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Saturn getting direct on 6th Sep'18

By: Future Point | 05-Sep-2018
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Saturn getting direct on 6th Sep

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that when a planet comes in a retrograde movement, it slows down the expected and desired results and outcomes of the hard work and efforts that are put in. This further means that stagnation at often times is also bound to happen during this time period. Saturn as a planet in Indian astrology is known to be the planet of testing and hard times; it is believed to be a hard teacher and lets you pay for your past karmas. Therefore, when the specific planer Saturn is in retrograde mode, it is bound to give the worst troubles in an individual’s life.

This year, Saturn is getting in a retrograde movement from 6th Sept 2018 and this astrological activity and phenomenon is expected to bring peace and usher a phase of success, happiness and peace in the lives of many individuals. Now, to know better and more on this, let us know how it will affect and Saturn transit effects on all the rashis of the zodiac system in astrology:


It is an excellent time for people and professionals who are connected to the field of academics, information and technology, banking and govt. sectors for they will excel in their endeavours and their pursuits. However, you are advised to keep a check on your spending. Family life and marital life will be blissful.



This is a time where you can expect positive outcomes for your long pending efforts and hard work. You will experience a joyful and happy time in the company of your loved ones and family members. Also, you may witness a rise in your financial status and monetary gains are also indicated.



The planetary retrogadation of the Saturn in Gemini will bring mixed results in the coming months. Few of the natives will have the opportunity to yield positive results from the financial arena. However, there is some disturbance and tiff in family life is also predicted. You must take care of your health as well and especially eyes.



Progressed Saturn retrograde in this sign will bring in increased popularity, name and fame in the peer group and social life activities. You will have a smooth and progressing work life and career during this phase. The relationships in family and with siblings will remain cordial and happy.



Saturn retrograde and Saturn direct in the sign of Leo, will bring in an optimistic and positive outlook in life and develop an energetic frame of mind. You will make long lasting relationship in business and with your clients and will have plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent and prove your metal.



Effects of retrograde Saturn in this sign of Virgo will reap rewards, favours, help and satisfaction from your authoritative group of persons and at workplace. Your hard work and efforts will bring in success and the desired results.



This transit and retrograde effects of Saturn in work sector will give you better opportunities to prove and establish your talent. This will lead you to push up through the ladder. You will have a cordial and peaceful relationship with your loved ones and family, friends and relatives.



The coming months for this sign are very auspicious and will help to make you more virtuous, wealthy, famous and talented. However, you are advised to take care of your health, especially the health of your mother and spouse may not remain in a good condition.



This Saturn retrograde mode in this sign will make the natives of this sign more confident and courageous. With this, you will attract the attention of the superiors and will have plenty of opportunities to prove your talent and worth at the workplace.



This is going to be a bright and happy phase for you in your life. You will experience a sudden increase and boost in your earnings and thus there is also a chance of you becoming famous and popular amongst your peer group and family members that will make you happy and prosperous.



For the persons born in this sign, this is going to be a favourable period in life. You will reap great benefits from your past efforts and hard work. This is a time of enjoying great luxuries and pleasures of life. You can also win over your enemies and possess a victory on your opponents.



For Pisceans, this is a time of mixed influences. If we talk of financial matters and gaining honour this is a favourable and a good time. If you have a long pending conflict and case in life going, chances are that you may win it in the end in this period. This is a good time to make financial investment.


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