SOM PRADOSH on 22-10-18

By: Acharya Aaditya | 22-Oct-2018
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SOM PRADOSH on 22-10-18

The word Som is synonymous for Moon and Pradosh happens to be the thirteenth tithi of the lunar month that is dedicated to Shiva Pooja. The Pradosh falling on a Monday has special significance and it is known to deliver an individual from complex situations and problems in life.

Astrologically speaking, placement of Moon in Scorpio, Moon in paap kartari, Moon with Rahu, Moon with Ketu, Moon with Saturn in the birth horoscope signifies afflictions to Moon and any attempt to strengthen on the day of Som Pradosh is always fruitful.

Moon signifies mind and Mother in Astrology so worship/remedies during this day brings relief to one’ own mind as well as comfort for Mother. Currently individuals born under Moon Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn signs are observing their Sade Sati so it is very important for them to gain some relief by observing some worship on this day.

Moon would be placed in Pisces during this day and it would be very favourably aspected by Jupiter in Scorpio thereby enhancing the results of worship significantly. Som Pradosh is not a very often phenomenon and it happens only twice or thrice during the year so it should be treated with special importance by practising the following worship/remedies:

Consult an astrologer for facts about Manglik Dosha that you probably don’t know!

  • Offer milk mixed with kala til to Shivling and chant Maha Mritjunjaya mantra.
  • Donate white coloured food items like milk, sugar, bread, curd in a temple or Gurudwara.
  • Offering milk to a Peepal tree is also very rewarding in nature.
  • Reciting and listening to Som Pradosh Katha is very rewarding.
  • Recite Shri Mrityunjaya Stotra to ward off all fear of death and gain health.
  • Reciting Chandra Mantra “ OM SHRAM SHREEM SHROM SA CHANDRAMASE NAMAH” is also very rewarding in nature.
  • Performing a Nav greh shanti hawan is also very beneficial.
  • Taking a dip in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari etc is very beneficial.

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