Venus Transit in Pisces: Impact on 12 Zodiac signs (3rd Feb'20)

By: Future Point | 03-Feb-2020
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Venus Transit in Pisces: Impact on 12 Zodiac signs (3rd Feb

Venus, the lord of beauty and creativity, is going to transit in the sign of Pisces on February 3rd, 2020 and will last in the same sign till February 28, 2020. This time Venus will be transiting through its exaltation sign, which is considered good transit in Vedic Astrology. Experience of immense creativity and high persuasive power will be seen during this transit for many, however, some may be drawn more towards luxurious items and bed pleasures. Since it is the planet of love and romance too, so it's a good time for love birds to intensify their love and exchange their feelings with each other. However, besides this, impacts would be different for every sole entity presents all over the world due to the actual placement of planets in the natal chart. Here, we will provide you the general prediction of this transit based on Moon sign of the zodiac. Let's know how it would influence the native as per its Moon Sign:


This time Venus will transit in the 12th house of foreign land and spirituality. It indicates that Arians may enjoy plenty of time in a foreign land. Long trips are likely to happen during this time especially it could be related to religious places or pilgrimages too. During these days, your love will get blossomed and bed pleasure will also be likely. Extra care is required for your spouse in terms of health.


This time Venus will transit in the 11th house of gains and income. An extremely auspicious transit for these folks! Taureans, you may enjoy a good status, reputation, and position in society. You will hold very high ambitions these days and will attain that potential too to chase your stars. Manifest your dreams to come true in reality and avoid sudden aggression & anger to reap 100% outcomes of your drawn endeavors.


Venus is about to transit in the 10th house of career and profession. A beneficial transit to receive gains through foreign associations or land. Any merger or acquisition may take place if you own any business. Your intellect and creativity would get sharpened more these days, which could astonish others at the work front. Love birds may find their soul mate at the workplace these days.


Venus will transit in the 9th house of fortune and luck. You guys will be really fortunate these days in every sphere of life. Long-distance journeys may benefit you these days and multiply your revenue too. Spending money on luxurious items and comforts are likely to be there on cards these days. Listen to your inner voice and avoid proving yourself to your spouse as it could spoil your marital bliss.


For these natives, Venus will transit in the 8th house of uncertainty and transformation. This transit looks a bit interesting and mixed for you guys. You might experience a few hiccups at your work front and it could annoy you easily. For you, take care of your health and let your competitive spirit come to the core and tackle every situation coming along. Remember, you are a Born Leader, so adapt the calm and composed approach to fix any issue.


For these natives, Venus will transit in 7th house of partnership and marriage. An extremely auspicious transit wherein you can make your wishes come true. You will enjoy good wealth and prosperity these days. The marital bond will get more strengthen, which would make you internally happy. However, love birds are required not to expect things too much form the partner and avoid proving yourself to your partner to sustain the stability.


This time Venus will transit in the 6th house of competition and challenges. It looks moderate transit for you Librans! you are advised to take care of your health these days. Issues related to the digestion system or stomach may arise, so avoid consuming any fast or oily food. Though people will praise you wherever you go but you may entangle with some challenges to finish things in your life. So be ready for any sudden circumstances and avoid your harsh speech to maintain the smooth flow.


Venus will be transiting through the 5th house of children and intellect. An extremely auspicious transit for love & romance! you guys will enjoy the intensity in love. Love bird may take a step ahead and may tie a knot this time. The opting course in a foreign land may benefit you. Well, it's not a good time to invest your money anywhere.


Venus will transit in the 4th house of mother and comforts. Any decor may take place this time at your home or you may spend your money to buy a luxurious items for your family. Control over your speech while talking to your father and take care of his health too. Be optimistic and let the world shine with your knowledge and intuition. Motivate and consult others in order to show them the right path.


Venus will transit in the 3rd house of siblings and communication. It looks moderate transit for these folks. Extra efforts must be drawn to accomplish your goal. So be ready for the same and let your determination pave the way for your success in the near future. Adapt a very calm approach and avoid any aggression in the initial days. Besides this, you will receive the full support of your colleagues and your creative side will come to the core too.


For these folks, Venus will transit in the 2nd house of wealth and family. Aquarians, you will be really a winner in this game of transit, it is really auspicious transit for you in terms of health, wealth and prosperity. You will start reaping your actual outcomes from your past drawn endeavors. Your speech would be charismatic enough to influence anybody easily. However, keeping your aggression in control could be the best strategy to maintain the right balance in life.


For these folks, Venus will transit in the 1st house of personality or self. Though this will increase the charm on your face and people will start attracting towards you but it may give you some health problems too, so take care of health and let your intuitive side be sparkle your everyday. This transit looks good for those involved in the research field, also you might take interest in occult, mystery or any hidden knowledge these days.

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