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Saturn Sade Sati Remedies and how to reduce shani effects to make happy life

By: Future Point | 20-Aug-2018
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Saturn Sade Sati Remedies and how to reduce shani effects to make happy life

Sade Sati Remedies: In Indian Vedic astrology, amongst the nine planets, Saturn or Shani Devi is considered as the most important and the strongest planet. Lord Saturn or shani dev is the watch man of one’s conscious. Hence, Shani dev is the perfect judge of one’s karma, in other words; good and bad deeds. Hence when every we hear of Saturn’s transit, there is a general fear in our mind as the outcome is considered dreadful.

Some fear that lord Saturn or Shani dev would bring hurdles and difficulties during his transit. Which is not true. Lord Saturn is certainly stern and strict to punish, but he is not a symbol of hurdies and difficulties. Yes! he is impartial, therefore as mentioned earlier, he is the best judge of one’s karma, he would reward or punish according to one’s deed. Irrespective of cast, creed, colour, sex, social status etc., for him it is only karma that matters and nothing else.

Therefore, one of the first step to be followed as remedies to reduce Shani Dev’s negative effects, is to improve one’s karma. Since good karma will form the bed rock to lead a happy life by the grace of lord Saturn.

In fact, many good occasions in one’s life such as good health, acquiring wealth, getting a good job, marriage and progeny, foreign settlement, purchasing a property etc., do happen during the transit of lord Saturn. Also, it is lord Saturn who would lead to salvation or Moksha if the deeds of an individual are good. Therefore, readers are requested to keep in their mind, that with the grace of lord Saturn one can be out of problems, hurdles, sorrows and obstruction in one’s life.

If the reverse is seen in a native’s conduct, then lord Saturn will be ruthless and shall not hesitate to punish the native, depending upon what they deserve. Hence, during Saturn’s sade sathi (7.5 years transit of lord Saturn), remedies are recommended if a learnt and expert astrologer finds a short fall in good karma.

Now, the sade sathi of lord Saturn’s transit is split into Dahiya’s ; which is 2.5 years transit over each zodiac sign. So, presently Saturn is in Sagittarius moon sign or Dhanu rashi and the sade sathi of Sagittarius moon sign started when lord Saturn entered Scorpio Moon sign or Vrischika rashi in November 2014. The sade sathi of Sagittarius moon sign will end, when Saturn would move away from Capricorn moon sign in the year 2022. Now, considering the forward and retrograde motion, if one would reckon the average would be 7.5 years transit of lord Saturn.

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As mentioned earlier, lord Saturn would reward those with good deeds, so let us understand how can one improve their deeds. One of the easiest way is to follow good deeds through spiritual life. If a native is god fearing and follows the rightest actions in their life, then lord Saturn would turn favourable to them. In fact, one should know their dharma (morally correct values) which will lead to good karma. Mere practice of karma without the knowledge of one’s dharma is meaningless. Therefore, to know the true moral values one of the best way to be spiritual in life. Lord Saturn believes to respect and reward people with good moral values.

Along with spiritual values, one can follow some of the following Saturn remedies during their Sade Sathi.

  • Visit Lord Shiva temple every Mondays. Since Lord Saturn himself is an ardent devotee of lord Shiva, he believes in protecting those who follow and worship lord Shiva.
  • A native can also visit Saturn or lord Hanuman’s temple every Saturday. Visit lord Saturn itself is a sign that a native is willing to follow spiritual life and hence gets graced. And for lord Hanuman’ temple the mythologies say that lord Saturn promised the former, that he would not test his disciples without any cause.
  • Put on an iron ring in the middle finger.
  • After taking advice from an astrologer, you can put on Nilam gemstone in a finger ring. This will increase the benefits of Saturn.
  • Put oil and sindoor on Lord Hanuman's idol on Saturdays and pray to Shanidev.

Other than these methods, one can also chant the following two shlokas in praise of lord Saturn.

The First Shloka is.

  • || ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ||

The second Shloka:

  • नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम।
  • छाया मार्तण्डसम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्।।

With some of these remedies, lord Saturn’s bad effects are reduced considerably.

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