Sun Transit in Gemini from 15th June to 17th July 2019

By: Future Point | 08-Jun-2019
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Sun Transit in Gemini from 15th June to 17th July 2019

Know how the 'King of Planets' will affect you while being in an 'Airy' Sign!

Sun as we all know is the 'King of all Planets' as per the sacred & predictive science of Vedic Astrology. Sun signifies Government, Authority, Power, Wealth Fame, Position and Heart, to name a few. When it comes to revealing the social life or eventual standing of a person in the world at large, the positioning of Sun in the horoscope of that person is thoroughly analyzed. Out of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac Belt, Sun governs the sign 'Leo'.

Although a positively positioned Sun is pivotal in shaping up the life of an individual, but in terms of its fundamental nature, since Sun is a 'Cruel Planet', therefore, its ill placement in the horoscope can tilt the fate of the individual to the negative side.

Hence, it is recommended to carefully decipher what Sun has in store for a native and how certain remedies that are specific to the problematic state of Sun, can result in success & bliss in life. However, the state of Sun is not just analyzed as per its positioning in the birth horoscope of a native, but by decoding the effects of Sun as per its movement in the transit as well!

Sun Transit in Gemini 2019

Sun will transit in the Airy sign of Gemini from 15th June to 17th July 2019 and the fact that makes this transit so powerful is the presence of Rahu in Gemini (It will remain there till September 2020), Mars in Gemini (Till 22nd June 2019) as well as Mercury in Gemini (Till 21st June 2019).

So basically, two planets will conjoin Sun for few days in its transit in Gemini and the 'naturally malefic' Rahu will anyways be conjoined with Sun for the entire period of Sun's transit in Gemini. This makes this period very intense and for some-dangerous as well.

So without any delay, let us look at the effects of Sun upon the people of all 12 Ascendant signs in its transit in Gemini from 15th June to 17th July 2019.


Sun will transit in the 3rd house of your horoscope which mainly signifies courage, struggles, communication skills, short travels and younger siblings. Your energy levels will increase and if you are a student, then this will be a favourable period for you with respect to your academic trajectory.

Those who are facing issues related to children, will see those issues getting resolved. You will find an increase in your courage and you will propel significant endeavours of your life towards completion. Exhausting short travels might be there but they will prove to be beneficial in the end. This transit is particularly good for people who are doing a job or are students.

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Sun will transit in the 2nd house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Bank Balance, Speech, Family and Food Habits. Your eyes are at risk so take care of them. However when it comes to wealth, this transit will be beneficial for you provided you keep a check on what you speak. A bitter speech will do damage to your tasks at hand, so think well before you speak.

Family members will be listening to you and supporting you as long as you maintain the harmony factor with them. As a remedial measure, offer 'Arghya' to 'Surya Dev' during this transit.


Sun will transit in the 1st house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Self and Personality. The health of both you and your life-partner (if you are married) are at risk during this period. Frequent fevers or headaches might bother you.

Arguments with your life-partner and differences in opinions will lead to a disturbance in marital bliss. If you are in a business, then this is not a time to foray into new ventures and be careful if you are in a business partnership as equation with your business partner might deteriorate during this time.

As remedies, wear green coloured clothing as much as you can during this time and avoid the colour red, rather donate articles such as red lentils on Sundays.

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Sun will transit in the 12th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Expenditures, Hidden Enemies, Foreign Travels/Settlements, and Hospitalization. You need to be careful about your health as you might have to spend money on medicines.

Enemies will bother you during this time, so avoid any arguments with them as this period is not favourable for you to get into any confrontation with them. Avoid starting any new business endeavour during this time and take care of your eyes as well. As a remedial measure to counter problems, worship Lord Shiva wholeheartedly and chant 'Shiv Mantras'.


Sun will transit in the 11th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Gains, Income and Realization of Desires. Gains in income are clearly signified for you during this period and you might also earn through new means. Although this transit is very positive for income, it is negative for the health aspect of your life.

You might suffer from skin related problems and if you are heart patient, then you must take good care of your health during this time. Go for a routine health check up even if you feel alright. Students might loose focus in their studies and feel dejected by not getting academic results as per their expectations.

However, patience and hard work are the virtues that they need to focus on. As remedy, feed a Cow whenever you can (if not daily) and chant the mantra of 'Surya Dev'.


Sun will transit in the 10th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Career/Profession, Name, Fame and Position. You should not expect much positive from Sun in this transit as while there will be an increase in your fame or social recognition to some extent but overall this period will be average for your profession.

Avoid having an arguments at your workplace, especially with your seniors as you will be understood wrongly and your opinion might is likely to be taken as your disobedience and arrogance. Office politics is also something that you should completely stay away from.

If you have been planning to make a job switch, then wait for this transit of Sun in Gemini to get over before floating your resume in the corporate sector.


Sun will transit in the 9th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Fortune/Luck, Spirituality and Foreign Travels. This is going to be a fantastic period for you. There will be a significant increase in the luck factor of your life. Travels are very well on the cards during this time.

This transit is favourable for your spiritual growth and you will be more inclined towards holistic living during this time. You will witness success in the financial domain of your life and it is recommended that you make best use of this time for planning your future.


Sun will transit in the 8th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Age, Obstacles, Accidents, Sudden Gains/Losses and Inheritance. This will be a very negative period for you, make no mistake about that. Health is likely to get disturbed both visibly as well as with respect to some symptoms of ailment getting developed slowly that might bother you in the coming weeks.

So take thoroughly good care of your health. You might face multiple obstacles in your career and develop a professional bitterness with the higher authority at your workplace. If you are in business, then this is not a good period for you as there might be a deterioration in your relations with people that you deal with.

Do not start any new ventures or make big investments during this time. Exercise utmost caution while driving a vehicle and conducting day-to-day activities as chances of injuries are strong. Sundays and Tuesdays during this transit are not favourably for you in particular. As remedies, recite 'Hanuman Chalisa' or Bajrang Baan' and offer 'Arghya' to 'Surya Dev'.


Sun will transit in the 7th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Marriage, Life-Partner, Business and Partnership. This will be a positive period for you as far as luck is concerned. Luck will be on your side in your endeavours but Sun will negatively impact the health of your life-partner to a certain extent during this time. So be vigilant towards your spouse's health.

Also, relations with your life-partner might take a downward turn during this period due to some arguments or difference of opinions. However, if you try to take it as a passing phase and let go of unwanted bickerings, then things will work out in favour of your marital life, beautifully.

Your business is poised to do well during this time. Just be careful while making investments and do not take any decision in a hurry. You should handle matters of your marital domain with patience and maturity.


Sun will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope which mainly signifes Job, Competition, Enemies. Loan, Litigation and Ailments. This will be a good time for you when it comes to income/wealth, as Sun will form 'Vipreet Rajyog' in your horoscope.

However, if you have been suffering from some health related issue, then this transit might aggravate that health problem so, take care of your health. Here, Sun will make 'Shatru Hanta Yog' and if you are troubled with enemies, then this transit will get rid of those enemies. If you are involved in a legal battle, then you will see matters turning in your favour during this period.

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Sun will transit in the 5th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Intelligence, Children, Love and Speculation. Since Sun is a separative planet, your love relations are likely to get negatively impacted. Love birds will experience bitterness in relations and even separation if the misunderstandings among them are not dealt with properly and maturely.

However, you will witness handsome financial gains during this time. This period is good for you from an income point of view whether you are in business or pursuing a job. Students need to focus on studies and do not let their mind wander away from their priorities. As remedies, chant the mantra of 'Lord Ganesh' with utmost devotion along with maximizing the use of green clothes and minimizing the use of red ones.


Sun will transit in the 4th house of your horoscope which mainly signifies Mother, Property, Vehicle. Heart and Pleasantness. You must take good care of mother's health during this time as this is a turbulent period as far as her health is concerned. Furthermore, if you have a heart related health condition, then mind it, this transit is not at all favourable for you as well.

As remedial measures, strengthen the lord of your Ascendant which is Jupiter by chanting the mantra of 'Brihaspati' with absolute devotion and feed a Cow as frequently as you can. This was an overall predictive view about the effects of Sun Transit in Gemini upon natives of all 12 Ascendant Signs.

However, there are so many cosmic angles that are to be cumulatively explored to arrive at the most accurate prediction and the most effective remedies for an individual.

Therefore, we urge to contact Future Point to get your personal horoscope comprehensively analyzed along with the effects of transitory movements of planets upon it, to decode how destiny has shaped up your life and what remedial measures can you adopt to steer the course of your destiny towards success, wealth, bliss, love & prosperity!

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