Phulera Dooj in 2019 (8 March)

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Phulera Dooj in 2019 (8 March)

We are past Basant Panchami and the season has already started to change. So now what? Well, gear up for some blooming celebrations on the auspicious festival of Phulera Dooj which is on the 8th March 2019.

Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj is an auspicious festive occasion celebrated with an unparalleled enthusiasm in North India. Phulera Dooj is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is celebrated by devotees with great fervour. Phulera means 'Phool' or flowers and this is what this festival is closely associated with. The word 'Dooj' means second date and Phulera Dooj occurs on the Dwitiya Tithi (Second Date) of the Shukla Paksha (Waning Phase of Moon) in the month of Phalguna.

How Phulera Dooj came into existence?

When Lord Krishna incarnated, He used to start the upcoming festivities of Holi at Phulera Dooj by playing with flowers before playing Holi with colours.

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How is Phulera Dooj Celebrated?

Following the tradition, devotees throng Krishna temples on this day to play Holi with flowers with the Deity. Temples across North India, especially in the regions of Mathura and Vrindavan are beautifully decorated and devotees decorate the idol of Lord Krishna in their homes as well.

Krishna idols adorn beautiful flowers which shows the devotee's emotions of playing Holi with Lord Krishna and that too using flowers. A Puja or a worship is performed wherein fragrant incenses are lit and herbal colours are applied on the idol of Lord Krishna.

In many temples, especially the ones in the Braj region, Lord Krishna's idol is placed under a 'Mandap' (a dedicated & decorated place of performing a ritual) and He is dressed in white clothes with a piece of cloth containing 'Gulal' (Herbal Colour) tied to His waist.

This signifies that Lord Krishna is getting ready to for the upcoming festival of colours- Holi! Devotees truly cherish this divine & utmost beautiful sight. Post this ritual, a special 'Aarti' (worship) is performed that is called the 'Sandhya Aarti' and 'Samaj mein rasiya'.

Lord Krishna is offered 'Bhog' (Food offered to the Lord) during the celebrations both in temples as well as at homes of devotees. The Bhog consists of 'Poha' and many other dishes which are offered to the Lord and then distributed among the devotees as 'Prasad' (Holy Food).

Post this, 'Bhajans' (Chants) of Lord Krishna are sung and devotees witness many religious events in temples.Everyone basks into the devotion of Lord Krishna and it is a truly divine & joyful atmosphere. Interestingly, at the end of the celebrations, the priests of the temples throw Gulal on the devotees that have gathered to take part in the festival.

Astrological Significance of Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj has a very significant astrological dimension attached to it.

This day is free from all inauspicious effects or Doshas. Unlike other usual days when every important event is organized at a specific 'Muhurat' (time that is astrologically conducive), Phulera Dooj gives liberty to perform any task without bothering about the Muhurat.

Therefore it is seen that many people choose Phulera Dooj for marriages. Anyways, the whole point of Phulera Dooj is to rejoice in the celebrations that occur during this day and fill your heart with the love & bliss of the Divine!

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