Astrology & your Mental Health: Why it is important

By: Future Point | 30-Mar-2019
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Astrology & your Mental Health: Why it is important

Our Horoscope ties every facet of our lives together in one single string, thus making it a strong blueprint of every little problem that we might face in our lives. Mental Health might have always had the backseat when it comes to discussing health, but with changing times- it has come to the fore. And rightly so, our mind plays the most important part of our body so taking utmost care of it must be our top priority. Vedic Astrology and Mental Health have strong allies that bond them together, thus it makes it pretty easy for the astrologer to get to the root of the problem and suggest a remedy for it.

Each planet and the house they inhibit signify certain troubles or good forebodings. Through Astrology and Kundli Predictions, it has become quite easy to decipher these planetary positions and their true meaning with respect to the life of the native. In the growing years of the child, it is highly important for the parents to know their child’s horoscope and what planetary alignments are present to prepare them for the future. To know your child’s future and if they might have any ailments predicted in their kundli, you can take the help of Baby Horoscope.

The major planets which signify mental health are Moon, Mercury, Sun, and Venus. Moon represents the mind, Mercury represents the thought or brain, Sun represents the soul, and Venus represents love 7 beauty which when in malefic circumstances can change the desires and create inhibitions or fears in mind.

A Health Astrology Report can also shed light on all these 4 planets and explain if and when you might face any health issue. In Vedic Astrology, there are certain pointers mentioned which specifically point to Mental Disorders. These are dependent on the houses of the birth chart, along with the sign they represent and the planet posited in it.

Role of Planet Mercury in Mental Health

Planet Mercury or ‘Buddh’ in Vedic Astrology signifies the mind and the calibre of the native to perform. It rules over the mental stimulation part and also controls the nervous system and respiratory system in the body. If Mercury is strong in the Horoscope, a native can experience excellent thinking and creativity. He/she might be able to balance things well.

If the Mercury present in Kundli is afflicted by any malefic planet then the native might suffer from nervousness, depression, and fickle-mindedness. In case of a weak Mercury in Kundli, the native will have troubles related to their mind and might get moody or have an erratic behaviour during the Mahadasha or Antardasha of the planet.

If Mercury is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in the Kundli of the native, or is aspected or associated with any malefic planet like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu- then it gets obvious to the Astrologer that he/she might suffer from mental disorders.

When Mercury is afflicted by a malefic planet, the problems that correlate to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), severe anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), or phobia. It affects their daily lives and hampers their mental growth along with the proper functioning of the brain.

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Role of Planet Moon in Mental Health

The imaginative part or the creative part of the brain which does most of the thinking and processing is represented by Moon. A strong Moon in one’s Health Horoscope means more mental development of the native. This means that the mind of the native will be sharp and he/she might have an intuitive streak about them. If the Moon in one’s horoscope is afflicted, the native might suffer from depression and anxiety.

If the Moon in Kundli is at a weak spot, the native will face troubles related to their mental health when a mahadasha or antardasha is going of the said planet. In case any malefic planets aspect the Moon placed in your horoscope or Moon is posited in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, it can be expected that the native will have a hard time focussing. The might also face some mental troubles.

When Moon is weak in a native’s horoscope, it represents bad conditions while in the growing stages of life. By getting a Personal Health Horoscope you can be assured about the position of Moon.

In the situation of Moon afflicted by Saturn, the thoughts of depression become frequent and the native might face acute gloom in his/her life.

Planet Moon, when afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu, will lower the confidence level of the individual. Not just that, it can cause severe inferiority complex in the individual, along with low self-esteem and a delirious state of mind.

Moon when in cahoots with Rahu creates a state of unrest. The native might hallucinate and develop phobias. Moon with Mars increases all of these to another level and makes the individual’s mind dream of all vivid scenarios and have incoherent thoughts.


Role of Planet Venus in Mental Health

Venus is the planet of love and desires. It’s the significator of instincts and desires when one is in love, which when unfulfilled or unsatisfied leads the native to go berserk sometimes. Astrology and mental disorders play a big role here due to the outburst that happens in a native when it is in the 5th house.

Despite the belief that Venus might not have a major role to play here, the planet actually controls the mind and body both. Our deepest desires have a way to come out through the energy of Venus. When Venus is afflicted it can create a weird state of mind where the native might not feel like indulging in any conversation whatsoever.

Anger outburst will be a common happening for people with an afflicted Venus. However, these people might be good at keeping up with appearances. The might not showcase their anxieties and outpour their anger in public, but their private lives might have these instances. A kundli with Health Predictions can shed some light on it and prepare the native for situations like these.

Astrological Remedies to curb Mental Disorders

  • Specific gems or yantras could be suggested by an Astrologer to strengthen the position of the weak planet.
  • A Nav Graha Puja could be performed to pacify all 9 planets of the Horoscope.
  • Wear Moon Yantra or the gemstone for Moon.
  • Consult a Professional Astrologer for a specific remedy, or Talk to Astrologer on Phone and share your problem in detail.

Mental Disorder is not something to be taken lightly or made fun of. Despite popular belief of calling some of them minor or ‘not a big deal’ takes a huge toll on the person going through it. Having no control over one’s own mind or sharing the thought that some problems are minor when compared to the others only takes away the seriousness of this subject. Phobia, Mania, Schizophrenia, Dementia, Anxiety, Depression- all seem like words to a layman but have a deeper meaning for the ones fighting through it. If not treated on time, these can wreak havoc on people’s minds and ultimately their bodies. You can generate your Health Kundli Online to know the exact cause of your problems, because at the end of the day- prevention is better than cure!

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