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Philosophy of Lal Kitab and Lal Kitab Remedies

By: Future Point | 22-Mar-2018
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Philosophy of Lal Kitab and Lal Kitab Remedies

The main philosophy behind the science of a Lal Kitab is palmistry. It can be concluded that whatever you read in a Lal Kitab, has been written from the perspective of a palmist. Like in a normal astrological chart, there are twelve houses designed on the palm of an individual. All these houses, which have a different shape, are ruled by a particular planet.

In a palm, the weakness or strength of Mars is of utmost importance. In Lal Kitab too, there are two types of Mars. One is a good Mars, which gives benefits to the individual and one is malefic which give an adverse effect. What our old texts, like Vedic Astrology, says about the power of each planet that is there is similar to what is written in the Lal Kitab. But a difference arises during the case of an equivalent planet. For example, Mercury is said to give similar results as that of the most powerful planet, Sun.


In the Lal Kitab, there is also the concept of sleeping or blind planets. In an astrological chart, every planet is supposed to have an aspect of some houses and it invariably affects those planets. In the Lal Kitab if a planet is aspecting to a house with no planet in it, that planet then is declared as a blind planet. It is also important to note that the concept of aspect is different in different houses. If the sun is in the second house, it cannot aspect the eighth house but can aspect the sixth house and, if that sixth house is without a planet, the sun becomes blind. In other words, the house grants an aspect to the planet. The house which is without a planet is blind and such houses are called weak.

Then there is also the concept of artificial planets. When two planets combine in a group, they form one particular artificial planet or its substitute. When sun and venus conjuct, they form one artificial moon.

The concept of affliction too is widely present in the Lal Kitab. Say the sun is afflicted by Saturn, the effects of the Sun will change. In the Lal Kitab, the affliction of the sun will pass to Ketu and affect its results. In such situations, the wife of the individual might die or face major problems and troubles in life.

In normal astrology it is a common notion that a particular planet affects that house of which it is the lord. It is also believed that this planet gives effects the results of this house but the remedies of the Lal Kitab is more scientific in nature.

There are many different theories and principles that surround a Lal Kitab and they may seem strange to the common man. A lot of these concepts are used in giving the perfect remedies that have become world famous today. The concept mentioned above of artificial planets is especially used to decrease the effect of malefic planets. Mercury and Jupiter are known to be enemy planets. If Mercury afflicts Jupiter, we can help Jupiter as when Jupiter and Rahu conjucted, it forms an artificial Mercury.

According to the Lal Kitab, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are said to be evil planets and more so, Rahu and Ketu. But there are instances when these two planets decide to shun their evil ways. If the Rahu or Ketu are conjoined with Moon in any house, their effect is nullified. This is how they become planets of virtue.


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In a Lal Kitab, an ascendant does of the individual is not taken into consideration and Aries is the only ascendant. Many experts are of the opinion that the Lal Kitab was made with its own set of rules.

Also, though the Lal Kitab does not pointedly define a lucky or good horoscope it does not ignore it altogether too. In its text it is found to be written that virtuous planets are those in which the effects of malefic planet are reduced. Such a situation takes place when Jupiter conjoins with Saturn in any house, particularly 6th, 9th, 11th, and 12th. That is when a horoscope is believed to be truly blessed by God. Though Saturn denotes difficulties in its own way, it is also known to be the provider of huge fortune.

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