Mercury Transit in Cancer from 21st June to 26th August 2019

By: Future Point | 10-Jun-2019
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Mercury Transit in Cancer from 21st June to 26th August 2019

(With a three day period of in-between transit into Gemini)

Mercury is the planet that signifies communication, intelligence, business & commerce, transactions and media. It is associated with the gemstone Emerald and rules over the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury in Vedic Astrology is referred to as a 'Kumara Graha' or a Child Planet. It is said that Mercury gives results inspired by the attributes of the planets that it is conjoined with in a sign and also the planets that cast an aspect upon it.

Mercury Transit in Cancer 2019

Mercury will transit in the sign of Cancer from 21st June to 30th July 2019 and then for a very brief period from 30th July to 3rd August 2019, it will transit back into the sign of Gemini and then again transit into the sign of Cancer from 3rd August to 26th August 2019.

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Effects of Mercury transit in Cancer upon the people of all 12 Ascendant Signs:


There will a state of peace and co-operation in your family. Although the health of your parents might get affected on the negative side a bit, so take care of them. You will get decent results of your efforts in your workplace and will get the support of your senior colleagues. You might face a dispute in a matter related to an old property. Offer fruits to Brahmins on a Wednesday.


Your resolve towards a particular task will further strengthen and lead you to success. Offer help to your younger siblings if they are in need. Your communication skills will get refined and you will reap great benefits by conveying your point of view efficiently to others.

Rely on your own capabilities and hard work rather than expecting others to spoon feed you. Short travels are on cards that will give you mixed results. Feed a Cow as frequently as you can.


You will succeed in impressing people around you with your effective and mesmerising communication skills. Try to be positive and lead by example during this time. Mercury is pointing out towards gains from real estate and there might be certain expenditures related to property.

You will cater to your taste buds by indulging into various types of cuisines. You will get support from your family members. Worship 'Lord Vishnu' wholeheartedly and offer Sandalwood paste to Him.


Take care of your health as this is not a favourable time for the health aspect of your life. There will a significant improvement in your personality. You will find siblings supporting you and helping you out in your endeavours. Gains from far distant places are also on the cards for you.

You will feel contented with your life and your career will move in the positive direction. If you are married, then relationship with life-partner will be pleasant and you will enjoy marital bliss. If you are single, then chances of finding the right marriage partner are quite high during this time. Donate Camphor to a temple on Wednesday.

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There is likely to be a rise in your expenditures and you must refrain from the temptation of spending on things that you do not need, else you will find yourself in a situation of financial shortage. You might have to go on a long distance travel for work related reasons. You might get involved into a dispute and waste invaluable time & energy, therefore, stay away from such a scenario.

You will deliver optimum performance in your professional space and will meet the requirements that are expected from you. Light a lamp of pure 'Ghee' & Camphor and worship 'Lord Vishnu'.


This is a time when some long time wish of yours will come true. Your health will also be pleasant during this time. You will be active in social activities that will expand your social circle. You will spend quality time with your friends and family and this transit is very favourable for children as well.

During this transit, some special person might get impressed with your excellent communication skills and you will find your intellectual capabilities rise. Gain of wealth is clearly signified in this period. Recite 'Vishnu Sahastranaam' everyday.

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You will experience satisfaction in both your personal as well as professional life. Chances are that you will find growth in your career and get reward for your performance in the workplace. Family atmosphere is slated to be blissful and you are likely to get social recognition for your work.

You will move towards success and your communication skills will get you the necessary support of people around you. Donate stationery to needy students.


Some unexpected gains are likely to happen during this time, however, this will be a period of both ups and downs. Take care of your parents health. Need for a sudden long travel might arise.

This is a good time for students who are planning to go abroad for higher studies. You will be inclined towards spirituality and activities like reading & writing. Multiple avenues of earning might also open up for you as well during this period. Donate green vegetables to the needy.

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This is not a good time for your health. Moreover, chances of arguments and bickerings in your married life are high. Make conscious efforts to maintain harmony with your life-partner and avoid getting into arguments that can deteriorate your marital bliss.

You will be inclined towards learning an occult science such as astrology or the concept of mantras. Choose your words very carefully and avoid speaking harshly. A sudden gain in terms of money is possible during this time. Maintain cordial relations with your in-laws. Feed green fodder and jaggery to Cow.


Mercury is signifying growth in your career and chances of a promotion are also high during this time. Your health will be positively influenced by Mercury during this time. Chances of a gain in family income are very high.

Your tactful communication skills will bring success to you in the crucial tasks that you have been pursuing. An argument leading to a dispute with someone will put a dent on your public image. So, avoid getting into nasty situations that can very well be avoided in the first place.

Learn to let go of any minor difference of opinion with your spouse and focus on creating a loving and joyful relationship. Donate footwear to the needy.


Keep a check on your expenditures and spend only when it is unavoidable. This is a good period to lower the burden of a debt that your have been carrying. You might witness expenditures on legal proceedings if you have been involved in matters of litigation.

However, in due course of time, results are likely to come in your favour. Avoid getting angry and maintain your focus onto your goal. This is a favourable time for those who are appearing in a competitive exam. Take care of your health. Feed hungry & needy people whenever it is possible for you.


The quest to acquire new knowledge and skills will rise within you. Students will perform better in academics, so if you are a student, them make the best use of this time and try to learn things that you otherwise find problematic. If you are associated with the field of Arts, then this is a fantastic period for you.

You will find ample opportunities to strengthen your financial situation. This is a good time to express your feelings to someone that you love. Also, this is a very favourable time for love birds who are planning to tie the knot. Worship 'Lord Ganesh' wholeheartedly and offer 'Modak' and 'Durva' to Him.

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