Sun Transit in Virgo - 17th September 2019

By: Future Point | 17-Sep-2019
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Sun Transit in Virgo - 17th September 2019

According to the Sun Transit 2019 Predictions, the planet Sun will transit on Tuesday, 17th September 2019 at 12:43 in the noon. Planet Sun will remain there till Friday, 18th September 2019 at 00:04 am. The native can know with the help of this article about what might happen with him/her in this transit period so that he can take necessary precautions on time.


Planet Sun is the Lord of the 5th house and it will transit in the 6th house in the Kundli of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house represents competitors, will power, career, bank loans, and maternal members of the family. This period will bring favorable results for the Aries ascendants. In judicial matters, the natives can expect to get success. Their expenses might increase but there’s no reason to worry because the l will perform better at the workplace due to which he/she can also get a pay hike.

Remedy: Store some water in a copper vessel and place it near your bed then in the morning drink the same water.


Planet Sun will transit in the 5th house which is the house of progeny, children, intelligence, etc. During this transit, the natives can face problems in the different aspects of life. Firstly, the person will not be able to take decisions in this period. The health of the children might decline which can be one of the reasons for the native’s concern. One can face different issues while working with senior officials. Therefore, these people are advised to face adverse situations in a calm manner and avoid indulging in any argument.

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hriday Srotam daily.


Planet Sun will transit in the 4th house in the Kundli of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house signifies luxuries, comforts, mother, property, etc. This transit will create problems for you in your personal life. The family members can engage in arguments with each other because of different opinions. This can give rise to different mental and health issues. Therefore, the native is advised to talk to the family members amicably. The mother’s health can also become unstable. The married natives can become quite happy in this period because there's a chance that their partners can get a big success at work.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu daily.


Planet Sun will transit in the 3rd house in the horoscope of the Cancer ascendants. The house represents younger siblings and relationship with them. It also signifies career prospects and long and short trips. This time will be favorable for these people as challenges will come in their way but they will gain success in overcoming each of them. During this transit, the health will remain stable and one can also go on a trip that can give favorable results in the future. The individual will take care of the siblings and will try to give them all the comforts and luxuries. The native will attain his/her goal by working hard and satisfying the seniors at the workplace. You will take care of your siblings and also provide them with luxuries and comforts.

Remedy: It is advised to chant this mantra: “Om Ghrni Suryaya Namah” (ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः).


Planet Sun will transit in the 2nd house which is the house of savings, primary education, face, communication and speaking skills, etc. The placement of Sun in the 2nd house is not at all considered as auspicious. Therefore, the individual is advised to remain cautious and stay alert all the time. These people should think twice before speaking and should talk in a very polite manner with everybody. One can experience mental and physical tensions in this period like head pain, eye infection, etc. Problems can also arise in personal life. Arguments and small fights can affect family relations, therefore, choose your words wisely before speaking.

Remedy: Wrap a Moli around your hand 6 times.


Planet Sun will transit in the ascendant house in the Kundali of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house represents one’s personality and nature, respect and image in the society, intellect, etc. When Sun’s transit in a moon sign takes place it does not give favorable results. In this period, the native's respect and name in the society can decline and different issues like excessive mental stress and high fever can affect the person. Therefore, the individual should take some precautionary measures to keep the situation under control. One can also go on a business trip and can stay away from the family for a while.

Remedy: It is advised to chant the Gayatri Mantra daily for effective results.


Planet Sun will transit in the 12th house which is the house of expenditure, losses, foreign relations, etc. Libra ascendants can get a chance of visiting a foreign country. But, in this period the native should not ignore his/her health and should take necessary precautions in advance. Work pressure can keep you away from your family members. One can also go on a trip to a hill station. But, they are advised to remain alert while traveling. They are also advised to keep a check on their expenses to remain on a safer side. These people should not involve themselves in any illegal activity because it can destroy their name and respect in society.

Remedy: Donate jaggery, wheat, and copper on Sundays.


Planet Sun will transit in the 11th house which represents gains, ambitions, desires, sources of income, etc. The income of the native will increase tremendously and the expenses will be taken care of. You will defeat your rivals and they will not again think of planning against you. The individual’s interest will increase in activities like donation, charity, etc. The senior officials will help the natives and with their help, they achieve something really great in the period. In this period, these people should respect their father and seek their blessings as much a possible. But, the individual’s love life can face some problems.

Remedy: Mix red sandalwood powder in water and take a bath with the same.


Planet Sun will transit in the 10th house in the horoscope of the Saggitarius ascendants. This house is also known as the Karma Bhava and it represents an individual’s career and father. Planet Sun gives auspicious results in the 10th house because of which one will get favorable results in this period. One will get appreciated for the work done, relations with senior officials can get better, and one can also experience a pay hike. Health and financial aspects will become strong in this transit and the person can experience a good return from the government sector. The stature will increase in society and the individual social circle will get bigger and filled with influential people.

Remedy: Feed wheat to a red cow with your both hands during a Sunday afternoon.


Planet Sun will transit in the 9th house which is the house of luck, respect, and name in the society, religious inclination, overseas journey, etc. The effects of this transit will be seen on the father’s health as he can face certain health issues. The tasks which were about to get complete will remain on the verge of completion and will not get completed because of this planetary position. One should not involve in any unethical and unlawful activity as there are chances of getting defamed. The native is advised not to lend any money in this specific period as there are chances that the money will not come back and one can face losses.

Remedy: Respect your father and listen to him as much as possible.


Planet Sun will transit in the 8th house which is also known as the Mrityu Bhava in Vedic astrology. This house implies spirituality, research, hurdles, unexpected gains, and losses, etc. One can involve in some kind of controversy during this period, therefore he/she is advised to take necessary measures to end it soon. Marital life will not remain at peace because differences and misunderstandings can arise in your relationship which can put the partners apart. The rivals can plan against the native which is why the native should remain alert all the time. Health should be taken care off and any health problem should not be ignored in the first place, the native should consult a doctor immediately.

Remedy: Offer water to the Sun from a copper vessel.


Planet Sun will transit in the 7th house in the Kundli of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house represents one’s life partner and partnerships in different aspects of life. This transit can impact the married life of an individual as a result, he/she can face different challenges in the married life. The primary reason for an unstable married life will be arguments and ego. Therefore, the individual is advised to talk to the partner amicably and avoid indulging in any arguments. The health of your children and partner can decline therefore, take care of them as they can suffer in this period. Your life partner and your child’s health may also suffer during this time period.

Remedy: Wake up early and give water to the plants.

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