These Errors May Bring Miseries In Life - Effective Vastu Tips

By: Future Samachar | 15-Jul-2022
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These Errors May Bring Miseries In Life - Effective Vastu Tips

Do you sometimes feel that the environment around you automatically turns gloomy? Or someone near you makes you feel aggressive or uncomfortable? Well, that’s all because everything and everyone around us possess energies. They can be good or bad. 

Whenever we feel happy for us or others, or we can promotions, happy relationships, dream job interview etc, all of them uplifts our mood and makes us feel good inside which in turn releases positive energy and our surroundings becomes more vibrant and happier.

On the other hand, when someone feels sad or low because of family issues, marital problems, expenses, no career growth or even jealousy, cheating, fights turns everything around us bad and we start feeling negative. 

These negative energies are not healthy as one just cannot follow happiness in life. It’s terrible to face sadness in homes where we spend our most of the time.

So, what measures to follow? How to feel positive? How to remove negative energy from home?

First, we need to understand how negative energy flows?

No one intentionally transmits bad vibes. We must try to avoid being jealous of someone or be quarrelsome. Maintaining a peaceful and happy environment is important. We must look out for the possible reasons of what makes these negative energies float around. 

  • Serious illness of a family member, the solution seems out of reach and eating all the time and savings creates an environment of sadness and hopelessness.
  • Erratic and unpredictable behaviour of a family member. A non-listener and stubborn person can also induce negative vibes in the house.
  • A quarrelsome house where aggression is the ruling emotion.
  • Work premises where it’s difficult to learn and impossible to grow.
  • Feeling lazy and lethargic
  • Clutter and mess 
  • Talking bad about yourself
  • Thinking of suicides 
  • Complaining to self
  • Superstitious thoughts

How to identify if there is negative energy around?

Have you ever experienced talking to someone makes you felt tired? Feels like all your energy is drained after a conversation with someone and you experience anger and toxic inside. That’s the sign of a negative energy transmitted via negative person.

Sometimes you feel stuck in a specific environment too. No scope of growth and no energy. You constantly feel emotions that are negative. You start criticizing, complaining, stop sleeping, stressed and your health start suffering.

All these hints identify that you’ve been exposed to negative energy. It is also said that negative energy is a result of Vastu Dosha. Keeping broken or unused item in your house, unclean and cluttered space in a house brings Vastu dosha and hence negative energy in a house. Wrongly placed things in wrong directions also attract negativity.

How to remove negative energy from home?

No matter who tosses your peace and energy with negativity, one must know how to be more positive and reduce the negatives out of their lives. A lot of tips and remedies are being suggested for this.

  • Cleanliness- keeping your surroundings and main entrance invites positive energy. Adding few green plants outside works wonders. Cleaning knobs and doors with a mixture of salt, lemon and white vinegar creates a positive environment. A little sea salt should be used in mopping the floors (except on Thursdays) reduces negative impacts.Putting sea salt under the doormat on entrance is also helpful.

Hanging a piece of salt in red cloth in office helps the business from evil eyes and increases profits too.To remove Vaastu defects from bathrooms and toilets, a glass filled with salt should be kept there as glass and salt represents ‘rahu’ and dispels any negative effects.

  • Fragrance-aromatic house not only calm down your inner self but also elevate the positive energy. Burning incense sticks, sage, camphor,fragranced oils or using room freshenersare helpful to create right environment and helps developing a spiritual connection too.
  • Create positivesurroundings-set an intention to stay happy and calm. Stay positive! Smile often. Help others to seek blessings. Free up the anger, release old emotions or grudges.
  • Healthy lifestyle- practising yoga and meditation releases toxins, stress and negative thoughts.  A strong mind is a guard against all the negative thoughts. One must exercise regularly and eat healthy to feel good inside out.
  • Lights and colours- natural light and fresh air with open windowseliminate gloomy and sad mood.Bright lightsand vibrant colours change the whole aura in seconds. Colourful interiors brighten up the mood. Colours and directions if balanced wisely can create ideal conditions for a positive atmosphere. Like blue in north, north-west and north-east,orange in south-east,red in south is advisable.
  • Rearrange- by changing the location of the furniture, shaking those rugs, moving things a bit, remove the stuff you no longer use gives you sanity and ease out the energies.
  • Prayers and holistic symbols- Pictures of God and religious items if present in house, clears the environment from evils and attract positive energies. Placing an elephant symbol in house strategically helps in avoiding negative energy entering inside the house. Sound of bells, cymbals and conches destroys the stagnant energy. Chanting of mantras either by yourself or on electronic gadgets helps reviving the place with good and peaceful thoughts. Applying yantra with proper mantra is also helpful. Along with this, the pooja room is also advisable to be in north-east.

Vaastu tips to ensure healthy and positive surroundings

  • Open windows for fresh air and sunlight.
  • No dark corners.
  • Aquariums and fountains in north-east is auspicious.
  • No trees or dead plants, pole or pillar on main door. It creates dwar vedh.
  • No leaking taps in bathrooms and home.
  • Medicines should not be kept in kitchen. 
  • Switch off electrical items when not in use.
  • Use subtle colours and avoid red, black or grey colours in home décor.
  • Split levels on the floor are not considered good.
  • Pictures of war, fights, poverty and lonliness generate negativity.
  • Trash should not be kept on the entrance.
  • Do not keep trash at the entrance of your house.
  • Use of broken cutlery should be prohibited.
  • No rooms under the stairs.

आपकी दुनिया बदल सकता है वास्‍तु शास्‍त्र, अब घर बैठे सीख सकते हैं आप

परिवार की कलह और अशांति दूर करने के लिए अपनाएं वैदिक ज्‍योतिष

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