Direction Wise Vastu Defects and their impact on You and Your Home!

By: Future Point | 17-Apr-2019
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Direction Wise Vastu Defects and their impact on You and Your Home!

Home is not just a place that is meant to reside or to take shelter. It is meant to be a cocoon of bliss where an individual with his/her loved ones can spend a life full of peace, joy and harmony.

Home should be a focal point of attraction when it comes to prosperity and success. It should be an arena where sound health and abundance of positivity should prevail. But more often than not for no explainable reasons, we witness many unwanted frictions in our homes, posing serious challenges to the smooth functioning of our life in general.

So what is the root cause of all this? Is something wrong with you or the members of your family?

Well, hold your guns! Do not blame either yourself and most certainly not your family members before looking at perhaps the most signficant & influential aspect that affects the state of events or the quality of life in a home.

Yes, we are talking about Vastu!

What is Vastu?

Vastu is the "Architectural Science of Gods" that deals with the play of five elements and the energy effects casted upon every structure in this cosmos with respect to directions. Vastu is considered extremely sacred in the Hindu culture and its knowledge is stored in a scripture that is called "Vastu Shastra".

Since ancient times, Vastu Shastra for home has always been the first thing on the mind of people whenever the need for constructing a home arised in their lives. This tradition of imbibing the wisdom of Vastu in the process of home building is being followed till date not because if some social dogma but simply because of the sheer efficacy of this divine science.

Vastu does not apply only to homes but in fact to every structure of any kind. This is because every structure in this cosmos based on its shape, interior and the direction in which it exists, attracts and stores certain specific types of energies which play a significant role in shaping the course and nature of events that take place inside or with that structure.

What is a Vastu Dosh?

A fault or flaw arising in the Vastu balance of a structure or the disturbance of energy in a space caused by an improper Vastu is called "Vastu Dosh" or Vastu Defect. But do not worry as even if somebody did not pay attention to the principles of Vastu at the time of construction or purchase of a home, he/she can still incorporate certain Vastu Dosh Remedies in his/her home to make it free of all Vastu Doshas.

Different directions are governed by different elements and it is important to assign or establish those functionalities in certain spaces in a home that are in harmony with those elements. The spaces or directions in a home that are in tune with Vastu will attract, store and spread positive energies and those that in confrontation with Vastu will generate Vastu defects or Doshas leading to malefic energies in those areas.

Let us look at the results or impact of Vastu defects upon the residents of a home as per different directions.

North Direction

This direction is linked with the finances and monetary conditions of the people living in the home.

There must not be any clutter or bathroom located in the North direction of your home. Having a kitchen in this direction is a strict no-no as well. The North direction of your home must not have a cut or an extension.

Vastu defects in this direction causes financial instability and abnormal increase in expenditures.

East Direction

This direction is linked with social acceptance, health and relationships. Construction of stairs, bathroom, kitchen and high walls that obstruct fresh air and Sunlight in the east direction of your home, casts ill effects on the health and relationships of the natives.

West Direction

This direction is linked with new opportunities and professional growth. Vastu defects in this direction are caused by having wells, pits, borewells and installation of electric motors.

Defects in this direction impact the health of the elderly in the home and result into loss of professional opportunities to the working class.

South Direction

This direction is linked with harmony and peace of mind. Vastu defects in this direction are caused by septic tank or sewage flow and result into legal disputes and health issues related to eyes.

North East Direction

This direction is linked with luck and fortune and is considered as the most auspicious direction.

Vastu defects in this direction are caused by over head tank, store room or a staircase and result into disharmony & disputes in the family and accidents or health problems resulting into hospitalization. Big or heavy machineries must also be avoided in the north eastern areas of your home to enhance luck.

North West Direction

This direction is linked with peace of mind and longevity.

Vastu defects in this direction are caused by having kitchen or a place of worship in this direction. Vastu also prohibits having the main entrance in this direction. Things such as an underground water tank in the North West direction are a strict no-no as per Vastu.

Vastu defects in this direction result into loss of mental peace, legal hassles and chronic ailments.

South East Direction

This direction is linked with courage and domestic security.

Vastu defects in this direction are caused by a bore well, septic tank or sewage flow. Again having a main entrance in this direction as well is not recommended by Vastu. Vastu defects in this direction result into induction of a sense of insecurity among the residents and a baseless fear of theft.

South West Direction

This direction is linked with personal equations among the residents and the mutual understanding between them. Vastu defects in this direction are caused by unused or dysfunctioning electronics present or a basement that has clutter.

Vastu defects in this direction result into bickering between the husband & wife and a sense of disharmony among family members. Monetary or financial losses in the home are also attributed to defects in the South West direction of a home. So as you saw, these were a few in-general Vastu defects as per different directions and their effects on people living in the structures affected by them.

However there are a large number of parameters that are to be taken into account while evaluating the Vastu of a home in order to recommend effective Vastu remedies.

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So what are you waiting for? Bring the wisdom of Vastu into your home and make happiness, peace, success, good health and prosperity a living reality in your life!

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