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Vastu Tips for Happy and Prosperous Living

By: Future Point | 02-Dec-2021
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Home is a place where you take sigh of relief after a long tiring day. Home is a place where our life long memories cling to. Home is a place which not just shelters our bodies but our souls too.  

A house may be big or small, simple or loaded with modern amenities, in a big or small city, what matters is how positive it seems? 

Positive means a house that exudes positivity and refreshing vibes to the dwellers and visitors alike.

A peaceful house where all family members live in their best of health and happiness is the best house. 

Here we are not concerned with the amenities of the house neither wealth of the members have anything to do with it. 

A house may be made the happiest and the most prosperous place to live with the help of simple vedic vastu tips.

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It is not possible for any architect to make each and every house a vastu complacent no matter how hard he/she tries. Thus it becomes the prime duty of the dwellers to take care of the vastu principles and duly comply with them to ensure happiness and prosperity in home. 

One may also join online vastu course to gain in depth understanding of vastu principles. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science used by our ancestors to construct various structures that have stood pass generations after generations. 

No wonder we still see their architectural marvel in the form of various historic buildings. Vastu shastra was widely applied in almost all historical structures in ancient times and taking inspiration from those times we apply these time tested vastu principles in modern times.

It has been witnessed that the houses that have been constructed as per vastu guidelines hold happy and prosperous surroundings with decent fall in the miseries of the family members. In this article we are enumerating vastu guidelines for a happy-go-lucky house. Let’s begin:


Direction of the House: 

The direction of the house is very important as it is not just an entry point of dwellers or visitors but also an entry point of energy in the house. 

Now, it is up to us what energy we let in and what energy we keep out. The favorable directions for construction of the main entrance are north, east or north-east. These are considered the directions of wealth, career and prosperity. 

The deity of North direction is kuber- the lord of wealth. One should make sure to check the directions of the entrance before buying a home or even if it is already constructed, one should try and reconstruct it to change the direction of the entrance.

Different Rooms-Different directions:

According to Vastu shastra, every room has a different purpose which should be looked into with different perspective. One has to remain careful with the specifications of each room in order to attract positive energy.

  • Kitchen: A kitchen should be placed in the south-east direction of the house as it is called the aagney kon or the corner meant for ignition of fire. One should not buy a house with kitchen built in the north direction. Water and fire should be kept apart from each other. The gas stove and washing basin should not fall in the same line. 
  • Master bedroom: The master bedroom should be constructed in the south-west direction. It should never be placed in the south-east direction as that direction is ruled by the fire element.
  • Kids’ room: Similarly, the room of the children should be located in the south-west direction of the house. It is advised to make kids sleep with their head towards the south or east to ensure peace of mind.
  • Living room or drawing room: The living room is the first place where one usually sits after entering the house. This acts as the prime location of attraction of the energies in the house. Here also the placement and the direction both will matter. The living room is advised to be constructed in the North direction of the house so that it channelizes the energies as soon as the guests arrive. The guests and the host should sit face to face each other. 
  • Toilet: As per vastu principles, the toilet/bathroom should be constructed in the west or north-west direction. One should not buy a home with toilets built in any other directions than specified above as no corrective measures may rectify this vastu dosha.
  • Prayer room: The North-east, East or the North directions are preferred for constructing a pooja room. These directions are considered the most auspicious. The height of the idols in puja room should lie between 2-9 inches. It should be away from washroom and should be kept clean and tidy. If it near the kitchen then it is wonderful.
  • A septic tank: It holds the waste from the kitchen and bathrooms until it is flushed out. Therefore, a learned vastu consultant believes it to induce negativity in the house. If not placed correctly, a septic tank may put adverse effects on the members of the house. As per Vastu Shastra for houses, the septic tank should only be placed in the north-west direction at home. Make sure it does not touch the compound wall at any cost.
  • Aesthetics: the color of the walls, upholstery and furniture also matter a lot. One should select colors that attract positive energy while avoiding dark shades. Black colored furniture should not be fixed in the kitchen and dim lights in the house should also be avoided. One should also take care of the directions of the decorative items, metal artifacts and vessels to be placed in the house.
  • Electronic gadgets should be placed in specified direction as suggested by vastu experts to foster opulence. Also, cash and locker should be placed at the south wall or in the southwest direction.

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General vastu tips: 

Apart from specified directions and location of things at specific places, it is critical to follow a general set of tips. 

  • One should sleep with head placed in south for calm and better sleep. 
  • One should face the north-eastern direction while studying. 
  • Plants with thorns should not be placed in the interiors.
  • Keep your kitchen free of broken utensils.
  • Avoid clocks that don’t function at all. 
  • Study table should always remain clutter free 
  • One should discard old, broken, unused items immediately from the house.

Constructing and living in a vastu complacent home is no less than bliss. One must consult a vastu expert to stick to miraculous vastu tips that may bring wonderful results for the dwellers.

Alternatively, one may also learn ancient wisdom of vastu through best vastu course provided by Future point. The course will not just impart theoretical knowledge but also has strong practical approach to help you excel in the field of vastu shastra.