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Feng Shui Remedies to be Happy and Rich

By: Future Point | 12-Jul-2018
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Feng Shui Remedies to be Happy and Rich
  • 1. Hang a Picture of Mountains : For rise in confidence, hang a picture of mountains behind your seat. Mountains indicate that support will be available to you. Particularly the persons lacking in confidence should adopt it.


  • 2. Never sit with a window behind : The open window is lucky but sitting with a window behind is not desired because energy will be washed away. This will reduce confidence and tension may increase.


  • 3. Do not sit facing a blank wall : The person doing so will lose his foresight gradually. He will feel loneliness.


  • 4. Rouse your luck by horseshoes : The horseshoe is regarded as lucky. People fix it on the main door for security and prosperity. In Fengshui, a land of the shape of horseshoe is regarded as lucky. As horseshoe is Metal, it should not be used in East and South-East.


  • 5. Keep a metallic turtle in North : Tortoise increases lifespan and opportunities for success. Keep a metallic turtle in a water filled bowl in North of home. If bedroom is situated in North, then keep only metallic turtle and do not keep water in the bowl as water in bedroom is not desired.


  • 6. Do not sit with a door in your back : If the door is at your back while sitting, you will not be able to know what is happening at your back. To avoid it's disadvantages, a mirror may be installed in front of you.


  • 7. Get stopped clocks rectified or remove them : The stopped clocks of office or home should be removed as they generate negative energy. Clocks should be always kept in good condition.


  • 8. Hang a picture of phoenix : Phoenix is an extraordinary bird described in Chinese myths. According to Feng Shui this indicates fulfillment of wishes. In order to activate your luck, a painting of phoenix should be kept in South. This will enhance foresight.


  • 9. Do not keep pictures of war or violence : Never hang pictures of violence in your home, particularly in West as this part belongs to relationships. If a picture depicting war or wild animals is put in South-West, harmony in the family may suffer. Scenes of Mahabharat or arms may create controversies at home.


  • 10. Bamboo for good luck : The bamboo is regarded as very lucky for a long lifespan in Feng Shui. Bamboo ensures growth even in adverse situation and gives courage to fight any storm in life. Bamboo is a symbol of good health and luck. Pictures of bamboos are also helpful.

  • 11. Keep water near the door : Water near the door is auspicious. Particularly it is lucky for North-East and South-East doors. The water vessel should be kept carefully. It should be kept near the door in left side, it means when you are standing on the door and looking outside then water should be in your left. Never keep water in right side because it will give adverse effects and male of the house may get involved in extramarital affairs.


  • 12. Telephone and fax machine should be kept at proper place : Telephone and fax are means for contacting persons and for getting information on new assignments. Whenever the bell of phone rings, you become excited that a customer is contacting, wants to enquire and needs your services. The presence of such customers who are faithful to you is welcome. Telephone and fax machines are made of metal. Therefore these should be kept in North-West whenever possible because North-West is direction of friendly people and element of this area is Metal.


  • 13. Do not hang calenders on any door : Do not hang a calender on any door on its front or back or in the door way. Keeping a calender or a clock on any door, particularly the main door is harmful because it harms the longevity of residents. Symbolically it means that how much time is left of your life.

  • 14. Do not keep metallic objects or scissors in South-East : South-East element is Wood. According to the destruction cycle of 5 elements, Metal cuts Wood. Therefore keeping sharp edge instruments like knife or scissors in this area is harmful. The negative influence of Metal will cause barriers in earning money because this area represents wealth.


  • 15. Use incense sticks to remove negative energy : Sandalwood powder and incense sticks are used in every home for worship of God. These are very useful in purifying air that has negative energy. Burning of sandalwood creates energy, the place gets purified and mind becomes calm. Therefore incense sticks should be lighted daily.


  • 16. Gayatri mantra and holy music : Recite daily gayatri mantra after regular worship in the morning. The whole house will be filled up by its holy waves. If you are not a Hindu, you can play music of your religion. This expels out negative energy.

  • 17. Do not keep red objects and intense light in North-West : There comes a time in the life of every man when he gets unexpected help from a person. Feng Shui can help in this manner. The North-West corner is related to helpful people. This area can be strengthened by the use of a hollow windchime that has 6 rods because element of this area is Metal.

Do not use sharp light or a chandelier in this corner as it will be very harmful. Red coloured things represent Fire. Keeping it in North-West is harmful. This raises the possibility of sabotage. It is possible that nobody may turn up when you are badly in need of help.

  • 18. Scrub the floors with salt mixed water : To clean glass or crystal saline water is used. This water is very useful for removing negativity at home. Cleaning the floor with salty water is very auspicious. 5 spoons salt in 5 litre water is recommended.

  • 19. Keep brooms hidden : Brooms and sponge are used in every home for cleaning. These two are also symbolic of negative energy. Keeping broom in open is a bad omen. Therefore keep it hidden.


Never keep the broom in open particularly in dining room because it will indicate cleaning away of food and money. If the broom is kept outside the house in front of main door as overturned (backside upwards), it safeguards the house from intruders but this should be done only in night. In daytime, broom should be kept hidden to avoid the bad eye of others.

  • 20. Mirror reflecting dining table : Mirrors kept or hanged in dining room have proved to be a wonderful source of energy. The mirror depicting dining table gives an impression of double quantity of food kept on the table. A mirror in dining room enhances good luck. The energy coming from the mirror hanged in North safeguards the family members.


  • 21. Hang coins and bells on the handle of door : Hanging coins of Fengshui on door handle is the best method of enhancing wealth and good luck. Three old Chinese coins may be hanged after tying with a red ribbon. This will benefit all family members. These coins should be hanged inside and not outside of door. The coins should be hanged only on one door (maindoor) and not on all doors.

A small bell may be hanged on the outside handle of maindoor. This bell will indicate entry of good luck in your home while the coins are symbols of entry of wealth. Never keep coins on back door because back door indicates exit of good things.


  • 22. Keep only one mattress on double bed : There should be only one mattress on a double bed. The sleeping of husband-wife on separate beds may cause the separation.


  • 23. Do not sleep in front of a door : In China, sleeping in front of a door is regarded as indicator of death. Actually in China the dead body is kept in this manner and is regarded as auspicious.


  • 24. Do not hang mirrors in bedroom : Mirrors reflect energy. This energy may be good or bad according to the location of the mirror. The mirror should never be present in front of the door because it can create friction in marital life or a third person may enter in their life. For avoiding the negative influence of mirrors, these should be kept covered. Mirrors should be built inside almirahs of the bed room. A mirror showing husband-wife sleeping may cause divorce. Therefore mirrors should not be visible in night. In ceilings too, mirrors should be avoided.


  • 25. Aquarium : Never keep goldfish in bedroom, kitchen or toilet. Aquarium should be kept in drawing room. The recommended directions are East, South-East and North. Fish is an effective method for enhancing good luck. Keep 9 gold fish in fish bowl or a small aquarium. In it 8 fish should be red or golden and 1 black fish should be kept. If the gold fish dies, do not get disheartened but discard it and bring new fish. It is said that when gold fish dies, it takes away misfortune with it. Otherwise this misfortune attacks a family member. The watery things should be kept at a proper place for good luck. Never keep it in bedroom.


  • 26. Do not keep almirahs open : Books when kept in an open almirah, create negative energy. Open almirahs are like a knife. Keeping almirahs open may bring illness.

  • 27. The Frog of 3 legs : The statue of 3 legged frog having coins in mouth is regarded as very lucky. It should be kept near the main door. Never keep it in kitchen or toilet as it will invite bad luck.


  • 28. Keep yellow flowers in a cream colour vase of china clay : For development of relations at home, keep artificial yellow flowers in a cream colour vase of china clay in South-West corner of your home. This is the area of relationships.

  • 29. Statue of laughing Buddha : Statue of laughing Buddha is regarded as lucky for wealth. The place where this statue is kept is important. It should be placed in front of door at a height of 30 inches. Laughing Buddha welcomes the energy entering the door. This energy gets activated and brings prosperity. If it is not possible to keep this statue in front of maindoor, it may be kept on a side table or on a corner table. It should be in front of main door even if it is in a corner. It's face should be towards the main door. This statue should not be kept in bedroom or dining room.

This God of wealth is not worshipped but it is kept decorated as its presence is considered as auspicious and symbolic.


  • 30. Crystal balls for romance : The South-West corner of the home represents love, romance and affection. Its element is Earth. The best way to increase the energy of this area is to use 2 real crystals. Its use increases harmony in the house and thereby brings peace and comforts. If the balls are used in drawing room then relationships in the home get strengthened. These crystal balls should be purified before use. To remove the negative energy attached with it, the balls should be kept in saline water for one week. The real crystals are particularly effective.


  • 31. Love birds for romance : In western countries, love birds are regarded as symbols of love, romance and devotion. In Chinese culture pair of mandarin ducks indicates romance of a young married couple. This pair can be kept at South-West of home or bedroom because South-West is the direction of romance or a relationship. These birds enrich the love life.


If you are alone and wish to get married, you may keep love birds or its picture in your bedroom. However it should be remembered that only a pair of birds is to be kept. Neither a single bird nor 3 birds are permitted. Keeping a single bird may keep you single . Three birds may bring a third person in your relationship. Remember that in the pair, one duck should be male and another female.

  • 32. Keep a glass bowl filled with coins in North-West : The North-West area of your house is related to earning head of the family. Its element is Metal. The Metal energy of this area can be increased by keeping a crystal bowl filled with metallic coins. However this bowl should be kept hidden so that it is not seen by anyone.


  • 33. Hang chandeliers in South-West : The South-West corner of your home represents Earth element. This is connected with marriage and mutual relations. If your drawing room is in this direction, take advantage of it and hang here a chandelier. Light it daily for 2 hrs. This will bring harmony in family. The unmarried persons may get married.


  • 34. Keep kitchen clean and holes of burner clear : When burner is not maintained well it gets blocked due to dust. It must be cleaned regularly.

  • 35. Do not keep water and fire together in kitchen : The water tap and burner should not be in vicinity or opposite to each other in kitchen. The reason is that water and fire are opponents to each other.


  • 36. Dine together : All members of family should dine together at least once every day. This strengthens relations.


  • 37. Hang crystals in North-East for education : The North-East corner of home is connected with education and knowledge. Its element is Earth. For success in studies of your children, hang a crystal ball in this corner.


  • 38. Hang pictures of children in West : The West area of home is related to children and creativity. If you hang their pictures on wall in this area, their luck will shine.


  • 39. Keep a bowl filled with salt in toilet : Keep salt in a glass bowl on the window frame of toilet. We leave our body secretions in toilet which generate various bacterias and harmful energies. Salt absorbs negative energy. When the salt becomes wet, it should be replaced by fresh salt.

  • 40. Leaking taps should be rectified : In Feng Shui, water is regarded as wealth. If any tap in your house is leaking, it should be rectified immediately. Otherwise money will leave you like water.

  • 41. Hang a picture of owner of house in South : The element of South is Fire that represents Fame. The red colour symbolizes Fire. The owner of house should get his photo framed in a red border and hang it in South. This is a good method of augmenting prestige and fame.

  • 42. Model of a ship filled with golden coins : A ship is a symbol of great achievement and success in business. A model of ship may be kept at any place in home. The care required is that the ship must appear entering inside the house or office. It should not be heading towards outside, otherwise all opportunities will sail outside and there could be a heavy loss. Artificial golden coins must be filled in the ship. The coins will bring luck. If artificial golden coins can not be arranged, then normal coins or rupees may be used.

  • 43. Do not keep ceramic articles in North : North area represents water element. According to destructive cycle, Earth destroys water. Therefore ceramic or clay materials should not be kept in North. This can harm the career. The crystals should also not be kept in North.

  • 44. Keep a globe in North : Keep a globe in North-East of your house. Globe is a symbol of Earth. This enhances knowledge and education. The element of North-East is Earth.


  • 45. Chinese coins for wealth : Chinese coins are very effective for enhancement of wealth. The 3 coins may be tied with a red ribbon or red thread and kept in a purse. This is a symbol of income. The gift of these coins is regarded as very good. The red thread keeps these coins active and generates Yang.


  • 46. Keep white flowers in a metal vase : The Northern area in your home is related with progress and good opportunities. Keep an iron or stainless steel vase filled with artificial flowers in this area. This will fortify this area.


  • 47. Do not keep blue or water depicting pictures in South : The element of South is Fire. According to Pakua, this is related to fame. According to the destructive cycle of elements water destroys fire. Keeping in south a painting showing water will harm reputation. Blue articles should also be removed from this area because blue colour represents Water element.


  • 48. Where should the windchime be hanged ?

Windchime is a unique method of enhancing fortune at home. The number of rods and metal of windchime are important. Windchime should not be hanged in every area. A chime having 6 rods should be hanged in North-West corner of drawing room because element of this area is Metal and windchimes indicate Metal. The windchime is used for enhancing good fortune and eliminating bad days.

If you wish to change the direction of poisonous arrows, use a windchime having 5 rods. This will crush bad luck. A 7 rod windchime may be hanged in West area of your home. The west is related to children and creativity. According to Lo-Shu chart, the number of this area is 7. The 7 rod windchime will enhance the energy of this area.

  • 49. Do not keep green plants in South-West : The South-West corner of your house has Earth element and is related to marriage and relationships. Green plants represent Wood element. Wood destroys Earth. Green plants in South-West are harmful for Earth energy of this area and as such possibilities of marriage may diminish.

  • 50. Use Pionia flowers for marriage : The flowers are used on a large scale in Feng Shui for increasing the energy of any corner in the house. Pionia is normally considered related to ladies. If girls in home are of marriageable age, then hanging pictures of pionia will be highly valuable. The most appropriate place for it is the drawing room. By this, the marriage may be settled soon. Preferably it should be kept in South-West corner.

  • 51. Keep Jade plants : Keeping Jade plant at home, particularly in South-East is very beneficial. South-East is regarded as corner of prosperity. Jade plant can bring wealth in home.

  • 52. Do not keep dry flowers : Plants are highly useful in Feng-Shui. Plants generate Yang and bring good luck at home. Fresh flowers can be kept at home but they should be removed as soon as they start withering. Fresh flowers indicate life but withered ones signify death and emanate Yin. Flowers should be kept in drawing room and not in bed room.

  • 53. Orange symbolises prosperity : The orange and lemon trees are symbols of good luck and prosperity. Orange of golden colour symbolizes gold. Plantation of orange plant in South-East corner of lawn is good because this area of home indicates assets.

  • 54. Dragon for fortune : Dragon is a symbol of beneficial Yang. It is also related to East. The element of East is Wood. Therefore dragon of engraved wood is recommended in East. Ceramic or crystal dragon can also be used but metallic dragon should never be used as Metal destroys Wood. As dragon symbolizes energy, it can be used at restaurants, shops, departmental stores effectively where energy is needed in increased quantity as so many people come. At such places, a picture of dragon may be kept in East. Dragon should not be kept in bedroom, as Yang is not needed there.


  • 55. Keep picture of greenery in South-East : South-East corner represents wealth. A painting depicting greenery but without mountains should be hanged in this corner. This will give rise in prosperity. This picture is a symbol of Wood and element of South-East is also Wood.

If this corner lies in bedroom, take care that in this painting of jungle, water should not be present. This picture can be hanged in South-East corner of drawing room.

  • 56. Hang a picture of all family members in a jovial mood : Hang a picture of all family members in a happy mood in South-West corner of drawing room. This will develop a feeling of togetherness. For development of love between husband and spouse, the picture can be hanged in South-West corner of bedroom.

  • 57. Use auspicious icons : Since ancient days, people have been keeping auspicious symbols at home. Swastik, OM and Trishul are holy icons. For safety of home, these symbols may be attached on both sides of main door.


  • 58. Do not keep unnecessary things at home : Many people keep unnecessary things stocked at home. Neither they use it, nor throw it. Mostly these are useless materials such as old clothes, books, newspaper cuttings, broken artifacts, old videos, audio cassettes, old gadgets etc. For progress in life, this unnecessary material should be taken out from home. Collection of junk stops progress of house because all these things occupy some space in mind. To get rid of its ill effect light incense sticks daily and ring the bells after worship.

  • 59. For more income : Keep money plant in South-East corner of drawing room because this direction is related to wealth.

  • 60. Footmat renders positive energy : A footboard kept on the door of bedroom brings positive energy to the room. If the door of the office or room is in North, black footboard should be used. If the door opens in East, green colour is recommended. Similarly use of colour according to the direction is useful.

  • 61. Never give scissors as a gift : Sharp, pointed and lethal things emanate adverse energy of poisonous arrows. A person gifting such things suffers from bad Feng Shui. If you receive sharp things such as a tool box, knife or opener, to nullify its effect, give the sender a coin.

  • 62. A Feng Shui tip for selling the house soon : If someone is interested in selling his house soon, he should keep a metallic part of kitchen equipment, some clay of lawn or courtyard and a piece of wood in a red envelope and should throw this envelope in a fast flowing river.

  • 63. Correct position while sleeping : The position of bed in bedroom is very important. The head should be in a favourable direction. It is also essential that good energies should touch with the Sheng Chi direction while sleeping. Choice of a Sheng Chi bedroom gives progress in career and business.

  • 64. Become popular in society: For an active social life and rise in fortune, Yang energy must be activated. For this purpose bright light must be arranged in South-West part of home. This can be done by various methods. The best is to glitter the South-West corner of lawn by a sharp light. The lighting outside the house should be done in such a manner that valuable Earth energy may influence the house.

  • 65. Do not point finger towards anyone : Do not allow anyone to point his finger towards you. This triggers an attack by bad energies on you. This soon leads to bad luck. During conversation, two fingers should not be raised because they emit poisonous energy like scissors.

  • 66. Never take last piece of snacks from plate : The last piece of a snack in a plate should not be taken even if insisted upon. This is an old belief in China. If someone regularly ignores this rule, he may lose his life-partner. In Feng Shui, it is said that eater of last piece invites bad luck and poverty for himself.

  • 67. Do not use broken crockery : Broken or cracked crockery should not be used as it invites misfortune. Its use can wipe out a flourishing business.

  • 68. Fuk, Luk and Sau : The statues of these three gods can be seen in every Chinese house. Fuk, Luk and Sau in the order are gods of wealth, high status and long life. There presence is only symbolic. They are not worshipped. Fuk is god of prosperity. His status is higher than other two gods. Normally Fuk is kept in the middle. The presence of these 3 gods brings prosperity, power, prestige, long life and good health.


  • 69. Childless couples : Sometimes due to stress, air pollution etc. the temperature of womb is not maintained and conceiving becomes difficult. Feng shui gives some solutions to increase the possibilities of conceiving. Every person has a separate direction of fortune that is called his specific Yen direction. For success in conceiving, a room should be chosen at the yen place of husband, heads should be in Yen direction. The poisonous arrows should be avoided. There should be no beams. When trying for birth of a child, light romantic music should be listened.

  • 70. Sharp corners of furniture should be rounded : The sharp corners and edges of furniture should be rounded and smoothened because these are sources of bad energy. The new furniture should preferably be rectangular with rounded corners.

  • 71. There should not be three doors in a row : Three doors in a row is a dangerous Feng Sui fault because Chi passes from these doors at a fast speed and persons residing in last room of the house are badly affected.

  • 72. Avoid purchase of top floor flat : Before buying a top floor flat of a building, ensure that overhead tank of water for the building is not situated above it. Overhead tank above the flat, particularly above bedroom is a serious fault according to Feng shui.

  • 73. The main door should be free from a barrier : The main door is the most important part of a house because good energy and fortune enter the home from here. Inside and outside of main door, there should be no barriers because it can convert good luck into bad. Shoe box, old newspapers etc should not be kept near the main door.

  • 74. An organized house gives good health : The house should be well organized. Its paint should not be withered. Leaking taps should be repaired, fused bulbs should be changed, broken glasses of windows must be replaced, glasses must be cleaned. The health of the house is directly related with health of its residents.

  • 75. Do not keep dressing table before the door : Keeping the dressing table before the door causes stress in the relationships. Its mirror will reflect back the useful Chi. This may cause some detachment with the user of this room.

  • 76. Bell on the main door is essential : Bell gives the information about arrival of a visitor. In the absence of the bell, the visitor knocks at the door that generates bad energy. This energy causes tension and dispute. Therefore a bell is essential in every home.

  • 77. Routine must be organized : The daily routine should not be changed unnecessarily. When there is an unexpected change in routine, sleep is disturbed, which may cause an unexpected event. Routine should be well organised.

  • 78. Do not keep goods under the bed : There should be empty space below the cot so that Chi may flow there. The material kept under the bed causes obstruction in the flow of Chi that may generate bad energy.

  • 79. Semicircular plot is good for the house : A house situated in a semicircular plot is regarded as very good in Feng shui. This gives wealth and prestige to owner. If flowering plants are kept near the house, good luck is enhanced.

  • 80. Keep stress away : If the house owner is suffering from severe stress or mental problem, he will find that decoration of his house has many faults. The house should be decorated tastefully. This will bring new energy in the life. Let the life move forward. Feng Shui will bring new joys. There should be no window behind the chair. If it is difficult to remove the window, heavy curtains should be used. In South, light 9 nos. red candles in a beautiful candle stand. Decide the direction of sleeping according to the personal trigram.

  • 81. Keep a windchime of 7 rods in West for gain in confidence : According to Feng shui, the element of West is Metal. The western area of house is related to children and creativity. According to Lo-shu chart, a windchime of 7 rods increases energy in this area. The confidence and capacity to work increase. This windchime at home may give wealth all of a sudden.

  • 82. Do not keep files of litigation in Fire angle : Feng shui has thought about the place for keeping files of lawsuit or any dispute. These files should never be kept in angle of fire element. Never keep the papers of disputes in cash box, safe etc along with fixed deposit receipts etc. If these papers are kept below the picture or statue of Gods, then good results will follow.

  • 83. For fame : If you are an artist, actor, write or engaged in a business where fame is essential, find South in your office by compass and decorate that area by pictures of dancing peacocks, flying eagles and swans.

  • 84. There should not be any factory in front of the house : A factory in front of the house is inauspicious. This can cause the fall of family, health will suffer. To avoid these ill effects :

  • Install a lamp post in front of the house at some distance.

  • Install a big balloon near the house.

  • Plant trees such as ashok in front of the house.

  • 85. If a corner of the house is confronting the corner of a nearby house, avoid conflict : If a corner of the house is being affected by the corner of the opposite house, this causes hurdles in progress, disputes and litigations. Construction of a triangular glass shade on roof top can bring prosperity to both neighbours. Keep a hexagonal mirror on the outer part of roof. This mirror may be hidden behind a curtain.

  • 86. The flat should not be just above the pillars : Now-a-days buildings are constructed on the pillars to get the space for parking. A flat on 1st floor of such buildings should not be purchased because life of persons residing in such a flat does not remain stable. The reason for it is that energy flows freely below such flats. Such a flat should be discarded.

  • 87.Directions for rain of money : Care must be exercised in choice of directions while constructing a house. If the doors in the house are located in auspicious directions, money flows in. According to Feng shui there must be a wall in the middle of house that acts like a curtain so that the jolt of the incoming money may be stopped.

  • 88. Keep walls in good condition : The walls that are not straight or have a joint in the middle are harmful and bring poverty. The market, business centre or factory built at such places must be made rectangular. The additional place available should be used for planting trees.

  • 89. Do not keep statues in North : A statue should never be installed in North, it can destroy everything. Except North wall, anything can be kept elsewhere.

  • 90.Stairs should not be built in the North-East corner : The activities in the corner of North-East destroy youth and money and bad days arrive. The people lose their peace.

  • 91. Improvement in fortune : A tub for bathing of birds or a pond or a fountain in front of the house destroys the poisonous arrows coming from gate to main door and luck shines.

  • 92. Do not buy a triangular plot : A plot of triangular shape brings disputes. The owner has to visit the courts regularly. If someone is forced to use such a plot, there should not be doors near the corners of the plot. Plants should be kept near the corners so that they appear covered.

  • 93. If there are tall buildings on both sides of the house, do not buy it : If there are taller buildings on both sides of the house, this causes harm in business and health. To avoid this misfortune, make a tank of water on the roof in North or East so that image of the tall building may be seen in it. This will be highly beneficial.

  • 94. For improvement of relationships : For improvement in personal relations, hang a picture of jasmine flower in South-East or South-West wall of bed room. The lord of jasmine is planet of love Venus. By this, love between married persons increases.

  • 95.Avoid migraine : It can be seen on the Feng Shui chart that headache comes from North-West because North-West is related to mind. For solving this problem do not keep shoes or chappals in North-West corner of bed room. Keep a white handkerchief with grey embroidery on its corners under the mattress of bed.

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