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Remove evil eye with Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 13-Apr-2019
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Evil’s eye is something that’s known to get a lot of people in trouble over the years. Many times the problems caused by evil eye are pretty severe as well. It’s like evil eye invites the troubles into the native's life. The calmness of mind and body gets hit by the evil eye that’s transferred by someone who wishes ill. Some evil eye remedies are known to be pretty effective in terms of curing it on a huge scale.

The positive energy responsible for keeping a person determined and focused is taken away from him/her if they get affected by evil’s eye. Evil’s eye is also known as Nazar Lagana in Hindi. When curiously though upon, the evil eye is transferred upon way too easily than its removal process. When one gets affected by the evil eye it is indecipherable at first, but with time the native would start showing symptoms.

To remove evil eye is a tough cookie, but with the help of Vedic Astrology, one can try and live a happy life by alleviating the curse of the evil eye. There are several antidotes available in Indian Astrology which have been believed to relieve one of their curse.

Here are some astrology remedies as per a famous astrologer in Delhi NCR:

1. The native should wear Nazar Raksha Kavach in order to protect himself/herself from the negative effects that arise from the evil eye and people that want to hurt you. This is one of the best measures one can practice as per the predictions by best Astrologer in India.

2. Take two hot red dry chillies and a little salt, and sesame seeds. Keep it in your palm and with a closed fist, spin the contents over the affected person’s head. After this burn the contents over a flame. This remedy has been believed to work miraculously well in the past ages. It works brilliantly well for the evil eye and the malicious effect it has on one’s body.

3. If you believe that your workplace is affected by someone’s malicious intent, the best remedy for you is to work with lemon! On a Saturday, the native is supposed to take a lemon and grace it on the wall surface of the entire office. When this is done, cut the lemon into 4 parts and then throw it off in the four directions of your office or workplace. There are many astrological benefits of this particular remedy. It is believed that the pieces of lemon are potent enough to suck off the bad vibes of the area and curate it well for a productive environment.

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4. The native should wear his/her lucky gemstone, which will not only help them with the evil eye but also help you with other aspects of life as well. There are many fake sellers out there so it's important to make sure you buy one from an authentic seller no matter what. Gemstones have been considered as a remedy since time immemorial.

5. To avoid any bad eye from your business rivals one must place a lemon in a glass full of water in the establishment. This little step works great for many people as it looks great and does its work as well. The lemon in the water trick can also work at your home or any other place where you fear someone might be eyeing your fortune. This remedy is not straight in the face remedy and will help you out by being in the unknown.

6. Keeping an iron clip or any other iron item under your pillow, it makes the evil eye’s effects a lot lighter. Keeping an iron item under your pillow also helps you get rid of those bad dreams that you might get due to evil’s eye. This remedy also works for infants and toddlers who recurrently face bad dreams. Place an iron item beneath their mattress and you will see that their bad dreams would vanish.

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The evil eye has an adverse effect directly on your brain and it changes the way you would react to situations. One may feel lazy and undetermined to work hard. Other than those points, one might also stay depressed and stressed out most of the times and when asked upon they might not know the real reason too! Get your Janam Kundali and horoscope reading done from a well-known astrologer in order to remain tension free from all the side effects of evil’s eye.

It's important to know all the above-listed points in order to protect oneself and live a life that is hassle-free. The native can also go on to perform different kinds of Pujas when things start going from worse to worst. It's better to be well prepared beforehand rather than wait for the worst to happen. Its commonly practised by many people on a regular basis and is quite effective too. With Astrology working in cahoots with the best of remedies and solutions, one can easily get rid of Evil Eye in no time!