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Venus transit in Libra on 1st September 2018

By: Future Point | 05-Sep-2018
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Venus transit in Libra on 1st September 2018

As per Vedic astrology, Venus as a planet is considered to be a benefic planet which symbolises the essence and importance of love, art, beauty and all luxury and materialistic comforts in an individual’s life. In astrology principles, Venus is believed to be the ruling planet for signs naming Taurus and Libra. Also, it rules three nakshatras in the cosmos which are named as Purva Ashadha, Purva Phalguni and Bharani. If the planet of Venus is beneficially placed and has a strong presence in the horoscope chart of the native, it is indicative that the native will have each and every type of luxury and worldly comforts and pleasures and will lead a happy and prosperous life all throughout.

With the divine blessings and strong presence of the Venus in horoscope, a person can achieve the most luxurious home, vehicle, an electronic gadgets, marital bliss, happiness and peace in all love relationships and all over a lovely and peaceful life all together. However, if it is ill placed in the horoscope and is malefic in the horoscope, it can lead to a troubled life. Such a native will never be able to achieve the due success and fame as required and expected for the hard work and efforts that are made. Also, he/she will face a friction in love relations and marriage will also not be blissful, may experience venereal and skin diseases and a delayed marriage for no particular reasons. In such a situation, an expert astrologer with required experience should be consulted to appease the planet and seek its blessings. Now, let us get on to know how this Venus transit in Libra is going to affect all the 12 signs of Indian astrology:


Here, Venus is moving in 7th house from the moon sign, which is a good and positive indication that such natives will rise high in their professional status. However, you are also advised to restrain and getting involved in any type of controversies. Happy married life is indicated in this period.



Venus will be moving in 6th house from the moon sign and this means that you are advised to take care and pay attention to your health or you may experience some disease or illness in this period. You must work hard in order to succeed and outrun your opponents or else they will take a lead and overshadow you.



With Venus moving in your 5th sign, you sure can expect a victory and win over your enemies and opponents. Your financial stature will also rise and you will have plenty of opportunities to pay your debt and loan. If married, your spouse will also achieve a long pending yearning and desire in life.



Venus transit 2018 in cancer is moving in 4th sign, which means that all your wishes and dream will be fulfilled in this period. You may experience a good time of your life where in you will have the support and affection of your family and loved ones and will live a luxurious life.



The effects of Venus transit in Leo would lead to the increase of will, firm determination and calibre of Leo natives. You will gain a winning edge and victory over your enemies, especially at workplace. You will also get inclined towards Spirituality and will develop an interest for religious deeds.



The Venus transit predictions for Virgo indicate that an auspicious activity or ceremony will happen in the family. There is a possibility that a new member will be added in family with the prospects of a childbirth or marriage. An increase in stature, income, honour and benefits from govt. is likely.



Venus transit in Libra, which is in its own sign and moving in 1st sign from the moon sign means that your health is bound to improve. Your personality will also develop during this time and sudden unexpected financial gains will also surprise you. You will enjoy life in its full form in this phase.



Here, Venus is moving in 12th house, which indicates long distance journeys and abroad travel. You would perform excellent and may expect to rise in foreign land. Sensual activities and luxury would add up to a pleasurable life.



Effects of Venus transit in Libra in Sagittarius sign will lead to monetary and financial gains. An increase of harmony and affection is expected in the love life. There is also a rise in stature and name is indicated in this time period.



In Capricorn, it may not yield much positive results. It may happen that you work hard and would not get the desired and expected results. You are advised to restrain yourself form getting into issues especially with children. Also, you are advised to maintain your calm and temper.



Here, long and abroad journeys would be fruitful. You may gain some name and fame in this period. You will have the support from the females in your life. You will experience a good health and favours and benefits from the authority and govt. officials are also indicated.



Venus transit will increase your sensuous activities and you will enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of life. There is a chance that your long hidden relationship which you were hiding from the world will blossom and prosper. Sudden monetary gains are also predicted.

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