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Sharad Navratri Ghatasthapana 2022

By: Future Point | 15-Sep-2022
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Sharad Navratri Ghatasthapana 2022

Sharad Navratri is one of the widely famous religious festivals in India. It is a 9 days long festival and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Sharad Navratri Ghatsthapna is the most significant aspect of the festival. 

It is believed that Ghatsthapna brings power, stability, wealth and prosperity in the life of the native. The Navratri festival involves worshipping 9 avatars of Maa Durga whereby each of the 9 days is dedicated to these various 9 avatars. 

The most significant festival of Shardiya Navratri is all set to begin from September 26, 2022 with Ghatasthapana 2022 and will end with Durga Visarjan or Vijayadashami /Dussehra celebration on October 5, 2022. People perform Durga Sapatasati puja to get blessings, positivity and power of Maa Durga. She depicts shakti and devotees ask for it to achieve desired goals in life.   

There is a lot of religious significance attached to it and people follow the rituals with strong devotion and faith. The days are known to remove miseries and troubles in life. 

There are many instances where people got rid of misfortunes in life with showing great reverence to Goddess Durga. It also has astrological significance which helps in removing the negative effects and dosha in the kundli.

Astrological significance of Navratri

In Astrology, Goddess Durga is known to eradicate the ill effects of the sinful planet Rahu. The shadow planet Rahu is responsible for bringing illusions, suddenness, rigidity, fake and falsehood in our lives. it is the most diplomatic planet and it is very difficult to identify its results in life as it is highly transformative in nature. By worshipping Maa Durga, one may safeguard himself against its ill effects in life. Rahu is responsible for the biggest miseries in the birth chart and worshipping Durga Maa is the most effective remedy to remove its negative effects. Book online puja with Future Point to get the full benefits of the puja as performed while complying with necessary rituals and traditions. The puja is performed by experienced and knowledgeable pandit ji.

Moreover, there are auspicious 9 colors to be prescribed for each of the Navaratri day and if the worshipper wears these specified colors, there are more chances of gaining benevolence of Maa Durga. To know about these auspicious colors read Navratri 2022 – Auspicious Dates, Colors & Rituals” and fill your life with prosperity while letting your luck shine bright.

Apart from this, the Ghatsthapana 2022 ensures permanence of grace of all nine planets in your surroundings. In astrology, we often aim at getting the grace of planets. It is done automatically with the ghatsthapana in your house. Let’s understand the significance and rituals related to Ghatsthapana this year.

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What Shardiya Navratri is so different this year?

Before we move forward about knowing everything related to Ghatsthapana, it is important to know that Shardiya Navratri 2022 is very special. This year Goddess Durga will come riding an elephant.

The elephant is considered the most auspicious signification of the Goddess to bring grandeur to life. Moreover, elephant also has an association with Rahu. It is suggested that the person afflicted with the severe negative effects of Rahu should keep silver made elephant with him.

Thus, the year will definitely bring end to all miseries and illusions in life. rahu seems to clutch the native in its illusionary atmosphere where the native can’t help but to get deeper and deeper into its materialistic trap. Thus it is important to get rid of the planet in time else you can’t help but to follow the path of bad karmas which further opens the way for bad luck!     

What are the shubh muhurata, significance and vidhi of Ghatsthapana?

In Hindu rituals, the ghatsthapana or establishing a mangal kalasha has its own significance. Every puja or auspicious task usually begins with Ghatsthapana. When Ghatsthapana is the first step towards all kind of auspicious activities then how the most auspicious religious festival of Navratri can be imagined without Ghatsthapana? 

It is firmly believed that Ghatasthapana attracts power, strength and energy in the worshipper’s life. According to our ancient scriptures, there are well-defined guidelines and method to perform Ghatasthapana for any auspicious occeasion. Another important thing is that the Ghatsthapana shoul be done within specified shubha muhurata. The timings is very important as it is believed that anything done within the stipulated auspicious time period bounds to bring good results in life.

Anything done in the inauspicious time period attracts bad luck and miseries in life. Especially, one should be extra careful while performing Ghatsthapana for Navratri 2022 else it may invite wrath of Goddess Durga.

The most auspicious and best prescribed and shubh muhurata for Ghatasthapana is the first 6 hours after sunrise on the first day when the Pratipada tithi is still prevailing. After that the tithi will change. It is very important to perform the ritual within the 6 hours while avoiding Rahu kaal.

One may take references from the panchang to avoid rahu kaal that day. Usually on Mondays, it is in early morning hours. One may plan the sthapana while keeping this negative period in mind.

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Things to keep in mind in Ghatsthapana 2022

The initiation of the 9 day long festival is marked with the establishment of mangal kalasha or Ghatasthapana in the house. The kalasha should be made of copper, bronze, brass or silver or an earthern kalasha will also do but it should not be made of steel or plastic. The devotees tie a sacred red thread around the neck of the kalasha and fill it with layers of soil and put grains inside it.

A brown coconut with its husk and mango leaves is kept at the top of the pot. People also put haldi, Kumkum and Chandan at the surface. Make swastika at the surface using any of these three or you may mix them for better results. Put some coins, sprinkle water, offer fresh flowers and a red chunri at the kalasha. This way you have invoked all the 9 planets to come and bless you with their good effects. 

People observe fasts for 9 days where they eat completely sattvik food only once a day. However, fruits can be eaten the whole day. Fasting helps in cleansing you within while keeping your devotions firmly in the deity so worshipped. It is often believed that you are what you eat!

Shubh muhurat for Ghatsthapana

The shubh muhurat of Ghatasthapana on the first day of Navratri i.e. 26th September is from 6:05 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. while this is the best time, it may be stretched till 11:30 a.m. but efeforts should b done to comply with the best prescribed period.

Navratri calendar: Durga Ashtami and Maha Navami

According to Hindu panchang, Navratri will begin from Sep. 26 i.e. Monday and will end on October 5 i.e. Wednesday. Durga Ashtami will be observed on October 3rd and Maha Navami will be observed on 4th October 2022.

Navratri calendar

The details of Navratri 2022 nine days-

Day 1/ tithi pratipada (Sep. 26): Ghatasthapana, Maa Shailputri 

Day 2/ tithi dwitiya (Sep. 27): Maa Brahmacharini Devi 

Day 3/ tithi tritiya (Sep. 28): Goddess Chandraghanta 

Day 4/ tithi chaturthi (Sep. 29): Maa Kushmanda 

Day 5/ tithi panchami (Sep. 30): Maa Skandhamata 

Day 6/ tithi shashti (October 1): Maa Katyayani devi

Day 7/ tithi saptami (October 2): Maa Kalratri devi

Day 8/ tithi ashtami (October 3): Durga Ashtami, Maa Mahagauri

Day 9/ tithi navami (October 4): Mahanavami, Maa Siddhidhatri

Day 10/ tithi dashmi (October 5): Durga Visarjan, Dussehra

To sum up

The navratri days are usually celebrated four times in a year falling in various seasons. The Shardiya Navratri falls in autumn season and has great significance and reverence. The auspicious days should be followed religiously to get the blessings of Godedss Durga. This helps in getting rid of several kundli dosha and negative yogas in the kundli as well. The 9 days puja as dedicated to various forms of Maa Durga will not only help in realizing materialistic gains but also the spiritual enhancement. The days affirm transfusion of shakti or power within the worshippers.

If you want to make the most of sharad navratri 2022, talk to Future Point astrologers right away.

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