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Numerology Courses – Detail & Authentic.

By: Future Point | 04-Sep-2018
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Numerology Courses – Detail & Authentic.

Numerology is the science of numbers. As one would know, numbers play a very important role in generating vibrations. The list of numbers ranges from 1-9 and undoubtedly the numbers play a very important role in a native’s life.

These numbers are also assigned to nine planets, very similar to that of Astrology. Therefore, one would need the strength of number system, supported by the respective planets in the same which will reverberate in their life.

As it is said that numbers speak, here too, numbers have a very important role which is assigned to them and they speak. This is seen through the name of an individual which will see the attachment of numbers against each of the alphabets in their respective name.

When the term name is assigned, this will be involving the first name of the individual, then the middle and then the last name. Accordingly, each of the name is split and then cross checked with the date of birth of the individual. This number is called as Fadic number and the vibrations of this number plays the most important role in a native’s life.

The following is an example of Fadic number. Suppose any individual is born on 23rd June 1955, his Fadic number will be 2+3+06+1+9+5+5=31= Number 4. Therefore, this number 4 is very important in that person’s life and the same will be reflected in the planet governing Number 4.

Similarly, there are concepts of Root numbers and name numbers. Thus, the applicability of numerology is wide and diverse. One can even use numerology to check out best numbers while purchasing a car, a property and a phone number in today’s age.

In fact, we at Future Point have been practising occult science (astrology, numerology and Vastu Shastra) for the past 3 decades. These numerology courses in India are one among the first to be prescribed. Again, the students can learn numerology in Hindi which will widen the scope of improving their knowledge. Also, they can study numerology online.

The candidates who wish to learn astrology may opt for AIFAS certificate courses. These courses are so designed that they are useful for everyone.

Following is the course content provided herewith.

Ank Jyotishacharya: One of the first numerology training courses offered by Future point. This course covers radical numbers, lucky numbers, name numbers and the method of predicting with the help of numbers. One would also learn how to set their name with numerological significance. The duration of the course will vary from 3-6 months, accordingly.

Here, Pythagorean and Chaldean methods are also covered. A brief difference of the two is that Pythagorean method follows a sequential flow of numbers. They assign numbers from 1-9 to the alphabets from A-Z sequentially.

On the other hand, the number sequence of Chaldean is not Chronological manner. Here a certain partner is assigned to the alphabets were the sounds and vibrations are given importance. Again, in Chaldean, the numbers from 1-8 are given importance. Number 9 is considered as sacred and not assigned to any alphabet.

To know more, one can contact our institute at Or write to us for more details about the same. Our course has been specially designed by our team of experts and provide the study material to study the course accordingly.

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