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Planetary Remedies for a Weak Sun in Kundali

By: Future Point | 31-Aug-2019
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Sun holds the most important part of Vedic Astrology as the power of the sun in astrology affects a lot of things. As it is positioned in the center of all the planets, it is also known as the King of all the Planets. It signifies Aarogya which mainly stands for good health. It helps to bless one with a quality to lead, desire to be famous, and popular. It also helps bestow one with an ambitious and optimistic approach to life which helps them to face life head-on.

If the Planet Sun is ill-positioned or is placed in any of the malefic houses in the Kundali, such as the Sixth or the Eighth or the Twelfth house, it is considered to be weak.

The conjunction of Sun with malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu or its debilitation with Libra in any birth chart or natal chart or Horoscope will cause a lot of problems and issues in an individual's life. He/she must perform the planetary remedies to strengthen the Sun and reduce all the ill effects and malefic effects of it.

Effects of A Weak Sun

When the sun is ill-positioned or is in conjunction with any of the malefic planets, it is considered to be weak. A weak sun may cause the following problems in one’s life:

Unhealthy Relationship with Parents: A weakened sun indicates a strained relationship between a native and his parents. There might be conflicts and disagreements between them. There is also a possibility that the native will be stressed regarding the health of their parents.

A threat to Reputation: The ill positioning of the sun, in any person’s birth chart can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of the native. Uncalled controversies involving the name of the native might turn up and that may further lead to the loss of reputation, name, fame, and status in the society or workplace.

Impasse Success on Professional Front: The career of the native might get stuck in one place, creating dead ends and achieving success would become tough. The careers of people related to the political or government sector are expected to get hampered for a certain period.

Poor Support from the Authorities: The presence of an ill-placed Sun in the native’s birth chart will cause the person to get fewer favors and support from their respective higher authorities. This will become an obstacle in getting any of the work done for the person.

Planetary Remedies for Malefic Sun in Kundali

Here are some of the Vedic Astrological remedies for a weak Sun in Kundali:

Graha Shanti of Surya Planet
For the Graha Shanti of the Surya Planet, the native needs to chant the Surya Bija Mantra for about 7000 times in the morning, after taking a bath and before having any breakfast. A person is required to sit on a mat on the floor and meditate to the sun with full devotion while chanting the holy mantra.

Bija Mantra

“Om Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suryaye Namah”

It is recommended that this remedy must be performed on a Sunday, as Sunday is considered as the day of Sun. It must be kept in the notice of a person that, completing the “Mantra Jaap” 7000 times, will almost consume the whole day, so a person must try and finish the maximum number of Jaap's in a single seating.

Donating something to an orphanage or an old age home on Sundays, after completing the following remedy is considered highly auspicious.

Aushadhi Snana ( Ayurvedic Bath) to Strengthen Sun

It is recommended for a person to take an Aushadhi Snana with water infused with Manahshila, Elaichi (Green Cardamoms), Deodar or Cedar leaves, Saffron, Khus, Sandalwood, and Gangajal. This will help them to reduce the malefic effect of a weak or malefic sun in the life of the native, and it will also help to energize the positive energy around them. The native is required to take this Ayurvedic bath for a minimum of 5 times. It is suggested to have this bath on Sunday.

Performing Surya Namaskaram

A person with the weak or malefic sun is advised to offer water to the Sun Lord, early in the morning, after having a bath. This sacred process must be done with an empty stomach and in some clean place. Offering water mixed with Vermillion( Sindoor or Roli) is considered highly auspicious. Praying to Lord Sun while offering water will grant you peace of mind, health, happiness, wealth, and prosperity in life. This practice is a great tool for pleasing Sun and removing the malefic effects of it.

Some of the other Lal Kitab Remedies for weak sun are:

  • A weak or malefic Sun in your natal chart then one must always have a glass of water with sugar before commencing any new project or before leaving home.
  • The best remedy for strengthening the Sun is that one should always avoid the consumption of any kind of meat as far as possible.
  • Following a Vegetarian diet, one would tranquilize the malefic Sun in the horoscope.
  • If a person provides medicines to the poor and needy people, it is said that it will help in curing the malefic sun.
  • Offering a copper coin in a river or canal consecutively for 43 days is highly beneficial for you.
  • Red ruby gemstone for the weak sun is the best remedy, as it is considered as the best Gemstone for weak sun.

Following the stated remedies would help a person to be free from all the malefic effects of the weak sun. If one is still not able to get rid of the effects of the sun, he/she must Talk to an Astrologer on Phone. An Astrologers advice will help you to get free from all sorts of problems and issues.

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