Vastu tips for children’s rooms - for a focused mind and constant growth

By: Future Point | 12-May-2021
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Vastu tips for children’s rooms - for a focused mind and constant growth

A house built with affection and contentment turns out to be a place for a happy family. And when it is constructed as per the Vastu Shastra principles, it is cherry on the cake!

A blend of spirituality and practicality is required to gain success in every sphere of life. Vastu Shastra confirms to it by turning your home into a happy and lucky place to live.

Most importantly, Children room is where recreation proliferates; however some minute extra care can make your child a champ in true sense. Vastu complacent room has every article is placed appropriately as per the corresponding directions they should be.  It may include anything ranging from study table, clock, entry door, bed, bathroom, windows etc. Right placements infuse the place with positivity and boost enthusiasm of the kids.

Seeing our child prospering is what every parent desires but sometimes few mistakes which we call Vastu defects also may have negative influence on child’s mental aptitudes. It may make children stubborn and may also hamper their concentration levels. Transforming your child's room with prescribed Vastu tips certainly helps with a child’s progressive.

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Placement of the things:

Children room is a corner full of fun and frolic. Vastu Shastra says that whatever is kept in the room of the kids must be placed in the right directions to instil positive vibes, cheerfulness and sharp intellect in their minds. A chaotic placement will do no good than harm to the kids. So, proper placements must be adhered to for bright, happy and healthy kids.

The room’s direction:

Apart from constructing a house choosing right areas for everything is one of the toughest jobs. The most appropriate direction for the room of the children is the west direction in the house. Constructing the room in the right direction makes your child disciplined, obedient and successful in life.

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Direction for the Bed: 

According to Vastu Shastra, thebed should be placed in the south-west corner of the room and kids should sleep with their heads towards the east or south directions. This sleeping pattern helps them to remain calm and peaceful

The door of the Room: 

The entry door should never face the bed. The bed should be away from the evil eyes as someone enters the room.

Placement of the Furniture: 

The furniture like the study table, cupboards and toys or books cabinets should be placed in the south-west direction. It is recommended as it does not create any kind of obstructions. Also, the cupboards if fixed should be at the south-western wall.

Distance between the wall and furniture: 

Vastu Shastra advocates that the furniture should never be in direct touch with the walls and keeping a distance of at least three inches or more between the furniture and the wall is advised.

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How to place gadgets:

A child has a fertile mind receptive to new ideas. It is desired to keep the number of the gadgets to bare minimum, as outdoor playing always teaches them more. Many strict parents do not allow T.V. or computer or mobile phones in children’s hands. But, the ongoing scenario of the pandemic has totally changed the perception. Avoiding gadgets is next to impossible these days and Vastu allows to keep the gadgets in the north direction whereas television should be kept in the south east. But, yes fixing time limits is a prerequisite for a disciplined and focused mind.

The hanging boards in the room:

First of all the door of the bedroom should open clockwise while avoiding any boards or signs hung on the door. These hanging boards may foster negative energy like ego hassles, aggression and mundane fights between the parents and children.

Eating on the bed:

Stop serving children on the bed as it can attract bad dreams and negative energy. Kids should be prohibited from eating on the bed as bed is meant for sleep and relaxation only.

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Discard broken stationery:

According to the Vastu rules, it is important to remove unused stationery, empty refills, non writing pens, unsharpened pencils, torn and old books/newspapers etc. These all attract negativity. A clutter free desk clears illusions of mind making one confident enough. Similarly, avoid putting foot wears under the study table as it hinders focus.

The book shelf:

The wooden and not metal bookshelf should be placed in the northeast direction. A metal bookshelf exerts negative impact on the children. 

Mirrors in the Room:

No doubt a mirror is required to get ready, but a mirror may also attract negative energy too. It is for this reason placing mirrors in the room is prohibited as per Vastu Shastra principles. It may cause lack of sleep and hypertension, finally resulting in insomnia. Most experts suggest that a mirrors placed in front of the beds deplete energy to create sleeplessness. Since mirrors reflects all sorts of energies back, it disrupts the tranquillity required for undisturbed sleep.

Study Area: 

Study area is the most important part of the room. In order to boost concentration, Vastu Shastra asks for a neat and clean room. A cluttered room hampers the creativity and profuse negativity. Also, the study table should be placed facing north, east or north east directions. This improves productivity of the kids.

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Soft toys:

Wild animal in the form of soft toys should not be kept in the room of the kids as they promote aggression in their minds.


According to Vastu, children should not sleep under the direct beam or a wardrobe built overhead as it creates a much pressure and panic on mind.

Lighting of the room: 

A room is not complete without adequate lighting and lamps. Southeast direction is the right direction for positioning of lamps. Also, adequate amount of brightness neither too sharp nor too dull lights must be assured. Using supreme quality lights keep the mind and eyes stress free.

Colour Scheme: 

Days have far gone when typical blue was suggested for boys and keeping pink for the fellow girls. Now parents seek guidance from Vastu practitioners before painting the walls of the kids’ rooms. Preferred colours for the same purpose are green and blue; these hues add vitality to the room. Also, the doors should be in the east or north directions.

Vastu tips for children’s education and growth

How should home owners set up their children’s study area, so that a focused mind and excellence in academics is promised? 

Here are some suggestions based on Vastu Shastra:

Some parents are happy with their children performing well in exams, without putting too much effort. On the other hand, there are some who feel that their children study hard but fail to perform well in exams. Vastu Shastra consultants maintain that this is the energy balance of your home that plays a crucial role in your child’s education and growth. While this influences people of all ages, children are influenced more. As they grow in the home, shaping opinions, the Vastu of the house is a directional force of their future. If the Vastu and energy flow is right, then, it will aid their concentration in studies.

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The ideal place for studies at home

The ideal corner to study largely depends on the child’s age. “The secondary school students should sit in the north-east direction while facing the east during studies. If the child is appearing for competitive exams or doing a professional course, then, the ideal direction for studies is the north-west and facing towards north”.

The presence of two-three or even more windows, on the eastern side of the room is appreciated as they ensure nice penetration of light in the room. Also, placing any beams or beam-shaped objects should be avoided or at least avoid sitting or sleeping under it.

Cluttered and dirty rooms represent negativity and the child is likely to absorb it from the surroundings. 

Benefits of Vastu complacent rooms

  • It leads to better concentration – your ward can focus better with less distractions.
  • This will fill a child with warmth and brilliance.
  • They can score high marks and get into good educational institutes.
  • Negative energy is flushed out.
  • Learning capabilities of the child are improved.

Children are everything for their parents; they are the only life source who brings the house to life. No compromises are made when it comes to the future of their child. So, consult a best vastu consultant for bright future of the children.

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