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Dhumavati Jayanti

By: Future Point | 07-Jun-2019
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Dhumavati Jayanti

Dhumavati Jayanti is observed on the Shukla Paksha phase in Ashtami, Jayesha Month. On this day all the ten Mahavidyas are worshipped. According to a tradition, married women do not worship Goddess Dhumavati, they are only allowed to worship from far away. Worshipping her from far away will keep their family protected.

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Dhumavati Jayanti in 2019 will be celebrated on the 10th of June.

Goddess Dhumavati is the seventh embodiment of Goddess Durga (Shakti). Being the most enraged form of Goddess Shakti, she is also known as “Jyeshtha Nakshatra”.

Dhuma signifies “smoke” and Vati means “being that”. Dhumavati is the one who is composed of smoke. She is also known as the smoky form of Goddess Parvati. She represents the negative aspects of life i.e the flaws, sadness, sorrows, disgrace, defeat, loss, disappointment, rejection and loneliness.

The Goddess Dhumavati is worshipped for overcoming sadness, sorrow, depression, tragedy, disease, poverty and to eliminate the evil impact of Ketu from one’s horoscope.

She is worshipped for all-around success and spiritual upliftment. Goddess Dhumavati is worshipped in order to get protection from evil eyes and negativity.

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The Appearance Of Goddess Dhumavati

Goddess Dhumavati is picturized as an old-aged woman wearing white clothes. Her chariot has a flag with the picture of a crow. She holds a razor-sharp weapon in her hand which has a lot of power.

Legend of Dhumavati Jayanti

The story is related to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati(Shakti). Once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva for food as she was really hungry. Lord Shiva asked for some time to arrange for the food. He asked some time from her to get her food. Time was passing but he was not able to arrange for food and Goddess was really upset as she was starving. When she couldn’t bear the hunger she became really angry, infuriated and fuming that she gulped Lord Shiva. Because of the poison present in Lord Shiva’s throat, she couldn’t handle it and was really uneasy.

A lot of fire and heat is produced by them. Her mouth exhaled a lot of fumes, smoke, and dust. Lord Shiva cursed that she would be worshipped in this avatar because of her actions, from then on she started to be called as Dhumavati. She is worshipped as a widow because of the curse of Lord Shiva as she gulped him down.

On the day of the Dhumavati Jayanti, Goddess Dhumavati is worshipped by devotees. Devotees also worship Lord Shiva on this day.

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She is also referred to as ‘Kalahpriya’ for offering the solutions for this world’s Kalah (problems). It is believed that even a glimpse of Goddess Dhumavati on the day of Dhumavati Jayanti, showers divine blessings on the observer.

Mantra for worshipping Goddess Dhoomavati is

  • ॐ धूं धूं धूमावत्यै फट्।।
  • धूं धूं धूमावती ठ: ठ:।
  • धूम्रा मतिव सतिव पूर्णात सा सायुग्मे।
  • सौभाग्यदात्री सदैव करुणामयि:।।
  • ॐ धूं धूं धूमावती देव्यै स्वाहा॥

Rituals for Dhumavati Jayanti

There are certain rituals which are expected to be followed on the day of Dhumavati Jayanti, they are as follows :

  • A person needs to wake up before the sunrise and needs to worship the Goddess with the help of incense sticks, dhoop, and flowers.
  • The pooja must be performed in an isolated place. The place should be decorated and then the pooja should be performed.
  • On this day, Devi is dedicated sesame seeds covered in a black cloth. It is believed that by doing do devotees get whatever they want.
  • A special prasad must be prepared for the pooja.
  • The mantra must be chanted for either 108 times, 21 times or 51 times with the help of rudraksha mala.
  • After the aarti is done, the whole family should distribute the Prasad to anyone who is present around them.

Dasha Mahavidya Puja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals.

Importance of Dhumavati Jayanti

According to the Hindu Mythology Dhoomavati is associated with all the inauspicious things. Goddess Dhumavati is worshipped to stay away from all the negative things of life. Though she is associated with the inauspicious things, she always blesses her worshipper with success and prosperity and keeps them away from all kinds of negativity. Worshipping Dhumavati Jayanti will bestow you with a lot of things. Some of them are:

  • It protects you from enemies, misfortunes and malefic energies.
  • It acts as a shield from the black eye and other negative energies.
  • It brings great fortune and helps one to fulfill his/her desire.
  • It removes all types of obstacles from your life.
  • It removes all types of hindrances on your path to success.
  • It helps in spiritual upliftment and ultimate knowledge.
  • It helps to knock out the evil impact of Ketu from one’s birth chart.
  • Goddess Dhumavati is considered as the destroyer of all evils, sins, demons, negatives, and wrongs.

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