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Time duration for effect of rudraksha beads

By: Future Point | 15-Sep-2018
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Rudraksha, the word come with conjunction of two words. Rudra, which means lord Shiva and Aksha is the eyes of lord Shiva. Therefore, there is spiritual importance’s attached to the Rudra Aksha mala or garland of beads which are considered sacred to every Hindu and its culture.

Rudraksha is a rosary in Hindu culture, which is very sacred. In botanical terms a Rudraksha is called as Elaeocarpus Angustifolius. Then why is this tongue-twister term given the name as Rudraksha? Is there any mythology associated with it? To know this, one must delve into the Puranas. Especially Shiv or Linga Puranas. Therefore one must know the importance of Rudraksha beads before proceeding to know the Time duration for effect of Rudraksha beads.

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There is a mythological story where it states that lord Shiva and Shani dev (Lord Saturn) had to confront on a particular point of view. It was a deliberate attempt by Shani dev as he wanted to emotionally hurt lord Shiva. Though the true intention was not to hurt, he wanted to enrage lord Shiva so that he could physical outwit Shani Dev. Only when lord Shiva was made aware of the true plan of Shani dev, by Dev rishi: Narad Muni, the divine sage, lord Shiva was in deep remorse. The outcome; Lord Shiva’s eye turned wet. Therefore, Lord Shiva blessed the whole nation with the beeds of Rudraksha.

A Rudraksha beads comes with various sizes, shapes and cuts which are called as Mukhis. Each Mukhi determines its therapeutic value in a Rudraksha. There are fourteen different types or Mukhis of Rudraksha. Each of these types have a property, unique to them. Therefore, the effects of Rudraksha would vary accordingly. Some of the rudraksha benefits are mentioned below.

Rudraksha Benefits:

  • This Rudraksha has the capacity to destroy all the sins accumulated in one’s life and provide liberation.
  • It can bring harmony in relationships.
  • A rudraksha bead can improve karma and gives susses in all walks of life.
  • A Rudraksha can enhance the power of intelligence, knowledge and creativity.
  • The same bead can provide higher spirituality to a native.
  • Power and focus will improve, making a native highly energetic.

Thus, the above are some of the benefits of wearing a Rudraksha in the form of Mala or Rosary. Hence in astrology, the importance of Rudraksha is very high. Many a time, after examining a native’s horoscope, Rudraksha mala is recommended as solution. However, the phase or Mukhi would depending upon the severity of the nature of the problem. Thus, it is always recommended to check out from a learnt and expert astrologer for the same.

How long does it take or the time duration for effects of Rudraksha beads?

As one would know there are 10 different types of Rudraksha beads ranging from 1 Mukhi til 10 Mukhis, each takes its own time to emanate its effects. For instance, a 1 Mukhi rudraksha can take 1 day to 1 week to emanate its effects. Similarly, other can take a minimum of 21 days to that of 45 or even 90 days. Hence, it is always important to check for a Rudraksha Report from a learn and expert astrologer who can evaluate the gravity of the problem and recommend a suitable Rudraksha.

Many a time, it has been seen through empirical studies, that Rudraksha may not suite every soul. Under such circumstances, it would be highly recommended not to wear any Rudraksha mala without the proper guidance of an expert. Hence, the caveat that consult only a learnt and expert astrologer.

Which Rudraksha is suitable for Whom?

Since, Rudraksha has faces ranging from 1 to 10, each of them has a different unitality. For instance, Rudraksha Students is ideally a 4 Mukhi Rudraksha which is recommended. Since, a 4 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Brihaspati or lord Jupiter, he would bestow the required knowledge and wisdom upon the students.

Again, for those who plan to attain higher spirituality or intended to become a sage, then the Rudraksha for rashi will be 5-Mukhi or Panch Mukhi. Again, for each of these phase Mukhis, they would have a Mool or Beej Mantra which should chanted regularly to enhance the effects of Rudraksha.

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