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Vastu Tips: Use of Money Plants in Wealth Growth and Astrology

By: Future Point | 10-Mar-2018
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Vastu Tips: Use of Money Plants in Wealth Growth and Astrology

There are many ways trees and plants are beneficial to human kind. The environment is certainly affected with the good or the bad vibes. Our environment play huge role in stimulating people and their moods. All living beings positively or negatively affect the surrounding that we are living into.

When it comes to decorating our personal space we all tend to take great interest in enhancing one. Astrology expert 2018 recommend planting around the money plant in order to enhances the positive energy in the house.

If myths are to be believed, a healthy living money plant inside once living area invites wealth and opulence. Money plant serves right on its name. The plant is carrier of abundance and prosperity. Astrology services in Delhi recommend that the presence of money plant inside your home or work place uplifts the energy level.

As per the study of Astrology 2018 money plant is one of the most widely used plants according the guidance of vastu shastra. Not only vastu expert but palmistry consultants in Delhi have suggested the use of money plant to their clients for better living.

Astrology services in Delhi are concerned about the well being of there clients and customers hence they suggest proper astrological guide to use the money plant.


One cannot place or grow the money plant where ever one feels like. Quality and health of a plant play important role while influencing the levels of energy. While buying a money plant one must see that you are selecting a lush, green and healthy saping or plant, because the healthy plant will exhibit the more positive or lively energy.

See that it is always flourishing and you will never be short of money. Not only quality and health of plant but direction also play significant role behind maintaining the ever thriving energy of money plant. The plant can be grown outside as well as inside the living area.

However for better results, Astrology experts suggest us to grow it Indore with proper care. South- east direction is considered as very sensitive direction in vastu shastra. If the main door of living area is present in south direction it is not considered good.

Under such circumstances it is not possible for everyone to dismantle the position of door in the house or apartment. Hence according to horoscope prediction 2018 it is highly advisable to place the money plant in this direction.

Placement of money plant in south-east direction will surprise you with positive results. It is advisable that the roots of money plant should always grow upwards towards the direction of sky. Therefore, many of times it is kept supporting the wall. Experts have time to time discouraged the downward growing décor of money plant.

If the roots are kept hanging down side it is not considered auspicious as it is said to drain the positive energy out. If astrological predictions are to believed money plant is a carrier of Venusians properties. It directly connects to the things that serve planet Venus like money, good luck, and abundance.

So far it was about myth and astrology; let us see what science has to say about money plant. Research has proved that keeping small sampling of money plant on office or study table has greatly helped in reducing the level of anxiety in people around it. The popular scientific name money plant has got is Epipremnum aureum.

Many of us think how money plant must have got its name? It is simply because of its prosperous properties since earlier times, this plant has gained its ever growing importance.

The auspicious plant has six to seven leaves per branch but normally plant with trunk has long five shiny leaves coming out of per branch. Another myth behind its name is that money plant is called so because of its appearance. the plant has round, plump and flat leaves which ingeniously resemble the shape of coin.

Money plant is one of the most fascinating plants which has ever shining importance not only in India but also in other countries like Taiwan. The plant is widely known with various names like hunter’s robe, silver vine, ivy arum, devils ivy etc.

It is one of such rarest plant which can be grown from single stem. Money plant has many magical growing properties like, it can grow and flourish on land as well as water.

The plant can be grown on any kind of terrain on tropical as well as sub-tropical regions. There is no specific weather or type of soil that binds the growth of money plant. It can be grown anywhere and everywhere with given proper care.

Money certainly does not grows on plant but our beliefs and surroundings influence our energies do keep us positive toward the greater lifestyle and success. While growing on parameters of success and well being we must be backed by positive forces to reach the positive outcome.

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