Nag Panchami: 15th August 2018

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Nag Panchami: 15th August 2018

Nag is the Sanskrit/Hindi name for a snake. In the Hindu or Sanatan Dharma, a Nag holds a very special position and is called Nag Devta or the Snake God. Among the Holy Trinity (Tridev), Lord Shiva adorns Nag Devta "Vasuki" around His neck and Lord Vishnu is seated on Nag Devta "Shesh" in His divine abode- Vaikunth.

In both Ramayana and Mahabharata, the role of Nagas at various instances cannot be ignored. Also, as per the "Puranas" (Ancient Hindu spiritual texts) the Nagas are said to be extremely powerful and have their own abode that is called "Nag Lok". Astonishingly, rulers in the Nag Lok kingdom are not males but Naga females.

A Nag/snake is said to possess incredible sensory powers to sense even the minutest changes in the surroundings. But as per the holy Hindu texts, a Nag possesses the highest level of perception in terms of energy. Hence, even Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu keep the Nag Devta close to them.

A Nag may not know the divine as a realized human being such as a Yogi or a Sage does, but a Nag perfectly perceives the energy structure of the divine and consequently of every individual as well as of the planet and even the Cosmos.

Therefore, what many Yogis and Sages perceive after walking the spiritual path for many lifetimes, a Nag is capable of perceiving it instantly. Nag Panchmi is a festival that is celebrated on the Panchami Tithi (the fifth date) of Shukla Paksha (Waxing phase of the Moon) in the holy month of Shravana or Sawan.

On this day devotees all over India, worship Lord Shiva and Nag Devta to receive their blessings in order to live a life that is full of prosperity. It is also said that worshipping Nag Devta on this day frees a person from the fear of snakes.

On Nag Panchami people offer "Milk Abhishek" (Holy milk bath) to Nag Devta as it is said that since snakes or Nagas are dear to Lord Shiva so worshipping them in the same manner as Lord Shiva is worshipped will make Shiva happy. As per the Puranas, people having their horoscope inflicted by the dreaded Kaal Sarp Dosh must worship Nag Devta on this day to get relief from the ill effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh.

Devotees observe fast on Nag Panchami and worship snakes made of gold, silver and brass. They also perform Rudra-abhishek to Nag Devta and immerse 9 pairs of metal Nagas or snakes in a river. After doing that the devotees should take a bath in that river, wear fresh clothes and discard their old clothes.

Thereafter, they should chant the Nag Stotra (Hyms to Nag Devta). This brings immense joy in the life of the devotees.

Nine types of Nagas or snakes are worshipped:

1. Karkatak

2. Neel

3. Kaalia

4. Kulik

5. Shankhpaal

6. Maha Padm

7. Anant

8. Vasuki

9. Takshak

This year Nag Panchami will be celebrated on 15th August, 2018.

The auspicious muhurat (time) for Puja is from 9:18AM to 12:30PM

What is special about the Nag Panchami of 2018 ?

As per astrology, on 15th August 2018- a very special Yog is getting formed in the Zodiac belt. This Yog is called "Sarvarth Siddha Yog" which signifies fulfillment of every desire of the native therefore, one must not miss out on benefiting from this very special and exclusive celestial happening arising from a particular planetary alignment.

So, make use of this auspicious festival by devoting yourself to the worship of Nag Devta on this Nag Panchami and receive the countless blessings that would make your live full of joy & prosperity!

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