The traditional way of enhancing your luck through FENG SHUI !

By: Future Point | 17-Apr-2019
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The traditional way of enhancing your luck through FENG SHUI !

Feng shui originated in China and is the study developed for the welfare of mankind. The name “Feng Shui” comes from two words “Feng” which means water, and “Shui” which means Air. The harmony between them renders good health, esteem, fame, and good luck.

It uses the energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

Feng Shui discusses architecture in terms of invisible forces that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together. The goal of Feng Shui is to situate the environment on the spots of good “qi”, an imagined form of energy. The “perfect spot” is a location and an axis in time.

Feng Shui is not a science, but it is classified as pseudoscience as it exhibits many pseudoscientific aspects such as making claims about the functioning of the world which are not to be tested through any scientific method.

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Luck in Feng Shui is of three kinds:

Luck blessed by heaven: This is the result of deeds of past life and planetary combinations one has gotten into.

Luck earned by own efforts: This is the result of your hard work and your good deeds which you have done in the current life and you are awarded by luck because of that.

Luck obtained from Earth: The luck obtained from Earth is gained from places in which you’re working or residing. This luck can be modified with ease and it can be made completely favourable. Feng Shui helps in this luck only and this can be made favourable to you easily.

Feng shui vastu for office and feng shui Vastu for homes must be considered as it creates an abundance of energies and positive vibes in your residential or works place.

Feng Shui is based on two terms known as Loshu and Pakua and it is also called the compass method. To derive happiness, good health and success in life, and to obtain some of the luck from the earth, Feng Shui can be an excellent option!

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Chi is invisible energy or spiritual power present in all living or nonliving objects.

Feng Shui states that the destiny of a person is determined by his birth but it can only be changed with the help of chi. The two types of Chi’s are live chi and dead Chi.

Live Chi is positive and beautiful while Dead Chi is negative and harmful.

Positive Chi or Live Chi is the bright energy that has many health benefits and is important in the well being of any person. Chi can be generated by various methods. Water flowing at slow speeds make Chi available in abundance, this is the main reason why we feel so energetic when we spend time near a lake, pond, sea, fountain or some ocean. As Chi goes away luck goes away. We should increase positive Chi in our residence so that all the luck and well-being remains with us and Chi doesn’t go away.

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Creation of Positive Chi

The positive energy or Chi might take some time and efforts to develop in your home. It just depends upon the current situation of energies present in your house. There can be three types of energies already prevailing in your house i.e neutral energy, positive energy and negative energy.

Negative energy takes time to eradicate and thus if your house has negative energy it might take a lot of time and effort for the introduction of Chi in your house.

The first step for creating a Chi in your house is a house clearing session, in this you make space and let the energy of Sheng chi get in your place.

The next step is to define the energy map or the feng shui energy map of your space which will help to create a harmonious quality of energy and actually improve specific areas of life.

Some of the ways by which you can create a presence of Chi in your place is Feng Shui , Laughing Buddha, and Lucky coins

A place where both the negative and positive Chi’s are absent, there Sha is present and Sha is negative and very harmful.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to develop an environment where Chi may flow smoothly and there is total peace. Mental Peace and Fitness can only be created and maintained with the help of Chi. A house where Chi flows smoothly doesn’t face any problems and everyone lives a stress-free life. Harmony is created and their life is serene.

When Chi’s flow is slow it causes many problems. An office where all the employees are happy and the work is done with ease indicates the smooth flow of Chi. In such an office all the projects are completed in time. When Chi is disturbed there is no harmony, the trade does not go as per the plans and a lot of stress remains.

Thus, when it comes to enhancing your Luck through Feng Shui, the most important part is abiding by its rules and absorbing its positive energy to your core. You can also consult a Feng Shui Expert and get a reading of your life in detail to attract good luck and fortune in life.

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