Top 7 Most Popular Kundali Reports in Hindi and English

By: Future Point | 20-Aug-2018
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Top 7 Most Popular Kundali Reports in Hindi and English

While many offer Horoscope by date of birth or Kundali online these days, but getting those charts decoded and getting accurate predictions along with efficient remedies is something very rare.

If you are looking for genuine astrology services to consult and get remedies for all your problems, we have the perfectly structured solutions for you!

Future Point offers multiple carefully prepared Kundali Reports both in Hindi & English, that aim at providing pin pointed & focussed analysis and solutions to all your problems.

Top Seven such Kundali Reports are:

Basic Horoscope

  • Helps you in getting your Natal Horoscope instantly.
  • All you have to do is fill your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

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Bhrigu Patrika

  • This offering of ours is the highest in demand & if you are someone who wants the whole deal, then this is what you need!
  • Bhrigu Samhita is branch of Indian astrology which was discovered by "Sage Bhrigu", thousands of years ago.
  • Bhrigu Samhita Astrological Software assures that the individual gets the right source of prediction from knowledgeable astrologers having astounding knowledge of the divine Bhrigu Samhita.

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Varsh Details

  • This Varshaphal report or Yearly Report, is a comprehensive report with detailed predictions.
  • This is around 30-31 page report which gives the Varshphal Calculations & Predictions for a specific year. This type of Varshaphal can be cast for any specific year.
  • The predictions are not done independently on the basis of Varshaphal chart but works as an aid to natal chart, dasha and transit.

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Janam Kundli

  • Janam Kundali is an extensive report in view of the birth chart which is already applying your own personal elements like name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.
  • It is a complete Life Report created by your Natal Details.
  • It will help express all about your horoscope and forecast the future.
  • It is very beneficial to unwrap ones hidden potentials.
  • Its based on planetary exploration as per the date of birth!
  • In order to calculate the accurate Janam Kundli the person should have the exact birth data.


Janam Kundli PLUS

  • Janam Kundli Plus is one of the most popular models of astrological calculations which contains all essential remedies.
  • The calculations of different types of Dashas are beneficial to know about the timing of events from different Dasha systems and angles.
  • It helps the astrologer to get an idea about native’s past and make predictions about future.

Kundli Phal

  • Kundali Phal is a small model of prediction.
  • It is a 70 page long report of astrological calculations.
  • It is a wonderful guide that provides you with planet reading, house transit, yearly prediction for five years and dasha analysis that's also for five years.
  • Predictions in newspapers and magazines are not individual forecasts, They are in general forecasts which apply to all (or may be none, actually).
  • But when it comes to Kundali Phal, one can totally depend on its accuracy as it calculated based on the individual's date of birth and time.


Kundli Darpan

  • Darpan means a mirror.
  • Kundli Darpan is a complete 110 page report of numerology predictions and astrology calculations along with all the essential remedies.
  • The online kundali report contains five year transit predictions with five year darpan phal.
  • These Kundali Darpan predictions help you with daily, monthly as well as yearly forecasts.
  • These predictions are careful studies of your houses, planet conjunctions, and movement of planets which is presented in the form of a detailed report.
  • Rather than wasting time on researching for a confident source of astrology, you can now be confidently depend on the horoscope analysis of Kundli Darpan.
  • The report supports you with important events, lucky color, lucky day, lucky substitute stones and extensive details that can help you manage the day.
  • The report predicts the future in various sections like health, finance, love and relationship, personality and character report etc.
  • The report carefully calculates the strength and weakness of different planets in one’s birth chart. Then after thorough and careful analysis of malefic and benefic effect of planets in the client's horoscope, suitable astrological remedies are given out.


As described in the list of our seven offerings above, we practically provide solutions to enhance the quality of every aspect of your life by suggesting you incredibly powerful and efficient remedial measures to remove the hurdles beforehand that are signified to appear in the future. So, without further ado get the type of report that you require having your comprehensively analyzed and decoded Kundali in Hindi or in English depending on your language preference!

Note: Apart from this, if you are looking for Kundli matching or Janam Kundali matching in order to get a perfect marriage horoscope, then our highly experienced astrologers perform the age-old process of Kundli milan in Hindi and include the same in their report to give you an exact picture of where the compatibility factor between the two individuals planning to tie the knot, lies.

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