Thinking about investing money without looking at your Kundali?

By: Future Point | 19-Jan-2019
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Thinking about investing money without looking at your Kundali?

10 Kundli parameters that must be analyzed before investing!

Investing money is a serious task that must be performed after giving it a fair amount of thought & analysis. This is because investing is done with an aim to get significantly higher returns on the principal amount, at a later stage in our life and this is possible only if the money is invested in the right sector at the right time.

Generally safe instruments like Bank Fixed Deposits, Government Bonds etc. are also used for investment purposes but we all know that inflation & depreciation of money over time, makes such safe investments incapable of providing 'real returns' at the end. So, that leaves us with investments in sectors or avenues that though promise excellent returns as per their past track record, but comes with moderate to high risks and carry an element of uncertainty with them.

We are talking about Real Estate, Precious Metals and Stock Market. In order to reap handsome returns in these sectors, a person requires everything in order from- asset analysis to capital allocation to beneficial planetary positions in the Kundli or Horoscope!

Now while one can approach a Finance Consultant to take advice on what will be a good investment as per the budget and current times, but that advice will always be in-general and will not take into account what the planets & stars have in store for that person! Always remember that the safest and best way to make great gains on investment, is making an investment at a time that carries a positive thrust from planets that are well positioned in the Kundli as far as investment is concerned.

Finance Astrology is the segment of Astrology that deals with the financial aspect of one's life. It lays the cosmic principles that are to be factored in while analyzing the Kundli of a person for financial matters.

An experienced astrologer analyzes various parameters before decoding what the Kundli signifies for investment and what specific remedial measures can be performed to get rid of problems arising out certain troubling planetary alignments that can hamper gains from investments made.


The ascendant in a Kundli is a planet that helps in deciphering the overall trajectory of a person's life.

Ascendant reveals the true nature of a person and helps in identifying the best areas or instruments of investment as per the inclination, patience, temperament and understanding of that person.

For example, a person who is unable to handle volatility in terms of the invested value must not foray into the stock markets.

2nd House

This is the house in a Kundli that represents bank balance and accumulated wealth.

If the 2nd house is badly afflicted by the presence or aspects of malefic planets or having negative conjunctions, then a person must be concerned more about protecting existing capital than taking unnecessary risks to gain on the principle amount.

4th House

This is the primary house of property and this must be thoroughly decoded in order to know the chances of gain from the real estate sector in the life of a person.

Saturn & Mars

These two are the natural significators of property or real estate and no gain from buying or selling of a property is possible without their positive positioning in the Kundli of a person.

5th House

This is the house of speculations.

For people looking for making gains on their investments in the stock market, a strong and positively charged 5th house in their Kundli is a must.

Badly influenced 5th house in the Kundli will only destroy a person's capital in the stock market.

8th House

This is the house of sudden gains, lotteries etc.

Hence a person having a strong 8th house can gain significantly from sudden appreciation in the invested capital.

However just like the 5th house, same goes for this house as well when it comes to a badly influenced 8th house.

9th House

This is the most important house that is to be looked at when deciphering the chances of gain from investment as 9th house is the "house of fortune".

Without the wheel of fortune moving in his/her favour, one cannot gain from investments.

Vimshottari Dasha

This is the pre-determined time table for the period of operation of each planet in the life of a person as per his/her Kundli. It comes out be as per the birth details of a native.

All nine planets move as per this time table. Therefore the trick is to time the investment's entry & exit in the periods of operation of those planets that are beneficial and signify gains.


Planets not just affect a person by their movements as per the Vimshottari Dasha, but also by their transitory movements which can both negate and enhance the results as per the Vimshottari Dasha of a native.

e.g. a person is having a planet favourable for investment in the real estate sector as per the Vimshottari Dasha but the a planet that is highly detrimental for real estate investments is transiting over the 4th house. In such a case investing in the real estate sector must be avoided.


Doshas are the flaws that are formed in a Kundli by the ill conjunction or placement of planets in a Kundli.

These Doshas bring serious problems in multiple domains in a person's life and hence timely & proper astrological treatment of such Doshas must be performed well before foraying into any kind of investment.


Therefore, it is prudent to get your Kundli or Horoscope comprehensively analyzed by an able astrologer to make informed & capital friendly decisions and turn the tide of luck into your favour!

Future Point, since decades, is providing accurate predictions to its clients all over the world.

The highly experienced and brilliant astrologers of Future Point perform an in-depth analysis of their clients' Kundli/Horoscope and suggest them the best course of action along with identifying the root cause of their problems and recommending incredibly powerful remedies that have the potential of bringing in enormous success & prosperity in their lives!

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