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The real significance of Vastu Shastra

By: Future Point | 02-Nov-2018
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The real significance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a basic rule to protect your home or surroundings from negativity and evil eyes. It is a traditional Indian science of Architecture which guides the construction and design of buildings with the natural and simple laws of the universe.

It is believed that Vastu history can be traced back more than 5000 years. It guides us that what to keep in mind while selecting a land, home and constructing buildings. Vastu considered the different elements like earth, water, fire, and ether etc. these elements have the power to change and guide the living styles of not only humans but every living being on earth. They impact our deeds, lives, luck, and behavior.

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Directions in Vastu Shastra

In Vastu Shastra directions are also very important. A house where you live and share happiness and worries with your family should be designed in a form that will give you prosperity and save the energy and increase the wealth. There lies a co-relation between the house design and their different directions with respect of North and the rotational scenario of the planets. Every time Vastu rules should be considered while making a building. It increases the lifespan of the property but also improves the condition of living mates. If someone is neglecting the rules of Vastu in an orientation of a building then there is a chance of lost or deteriorated much faster.

One should have proper knowledge of all the eight directions while making a building or house. The direction from where sun arises is called East and where it sunsets is known as West and opposite direction to East is North and towards one’s right is South. The place where two directions meet is more significant as it combines the energy of both the directions. According to Vastu Shastra, if we worship the lords of these eight directions, they will shower their blessings on us and make our life better and prosperous.

History of Vastu Shastra

It is believed that Vastu Shastra is related to Mahabharata or Ramayan. Even Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa cities were also made on the application of Vastu Shastra. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna also consider the Vastu while making their house or dynasty. Apart from that, there are many interesting mythological stories concerning the origin of Vastu Purusha. Vastu is a science and one should follow it wholeheartedly.

Five elements of Vastu Shastra

Air: this gives support to all life and human beings on earth. If oxygen is not available on earth then all human beings will face difficulty to survive. This element of Vastu is associated with fun, joy, and happiness in life. Air dominates the East direction. Air gives courage to a person to try new things and encourage taking risks and improves your inner strength.

Earth: this is the most important element of our life as it gives us land to live. According to Vastu, earth gives balance, stability, patience, and maturity to a person. Centre place of a house or place is dominated by Earth. Balanced earth induces stability in your life, career, behavior, relationships or your efforts. It encourages peace and harmony in family life.

Water: water is the basic and eminent requirement of all living beings on earth. Earth is almost 70 percent water and our body also constituted a large degree of water. Water signifies new ideas, new vision, clarity of thoughts, flowing of new energy and opportunities in life, immunity, and restoration of health. It is said that water dominates the North direction of a place. If water element is balanced, the people in such buildings are able to see the large picture of life. They become more spiritual and philosophical.

Fire: it signifies light and heat. This energy is very important for sun as there would be no rotation and revolution around the sun. Fire can transform your life with enthusiasm, confidence, and power. South is the direction of fire. If this element is balanced in your life then it will bring fame and recognition to the masses. It gives you power, money, confidence, and strength. It makes your life full of energy and happiness.

Sky: sky provides shelter for us. It is considered to be the primary conductor of all forms of energies. It affects our thought process and mental space. Sky also called space. If this element is balanced then it gives you the charge of your destiny and you can change your life with luck. This gives you knowledge and awareness to understand new or creative things and encourage starting a new life.

The essential premise of Vastu is that all these five elements should always be interrelated with each other. If you are planning to construct anything on earth then must take into account all five elements.

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