is in the nakshatra of Venus or you are a Venus ascendant, then also you will see the results more evidently.  

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What does it mean to have Venus in Scorpio?  

Your love rests where your Venus is on the birth chart! It means that the placement of Venus in a specific house on the birth chart shows the native’s special inclinations towards that house. For e.g., Venus in the first house gives self-obsession, and the person loves to remain fashionable, sweet, and presentable all the time. 

Now, Venus is the eighth sign of the zodiac; this zodiac sign falls in the eighth house of the Kaal Purusha kundli. This placement of Venus can give rise to interest in the occult and deep subjects. There may be tendencies of secret affairs with those having a natal yoga for the same. Some may marry secretively, and others may spend on luxuries, vehicles, and comforts in life. So, depending upon your zodiac sign, you will get good or bad results from the transit of Venus in Scorpio.  

Date and time of the transit of Venus in Scorpio

Venus stays in a sign for approximately 23 days. After that, Venus moves to another sign in transit. Venus is in the sign of Libra from 18 October 2022, Tuesday. Now, Venus will transit in Scorpio on 11 November 2022 at 7:52 p.m. 


For Aries natives, Venus will transit into your eighth house. The Lord of the second and seventh houses is moving to the eighth house. Your free birth prediction says that the situation is not good for married life. There is a possibility of secretive affairs and cheating by the partner. The placement is good for making gains through inheritance and sudden gains. But at the same time, health should be taken care. This period is good for making beneficial joint investments with the partner. Those students who have an interest in the occult can get a good knowledge of the subject for this time. Eat carefully and take care of your eyes and your partner’s health.


Venus is the Lord of ascendant and the sixth house for Taurus natives. Venus will stay in the seventh house of marriage and spouse. The position is good for the marital bliss of the natives. You will feel mental peace and enjoy life with your partner. Some may marry the desired partner. The period is also good professionally. There would be opportunities for earning substantial wealth through your job and career. Those in partnership businesses will also have a beneficial time. It is the time to spend on your personality and looks.

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Venus is the Lord of the fifth and twelfth house for Gemini natives. During the transit of Venus in Scorpio, it will stay in the sixth house of the zodiac. If you are looking for some loans, it is time to get that. The placement is, however, not good for relations and children. Avoid arguments and misunderstandings with them. There are chances of diseases in your children or life/love partner. Time demands taking good care of your health. Married couples should avoid arguments and misunderstandings with each other. You may have to spend exorbitantly on some causes especially traveling.


For Cancer natives, the transit of Venus in Scorpio will fall in the fifth house. Venus is the Lord of the eleventh and fourth house for the Cancer natives. The period is good for wish fulfillment and making new love relations. Students will perform well in academics as well as arts. Those in the creative or design fields will be successful. You may meet someone special during this month. Venus, in the sign of Scorpio, may create secretive and hiding tendencies, which you should aim to avoid else problems in relations can happen. 


Leo natives will experience the results of the fourth house, where Venus will stay in the sign of Scorpio from 11 November 2022. Venus gets drikbala in the fourth house and brings good results. Leo natives will get good benefits from the transit. You may buy a house or vehicle or spend on its renovation. This transit will make you spend on increasing the comfort of your home. There would be harmony in the family relations, but at the same time, any family member can hide something from you. You may be spending most of your time at home and may also work from home. You will get the support of friends and siblings. The time period is excellent for making gains in career and business. The transit is extremely favorable for the natives. Know about the auspiciousness of not just the month but the year through yearly horoscope 2023.


For Virgo natives, Venus transit in Scorpio occurs in the third house. This placement talks of going on a short-distance journey. Many may travel for religious purposes as well. Those involved in travel, publication, writing, and online business can make considerable gains during this time period. You will enjoy the love and support of your siblings. You may hide something from your father or may start doing something secretively.


For the natives of Libra, Venus will stay in their second house in the sign of Scorpio. Venus is the ascendant Lord and its placement in the second house of the horoscope creates a dhan-yoga for the natives. There is a possibility of gaining wealth through your family. Your bank balance will increase. It is the time to spend a good time with the family. You will enjoy delicacies and luxury food during this time. However, taking care of health is important else; transit is very good for financial and professional gains.

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For Scorpio natives, Venus transit in Scorpio occurs in the ascendant. This is a special position and will affect the natives significantly. The Lord of the seventh and the twelfth house is sitting in the ascendant. The position is good for deriving marital bliss, but the expenses will be more. You may spend on clothes and apparel to enhance your appearance. This will prove a transforming time for your personality. Those involved in MNCs, foreign or export-import business will make considerable gains. 


For Sagittarius natives, Venus will transit in the twelfth house of the zodiac. Venus gives good results in the twelfth house, where it makes the natives get pleasure and travel. However, Venus can make you spend extravagantly but secretively during its stay in Scorpio. The transit may make you travel abroad for leisure. Those involved in foreign trade or working in an MNC will make good gains. You are advised to stay away from borrowing or taking loans during Venus Transit in Scorpio.


For Capricorn, Venus is the yogkaraka planet and always gives good results. For them, the transit of Venus in Scorpio will take place in the eleventh house of the zodiac. This is a favorable situation to make financial gains secretively. You may also establish secretive love relations during this time. Time is excellent for career and business. Capricorn natives can get accolades for their hard work and skills at the workplace. This will prove to be a fortunate time for the natives related to all aspects of life.


For Aquarius natives, Venus will transit in the tenth house of the zodiac. Venus is a yogkaraka planet for Aquarians and bestows excellent results for them. Venus, in the tenth house of karma and career, will create comfortable situations at the workplace. You will get the support of your seniors and boss at work. This is the time to get the comforts of home as well. Those working in the occult and research field will make abundant gains. You may get promotions and salary hikes during this transit. Overall, it is a period to enjoy the comforts of home, vehicles, and luxury.

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For Pisces natives, the transit of Venus in Scorpio will occur in the ninth house. Venus is the ruler of the third and eighth houses for them. The movement of the eighth Lord in the ninth house will create a lack of religious and noble traits for them. However, luck will favor you. Those pursuing higher studies will get excellent results, and many may travel abroad to study. Time is apprehensive about learning occult and other deep subjects. You will perform wonderfully if involved in the fields of designing, writing, poetry, travel, and accounts. Those working as consultants will also have a good time.

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