Overcome Problems With The Help of Yantras

By: Future Point | 11-Oct-2018
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Overcome Problems With The Help of Yantras

Astrology has been an ancient science that has provided solutions to various problems of a native from time to time. As astrology has been treated to be the eyes of The Vedas, this has been a helpful tool to every individual who have been seeking for a divine support. Since astrology has not only been identifying the problems but also provide solutions to the same. These solutions have been in the form of Mantras, Tantras, Gemstones, Yantras, Chalisa etc., Therefore to give any remedy to any individual one would need the help of a learnt and experienced astrologers.

In fact, we at Future Point have been in the field of occult science for the past three decades. With our experienced team of astrologers, we have brought here some of the remedies in the form of Yantra for problems faced by the native. Readers can check out for similar problems and seek the solutions accordingly.

Following are some of the solutions in the form of Yantras.

  • Yantras for Career:

There are many Yantras for Career, however, the one which we have seen has been helping the queries of a native very often are as such:

Sarvatrajayapardam Yantra

Benefits of the same are as follows:

  • You can overcome the problems with enemies at your workplace.
  • There are problems with you Superiors or seniors.
  • Get timely promotions at your work place.
  • If there is any problems or difference with your business partners, then too this yantra would help you to resolve your problems.
  • Yantras for Education:

These days students and parents have been suffering from problems of concentration in education or even score good grades. Therefore, for them they have the following two Yantras which would be helpful.

Hayagriva Yantra and Saraswati Yantra.

  • The former is the incarnation of lord Vishnu.
  • He signifies intelligence and knowledge.
  • Native aspiring to grow their intellect then they should select this Yantra.
  • Ideal for those planning to pursue any aptitude test.

Now the Latter has the following advantages:

  • Goddess Saraswati is for all round leaning.
  • She ensures the transformation of imagination into reality.
  • Ideal for any one in the expression of creative field.
  • Fit for “Jack of all arts”
  • Yantras for Wealth:

Again, when we talk of Yantra, how can one miss the Yantra for Wealth. Thus, we have to the following two yantra for wealth accumulation.

Kuber Yantra and Sri Yantra.

The former has the following advantage.

  • Kuber Yantra is best for those into business.
  • Those dealing in large business and create value for their own business and others.
  • This yantra would give good accumulation of wealth such as ornaments, properties etc.,
  • Keep this yantra is a clean place at your place of work.

The latter, Sri Yantra has the following advantages.

  • Ideal for all, which means both for native into business and service.
  • This would do away with the dearth of cash.
  • Those into trading business should go for Sri-Yantra than Kuber Yantra.
  • Keep this yantra facing the East of you place of work or residence.
  • Bhuvaneshweri Yantra:

Those suffering from any form of problem in personal life or overall achievements in life. Bhuvaneshweri yantra is a yantra which is meant for overall achievements in life.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Shall make a person victorious in all walks of life.
  • Ideal for girls who are not getting appropriate alliance for marriage.
  • This yantra is a manifestation of Goddess Adi-Shakti.
  • A native worshiping this yantra is assured to remain successful in life.
  • Dhanwantri Upasna Yantra:

When a native seeks all forms of achievements in life, they would need good health to attain what they desire for them the ideal Yantra is as mentioned above.

Benefits of Dhanwantri Upasna Yantra.

  • This is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu.
  • Lord Vishnu is the form of Vaidya (treatment) and knowledge of Oushad (medicine).
  • The Yantra would ward off all forms of aliment in a person’s life.
  • Doctors practising medicine, they can should keep this Yantra to generate positive aura.
  • Hanuman Yantra:

Those who suffered evil magics in the hands of their enemies should worship this yantra.

  • Lord Hanuman is Chiranjeevi therefore, he would always keep bad energy at bay.
  • All the negative energies are kept at bay.
  • If one suffers form bad omen, then too this Yantra would be helpful.
  • Those who have been suffering from constant defeat in their endeavour should also worship this yantra.

Thus, the above yantra are recommended only after thorough examination of a native’s Horoscope. To know more remedies in Astrology or to get specific answers to you problems, readers can write to us at for one to one consultation.

We have been providing solutions to various individuals and that readers can write to us at mail@futurepointindia.com or Visit our website www.futurepointindia.com for more details.

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Overcome the problems in your job with some astrological help

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