Sun Transit in Leo 17th August 2019

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Sun Transit in Leo 17th August 2019

According to Astrology Prediction, Planet Sun represents power, position, and authority. Life on Earth is impossible without Planet Sun because it plays an essential role in the life of human beings. It is known as the King or the father of the Solar system because it represents the soul (Atma) of an individual. As per Indian Astrology, Planet Sun is the lord of the Leo zodiac sign. A person receives success, promotion, and respect in all aspects of life if Planet Sun is posited in a benefic house in the Kundli.

Sun Transit

According to the Sun Transit 2019 Predictions, The Sun Transit will take place on Saturday, 17th August 2019, at 12:47 pm. Planet Sun will remain there till Tuesday, 17 September 2019 (Saturday) 12:43 pm. As Planet Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac sign therefore, the natives who are born under this zodiac sign have a great possibility of achieving success in this transit period.

Know what the Transit Predictions for 2019 have to say about your zodiac sign as Sun Transit in Leo takes place.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 5th house of the horoscope, and as a result, the native can get a promotion at the workplace. Also, there are high chances that those who are looking for a job can get success in their efforts. The Aries ascendants will also get full support from their colleagues and it is the most suitable time for them to achieve their goals. The natives who are in love will lead a normal love life but they should avoid conflicts with their partner.

Remedy: For higher benefits, the native should see the rising Sun and should offer water to Planet Sun every morning.


This transit of the Sun in the 4th house will be partially favorable for the Taurus ascendants. Its negative influence will lead to arguments between the family members and as a result, it will create an environment of unrest in the household. However, there will be an improvement in the health of the native’s mother that will bring peace and harmony to the individual. There are high chances that the native’s spouse can get promoted or appreciation from the boss.

Remedy: Worship a coconut and red fruits on Sunday to get rid of the malefic effects of Planet Sun.


Planet Sun will transit in the 3rd house of the native’s horoscope, as a result, the person will become capable of dealing with even the adverse situations that will arise before them. These people will have to work harder if they want to gain success in the transit period. There is a possibility that the native will go on a short trip that will bring some favorable outcomes in different aspects of life. Some arguments can arise between the family members so, to avoid them, the native should avoid indulging in any sort of argument.

Remedy: For more benefits, the native can donate a red cloth on every Sunday.


The planet Sun will transit in the 2nd house, this will cause a change in the native’s behavior. This transit will make the Cancer ascendants more aggressive and egoistic which will become a part of their nature. Therefore, it is advisable that these people should think before speaking. The natives who are married can witness a decline in the health of their spouse. But on the other hand, this transit will be beneficial for an individual on the economical grounds as he/she can get money from different sources.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva for the attainment of more benefits and offer Khas Itr (perfume) to him.


The planet Sun will transit in the 5th house in the native’s horoscope. This transit will be favorable for the Leo ascendants. In this transit period, the respect of the people who belong to this zodiac sign will increase in their social circle and also people will get attracted to them because of their charismatic personality. These natives will find themselves energetic in this period and have stable health. They should control their anger because their rudeness can hurt their closed ones.

Remedy: For attaining beneficial results offer water to the Lord Sun daily from a copper vessel.

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The planet Sun will transit in the 12th house of the native’s horoscope which can fulfill the native’s wish of going on a trip. In this transit period, the native can also experience a change in his/her job. But, the individual should be very careful before arising on any final outcome. Financially, there are chances that the expenses of such a person can increase. So, it is advised that the person should spend the earnings in a controlled manner.

Remedy: Virgo natives will achieve good results by chanting the mantra 'Adityaya Vidmahe Bhaskaraya Dhimahi Tanno Saryah Prachodayat' (ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे भास्कराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्यः प्रचोदयात्).


Sun will transit in the 11th house which will be beneficial for the natives who belong to this zodiac sign. This transit will increase your social circle and you will get in touch with a lot of new people. In this transit period, the Libra ascendants should avoid indulging in an argument with their partners because it can drastically affect their love life. The natives who are working in an office will get praised for their work and get full support from their seniors.

Remedy: Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra to evade the malefic effects of the Sun.


The Sun will transit in the 10th house which will give favorable results at the workplace. The performance of the native will get praised at work and they will also enjoy doing their work in this period. In this period, the Scorpio ascendants should take care of their mother’s health because this transit is not at all suitable for her. However, with an increase in work, the problems between the family members can also increase as they may complain that you don’t have time for them.

Remedy: Chant this mantra to bring in happiness and gains in your life: “ॐ ग्रिणिः सूर्याय नमः / oṃ griṇiḥ sūryāya namaḥ”.

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Planet Sun will transit in the 9th house of the native’s horoscope, this will improve the image of the person in the society and will bring name, fame, and honor. This transit will bend you towards religious activities and can also enlighten you spiritually. Some Sagittarius ascendants can also go on a long journey which can be favorable for the future. This period can also be quite challenging because it is not good for the father’s health. This period can cause serious injuries or diseases to the native’s father.

Remedy: Wearing a good quality Ruby gemstone on Sunday can bring in good results for Sagittarius natives.


Planet Sun will transit in the 8th house which can affect the health of natives who belong to this zodiac sign. Therefore, Capricorn ascendants should take care of their health in this period. Financially, on one hand, the native can get an economic benefit but on the other hand, he/she can also face a huge monetary loss. One can also consult with expert astrologers online regarding the remedies that are available to make their situation better.

Remedy: Donate wheat on Sundays to escape the negative effects of the Sun transit.


The Sun will transit in the 7th house which is not at all auspicious for the native’s marital life. There are chances that more and more arguments will take place between the husband and wife. This transit can also stress the Aquarius ascendants healthwise because they can face a decline in their health. But, this period will be beneficial for professional life as there are chances of a promotion or a raise in wages.

Remedy: Donating jaggery to Brahmins can help you evade the malefic effects of Lord Sun.


The Sun will transit in the 6th house which produces a negative effect on your marriage, your spouse can behave aggressively in this transit. The native should spend wisely and keep a check on the daily expenses otherwise he/she can suffer from an economic crunch. If any legal case is still pending then the results of the case will come in the native’s favor. The students who were preparing for some competitive exams will get passed with flying colors.

Remedy: Feed Wheat and Jaggery to an Ox on Sunday for desired results.

This Sun transit will affect all the zodiac signs but necessary precautions can be taken to reduce the Sun transit 2019 effects. Sometimes the effects of some transits might felt after a long time, but if a proper Astrology Consultation is taken on time, these adverse effects could be treated with astrological remedies. You can talk to our panel of world-famous astrologers’ for getting 100% assurance regarding these remedies. Talk to an Astrologer Online and get 5 minutes extra talk time added in your consultation time, automatically.

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