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How to Overcome Marriage Issues Caused by Shani’s Sade-Sati

By: Future Point | 16-Apr-2019
Views : 33297How to Overcome Marriage Issues Caused by Shani’s Sade-Sati

Sade-Sati is the period of Shani or Saturn which lasts for 7 and a half years. This period starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign just before the sign of the moon at the time of the birth of the individual. The entrance and transit of Shani from the 12th,1st and 2nd house from the position of the moon takes around 7 and a ½ year (2 and a ½ year for each house).

This period of Saturn Transit is feared by many and there are many misconceptions and dreads related to it. This period is believed to be troublesome for the person who is going through it. The period may come with a lot of challenges and difficulties. He may face challenges which reflect the placement of Shani in his “Janam Kundali”.Shani or Saturn has a nature of targeting people with a lot of attitude and ego and when a person is already in the phase of sade-sati he is irritated and gets rude which results in more problems and issues created by Shani. A person going through it is asked to expect all the challenges in this phase like loss, conflicts, trauma, and effects on marriage.

Effects of different cycles on Shani Sade-Sati

There are three cycles of sade-sati and they affect different areas of your life in the following ways:

  • The first cycle of sade-sati impacts your family, social circle, close relatives and there might be separations, conflicts and other negative impacts over these group of people.
  • The second cycle impacts your business and career aspects and might cause a downfall in your profession or losses in your business which further causes more problems in the other face of life as well.
  • The third cycle impacts on your marriage and children, a person might face conflicts and even separation at times.

All the three cycles being interrelated to each other are the cause why sade-sati is such a tough period for any person and is considered to be so unfortunate which brings up many problems in all the areas of life.

Sade Sati is divided into three phases being Rising, Peak, and setting and the effect of sade sati is according to the phase which a native is going through.

Are Sade-sati’s effects only negative?

Sade-Sati does not only have negative effects, but it also depends from individual to individual and a thorough reading of their Janam Kundli can only help us know about whether the outcome would be negative or positive.

Saturn is not only maleficient but it acts as a Yoga Karaka, instead of bad results, one can be highly successful and wealthy and can have a very successful happy married life during the period of their Shani Sade Sati.Sade-Sati, often associated with a period of hardship, does not solely bring about negative effects.

Its impact varies from person to person, and a comprehensive analysis of their Janam Kundli is crucial to determine whether the outcome will be favorable or unfavorable. While Saturn is often perceived as malevolent, it also possesses the potential to act as a Yoga Karaka.

Contrary to expected negative outcomes, individuals can experience great success, wealth, and a blissful married life during their Shani Sade Sati phase. Thus, acknowledging the dual nature of Sade-Sati allows for a more nuanced understanding of its effects.


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How to Predict whether Sade-Sati is good for the marriage life or not?!

An astrologer with his knowledge and capabilities will predict whether the presence of sade-sati will be good in your marriage or not in the following ways:

  • The basic thing which is to be studied before finding out the impacts of sade-sati is the nature of Saturn or Shani, whether it is benefiting or harmful.
  • If Saturn is coming under the aspect of any naturally beneficial or maleficient planet. For eg- Rahu is a maleficent planet and Jupiter is a beneficial planet.
  • About the dasha or planetary time period prevailing in your birth chart and whether there is a presence of Saturn in that or not.
  • The strength of Janam Kundli and what planets are the Kona’s and Kendra’s in it.
  • The presence and positioning of Lagna and Lagna Lord in your birth chart.
  • The nakshatra under which Saturn falls in which natal chart.

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Precautions to be taken during Saturn Sade-Sati

The nature of planet Saturn is as such which does not like ego and pride and people which are arrogant are targeted by ‘Shani’ It is very important to remain calm and humble to everyone in this period. A person going through sade-sati should respect everyone and avoid being rude to anyone.

You can Consult an Astrologer to know when the Saturn Sade Sati period would start in your life and if it would be harmful to you. This can be done with the help of Personal Astrology Consultation or taking a Talk to Astrologer on Phone service. One must definitely consider the option of getting their Sade Sati Dosha Report by an Astrologer Online and discover the miraculous Shani Sade Sati Dosha Remedies for marriage.

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If married, a person should show no ego and arrogance towards their spouse and should understand their other half. Being patient at all times will definitely help in solving all issues and pleasing Saturn.

Understanding the need of the hour, a person should try and please Shani by visiting Shani temples and making offerings there. Reciting the ‘Mahatmyam’ will also help in curing the situation.

The Sade-Sati period is considered to be the most unfortunate period of one’s life, but it can be made better by taking up the above-mentioned precautions and getting better results during that time.

Sade Sati is not always bad for marriage, it is bad only if all the factors are maleficent in your ‘Janam Kundli’. Mostly that does not happen and one can always get good and mixed results of Saturn Sade Sati too.