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Sun Transit in Libra- 18th October 2019

By: Future Point | 16-Oct-2019
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Sun Transit in Libra- 18th October 2019

According to the Sun Transit 2019 Predictions, Planet Sun will transit on 18th October 2019, Friday from Virgo to Libra around 00:41 AM in the morning and will remain posited there until 17th November 2019, Sunday by 00:30 AM. This article can be really beneficial for the natives in order to know what might happen to them in this transit period so that they can take necessary precautions.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 7th house in the Kundali of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house governs all the partnerships in an individual’s life including the marriage prospects. As a result, the marriage life of an individual can be affected in this transit period. From the family point of view, one can face a negative environment at home because some kind of verbal argument can take place with the siblings. These people can become aggressive and should meditate regularly to control their anger.

Remedy: Chant “ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रोम सः सूर्याय नमः” (Om Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suryaya Namaha) mantra to get favorable results.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 6th house in the horoscope of the Taurus ascendants. This house is a significator of opponents, health problems and legal battles, etc. This transit will bring favorable results for the native. There are chances that the students who are born under this sign will pass with flying colors, especially those who have appeared in any competitive exam. The family life can face some ups and downs as small disputes and disagreements can take place regarding the ancestral property.

Remedy: Offer water, red sindoor, and flowers to Planet Sun.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 5th house which is the house of children, education, and knowledge. This transit will prove to be really beneficial for all the employed ones. These people can get a long-awaited promotion or appreciation for the work performed. During this period, the students will not be able to focus on their studies as a result, they will not score well in their exams. Financially, there are chances that you might not get any special benefits from the investments made during this transit period. One can also get a chance of spending some quality time with his/her partner.

Remedy: Offer pure ghee to Lord Vishnu on Sundays.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 4th house in the Kundali of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house represents the share of the property on will possess, mother, happiness, and reputation in society. This transit can decline the health of the native’s mother which will create tension and depression for him/her. Therefore, the individual is advised to take care of his/her mother and take her to a good doctor if requires. Differences can arise between married couples which can also take your peace of mind away.

Remedy: Offer water to Planet Sun regularly.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 3rd house in the horoscope of the Leo ascendants. This house is a significator of strength, courage, determination, kind of relationship shared by the siblings. It will enhance an individual’s creativity and he/she will feel more energetic throughout this transit period. One can get rid of some chronic diseases and these people are advised to eat healthy food to avoid serious diseases in the future. These natives will be able to attract more people towards them due to their logical and reasoning abilities.

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hriday Strotam every Sunday.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 2nd house which can badly affect the speech of the people who are born under this sign. The way one will speak will also affect the relationships he/she possess. Therefore, these people are advised to talk amicably with their loved ones and the people they respect. Health will be another reason of concern in this period as the natives can suffer from several eye problems. Talking about the Love life, if you really love your partner and want to spend your life with him/her then you should keep your aggression and ego aside.

Remedy: Listen and chant Shri Harivansh Puran.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope


Planet Sun will transit in the ascendant house which is the house of one’s nature, health, and enlightenment. This transit will put a negative impact on one’s health as it can cause several stomach-related problems. Therefore, the native is advised to avoid outside food and should not consume spicy and oily food. One can also engage in small arguments with their family members on unnecessary things. To make the financial conditions better, these people should talk to their partners and make a good budget in order to save money.

Remedy: Donate Copper utensils on Sunday’s.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 12th house in the horoscope of the Scorpio ascendants. This house represents foreign relations, loss, expenditure, and salvation. Those who possess big businesses can go on several foreign trips but if they want to attain fruitful results from these trips then they should analyze each and every aspect of the deal very carefully. One should avoid engaging him/her in a bad company because that can affect the name and fame that one has gained in society.

Remedy: Chanting “ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नमः” (Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah) mantra can prove to be beneficial for you.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 11th house in the native’s Kundali. This transit will be a beneficial period for the Sagittarius ascendants. The lord of Sarritarius is Planet Jupiter as a result, these people will get inclined to religious and spiritual activities. A positive environment will prevail in the workplace as one will get full support of the seniors and also get profits from different sources. It will also make you active than ever before due to which the ability of an individual to work will enhance.

Remedy: Chant “ॐ घरिणी सूर्याय नमः” (Om Gharini Suryaya Namaha) mantra on daily basis.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


Planet Sun will transit in the 10th house which is also known as the Karma house. It indicates an individual’s relationship with his/her father and status in society. These people should control their words otherwise, they can engage in big fights. One should not consume substances like alcohol and cigarette as it can ruin their image in society. Misunderstandings can put you apart from your family members. Therefore, these people should solve the arguments, whenever they take place.

Remedy: Feed Jaggery to a cow.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 9th house which depicts an individual’s luck, long-distance journey, and the position of the Guru in one’s life. In this transit, the natives’ father can face several health issues. Therefore, these people are advised to spend more and more time with them for their better recovery. Financially, one can face some ups and downs but the downs can be controlled by controlling the unnecessary expenses. Love life can be highly affected because of your anger issues.

Remedy: Donate red clothes on Sunday.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 8th house which is the house of age and sudden happenings that take place in life. For good health, one should avoid eating oily and spicy food. One can also deviate from his/her path during this transit due to which the individual will not be able to achieve his goals. These people should keep themselves away from all the illegal activities as it can badly ruin their image in society. One should also take help from their teachers in order to perform better in the field of education.

Remedy: The Pisces ascendants should donate wheat on Sundays for gaining favorable results.

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