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Medical Astrology

By: Future Point | 14-Aug-2018
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Medical Astrology

Life is beset with good and bad, health and disease. No living being is free from health problem at one time or other. Medical science can diagnose the disease only when it occurs. Prevention from diseases, like the communicable and epidemic diseases, is possible by taking preventive measures in time. It is only astrology, numerology (not name numerology, which is not a science) and palmistry that can warn about a pending and an upcoming disease. The life of living creatures, particularly that of mankind, is governed by the planetary influences, which can be read from the medical astrology chart and Gochara of the native.

The effect of planets on each sign, house and on each other plays an important role on the health in general and on particular organs. This effect will be felt during particular Dasa Vidasa (periods, sub-periods) of concerned planets. Some chronic or permanent disabilities occur in accordance with the placement of malefic planets in certain positions. Occasional physical disabilities and disturbances occur due to the astrological factors in time and space. The signs in the zodiac, the planets and the houses considered from moon sign have their own peculiarities pertaining to certain organs. To study the health aspect and the medical astrology predictions, the significance of sign, house (from Rashi) and the planets should be super imposed and synchronized.

The significance of Rashis, houses and planets with reference to medical astrology are:


Aries: The crown of head-the scalp, masculine, fiery, movable.

Taurus: Signifies face, neck, earthy, feminine, and fixed.

Gemini: Chest, common sign, airy, bisexual.

Cancer: Heart, movable, feminine, watery.

Leo: Stomach, abdominal organs, fixed, fiery, juices.

Virgo: Hips, common sign, feminine.

Libra: Naval region, umbilicus, airy, movable, masculine.

Scorpio: Genital organs, feminine, watery, fixed.

Sagittarius: Thighs, common sign, fiery, masculine.

Capricorn: Knees, feminine, earthy, movable.

Aquarius: Calves of the feet, fixed, windy,masculine.

Pisces: Feet, common sign, feminine, watery.


First house: In medical astrology predictions, it is indicative of Head, neck and pelvis.

Second house: Right side body parts, right eye, shoulders, reproductive organs, speech, eye sight, face, nose.

Third house: Right ear, arm, ovary, testicles, leg, throat.

Fourth house: Right cheek, knee, heart, (right lobe and valves), right side of stomach, spleen and liver.

Fifth House: Feet and ankles.

Sixth house: Right jaw, chest and calf (muscle)of leg, body swelling, venereal diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cancer, colic pains etc. diseases.

Seventh house: Mouth, lips, naval region, groins, feet.

Eighth house: Left jaw, chest, calf muscles, anus, pistula, piles, urinary tract infections, venereal diseases.

Ninth house: Left cheek, heart and knee.

Tenth house: Left side body, nostrils and thigh.

Eleventh house: Left ear, arm, ovary and testicles.

Twelfth house: Left side, eye, shoulder and sexual organs, injury, mental agony (tension).


Sun: In astrology horoscope sun is associated with the Bald head, head, stomach, bones, heart, blood vessels, blood, eyes, brain, throat, spleen, fever, brain disorders, eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, diarrhoea etc.

Moon: Mixed, heart, vital organs, blood, urine, body fluids and secretions, glands.

Mars: Fiery, wounds, bone marrow, fevers, injuries, burns, haemorrhage, abortion, menstrual disorders, rheumatism, venereal disease.

Mercury : Brain, thoracic organs, tongue, thyroid gland, skin, neck, nervous system, dumbness, insanity, skin, loss of memory.

Jupiter: Male, fatty, big bellied, phlegmatic, digestive organs, liver.

Venus: Muscles, thighs, hair, urinary and sex organs, buttocks, semen, venereal diseases, sex debility, hyper sex, sensory organs.

Saturn: Phlegmatic, windy, urinary bladder, rectum, anus, sweat pores, teeth, muscles, tendons, wrist, feet, muscular pains, toothache, tooth decay, ulcers, epilepsy, hysteria, respiratory diseases.

Rahu: Phlegmatic, skin, blood, cholera, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, poisoning, allergies, eczema, infections, fevers etc.

Ketu: As per Medical Astrology, ketu represents Bones, poisons, intoxicants, joints.

The 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th, houses are evil houses, owners of which give malefic effects. Planets posited in the evil houses also get afflicted 1st, 5th and 9th houses are thrones and lords of thrones are benefic where ever they are placed and planets posited in thrones become benefic, loosing much of their malefic effects, according to medical astrology predictions.

Malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn as lords of Kendras(1, 4, 7, 10)are benefic. Benefic planets namely Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus as lords of Kendras are malefic; but posited in Kendra are benefic. Moon and Mercury in association with malefics become malefic.

Benefics hemmed between malefics lose their benefic effects.

Benefic aspect of Jupiter reduces malefic results. Aspect of Mars and Saturn give malefic results.

The transient malefic resultswill be experienced during the major period, sub period and sub sub periods of malefic (become malefic) planets. Planets posited in 6-8 position called Sastastika cause harm during their mutual Dasa / Antar Dasa periods.

Permanent Defects

In medical astrology chart, certain position of planets causes permanent physical defects and health problems like dumbness, squint eye, blindnesss, defects in the limbs etc.

Affliction implies that the Rasi/Lagna/House is occupied by one or more malefics, unsuspected by a benefic, or even aspected by a malefic. If Lagna/Moon sign (Rasi) is occupied by Mars, Saturn or Rahu the native will have defects or malfunctioning of urinary organs and sex organs. Bed wetting in early age and problems in urination in youth and prostate enlargement after 40 years of age can be foreseen. Malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars in 1st or 7th house indicates impotency and passive role in homosexuality. Rahu in Lagna/Rasi gives skin diseases and piles. Sun or Mars in birth sign/Rasi aspected by Mars or Sun, the native will have lung diseases. Second house affiliation gives voice and speech defects. If it (Rasi) is a fiery sign, obtaining the 6th or 8th house, occupied by 8th or 9th lord, who is malefic, speech defect, may be predicted. If it is hemmed between malefics then dumbness is a certainty.

Affliction of 2nd house with Sun, then eye deffects, squint eye, etc can be foreseen. If it is an evil house hemmed between malefics blindness can be predicted.

If the 3rd house is a watery sign afflicted and is also aspected by the native, it will have chronic ear trouble with offensive ear discharge (pus) and the right ear having faint or no sense of hearing. If the 4th house in the medical astrology chart, which is a fiery sign afflicted and when it is aspected by Mars, surgery of digestive system or appendicitis is indicated, aspected by Sun hyper acidity and gastric ulcer is a certainty. If 4th house is a watery sign with affliction diabetes and diet restrictions are likely.

If the 5th house is an airy sign with affliction and Moon hemmed between malefics or Moon as lord of 8th exalted at posited in afflicted 5th house mental illness, lunacy etc. are to be expected. Aspect of Mars with the above conditions can indicate tumour in the brain, needing surgery or head injury is indicated. As afflicted 6th house cause all kinds of health problems. Moon in affiliate sixth house makes a wild tempered person or a lunatic. Venus gives sexual disorders, dysfunction of sex glands and sterility. Mercury gives loss of memory, dull head and idiocy. Rahu gives tuberculosis and other liver related health problems; Ketu gives deformity of limbs and fistula.

Afflicted 7th house gives nervous and psychological problems, sexual disorders, venereal diseases etc.

Afflicted lord of 8th conjoined with the lord of 12th cuts short the life. Conjunction of lord 1st, 8th and 6th gives premature death. Saturn posited in the 12th house, with the lord of 8th in the 2nd house (aspected by Saturn) premature death is indicated, according to medical astrology predictions.

Lord of 2nd and 6th conjoined with Saturn and occupy an evil house (3, 6, 8, 12) death due to asphyxia or drowning is likely. Mercury afflicted in 8th house gives heart attack or brain disease. An afflicted 9th house aspected by Sun gives fracture of knee joint or knee cap. Moon posited in afflicted 9th house, aspected by Mars, gives brain surgery or heart surgery. Saturn gives Kidney trouble and Rahu gives tuberculosis.

An afflicted 11 th house occupied by a benefic, the native will be deaf. Venus is an afflicted 11th house gives defective left ear, aspected by Saturn gives nonfunctional testicles or ovaries. Aspect of Mars gives surgical removal of reproductive organs. Mercury in afflicted 11th house makes a stupid or a spastic child.

An afflicted 12th house occupied by Venus makes the person sterile. Aspect of Saturn can make the person an eunuch. If Moon is posited in afflicted 12tn house serious eye defect or even blindness can happen. Aspect of Mars on Moon leads to loss of eye sight in the left eye due to injury in medical astrology.

Remedial Measures:

Prevention is always better than cure. Advanced spiritual remedies will prevent the occurrence of diseases. After the evil affects have already taken roots, then the spiritual remedies will reduce the suffering. Fear not for Karma as inevitable. Karma can be remedied by Karma. As Karma is not a fatalistic path, there are ways and means to mend Karma with Shanti Karmas. Take courage, be optimistic and consult those who can give proper guidance for spiritual remedies to ward off the malefic effects of planets, ordained by destiny due to Karma.

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