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2018 Durga Pooja or Durga Asthami

2018 Durga Pooja or Durga Asthami

By: Future Point | 21-Mar-2018
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Country like India is that place on the globe of a world where many religions coexist with dignity. The wide variety of religion offer different reason to celebrate their culture.

The rich cultural heritage of India is always talked about around the world. The celebrations last throughout the year. Navratri is the biggest festival in India which lasts for nine day.

The festival of Durga Pooja is celebrated with great devotion all over the country. People celebrate Navratra over the period of nine days with each of one night of day is devoted to one of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Similarly, the eighth day of navratri is dedicated to Goddess MahaGauri.

Speaking about the mythological background of Navratra, one can explore abundance of knowledge through the stories stated in Hindu scripture like Durga Saptashadi. Durga Saptashadi in most pure form sings the glory of Goddess Durga over evil demon Mahishasura.

The mythological importance of Durga asthami, can be explored in abundance through the stories stated in Hindu scripture like Durga Saptashadi, Ramayana and Vedas. These spiritual books unveil the glory of Goddess Durga over evil demon Mahishasura in a pure form.

Each reincarnation of Goddess Durga has story of mythological importance. Talking about the eighth form of mother Durga Mahagauri you can see her holding Trishul in one and Damru in other hand. Her getup or adornment is always white which signifies purity and childlike innocence.

The meaning of her name is ‘one with pious form ‘. It refers to her white physical state describing her shining beauty. It is a belief in India that that goddess Mahagauri will eliminate their past, present and future sins after they pay homage of spirituality.

Her countenance reflects a pious beauty as she wears white cloths. She blesses her devotees with four arms and rides on bull which is considered one of the most sacred animals of Hindus.

Subho Maha Ashtami

Each form of Goddess durga signifies deep importance likewise Goddess Mahagauri also has a epic story behind her grace. It is said that Goddess parvati wanted to appease Lord shiva to obtain him as her husband. To attain a penance for same motive she went to dark forest where her body turned black in color.

During her intense atonement in a dark forest her complexion turned dark in color. She regained her beauty when Lord Shiva himself cleaned her body with water of river Ganga. Not only does Goddess reclaim her earlier form but her body started glowing like white stars. It is the reason she has become known as Goddess Mahagauri.

Durga is worshipped with complete faith and devotion during the celebration of nine days. The festival is celebrated with great devotion all over the country.

This year durga asthami is falling on Wednesday 24th March 2018. Durga astami is the eighth day of celebration during navratra. According to hindu calendar Asthami comes in the month of Ashwini nakshatra of Chaitra month.


It is said that the day of Mahasthami is devoted to worshipping Goddess Mahagauri . The glory of Goddess Durga is celebrated though out the day of Asthami as Shakti. Shakti is hindu word for divine woman power.

Mahastami vrat holds a significant importance in Hindu religion. The fast is day long activity which begins with sunrise and ends after sunset. Devotees observe fast to gain the divine blessing of Maa durga.

Fasting is that ritual in hindu tradition when devotees refrain them self from eating food. Some only depend on water and fruits for whole day. People also avoid the consumption of alcohol and meat throughout the day to acquire the spiritual growth.

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Mata ki Chauki

On the occation of Mahaastami devotees organize the spiritual get together which is called as 'Mata ki Chauki'. It is small event that is organized to celebrate the religious importance of culture at the time of astami. At night People do Jagaran i.e. they stay awake whole night singing the praises of mother Durga.

Kanya poojan

The follower of mother durga organizes a spiritual program on the day of Mahastami with an aim to please the divine power into their home. On the day of Kanya-poojan devotees invite small girls below the age of nine years and serve them special prasad (delicacy) made up of milk and rice. It is common belief that Mother Durga comes and blesses them in a form of small girl on this special day of Astami.

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