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Mercury Transit in Aquarius - 15 March 2019

By: Future Point | 15-Mar-2019
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The Planet of communication, Mercury transit to Aquarius on the 15th of March 2019 would be impacting each sign in a major way, thus altering the future of some of the natives. With a clear mind under a creative spell, you will be set out to care out a niche of your own. Also known as Buddha Gochar, the planet influences ideas and thoughts along with the communication skills of an individual. With Mercury Transit in Aquarius, each zodiac sign in the wheel would face certain heat. Read on to learn all its impacts on your zodiac sign.


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All the below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign



The Mercury Transit beckons you to finish all your tasks on time and not pile on anything for the future. You are enough to make decisions and move forward in life, stop being dependant on your kith and kin for every little thing. Take care of your projects and tasks and get them finished on time. Your finances will improve in this period, so invest in plans you deem perfect. You will earn great returns on the investment done during this period. Don’t get boastful about this and make reckless choices. Avoid hasty decisions.


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Expect a time period that reverberates with a conundrum of choices. You will be having a hard time in your love life as there’s a turmoil predicted there. You will have certain good bays, but they will fall short because of the never-ending sorrows. Your emotional balance has been thrown off guard, so you’ll have to work extra hard in order to maintain your composure. The only advice for you is to keep taking care of only yourself. Fall in love with yourself in order to keep you above everything else.



The month is excellent for you so make sure that you use it to your complete benefit. You might feel a little overwhelmed due to all the tension at home, but keeping things moving forward slowly would enable you to challenge your mind and come up with better and effective ways to handle problems. This period would increase your inclination towards saving for the future, however, your expenses at home would be rising on the contrary. For those looking to update the upholstery and decoration and their home, now is a perfect time.


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The time does not favour your health, so it’s definitely advised that you take proper care of your well being and not eat food that you deem unhealthy. If you have been suffering from an ailment recently, the period is highly crucial for you to keep improving for the better. Those looking for love in their life might find themselves get lucky and welcome someone new in life. Due to your past bitter experiences, you will be cautious, as should be expected from you. Take things slowly at first but make sure you enjoy every single moment that you spend with your partner. Plan a small trip for the weekend if you can to relax and rewind amidst nature.



Take things lightly before you decide on to make it a big deal. You are an ace player when it comes to your work or career, which people will take for granted if you do not play your cards well and show them you aren't someone to be bossed around. Plan things beforehand so that you don’t get yourself involved in funny business. There are confusion and problems indicated in your life as the transit begins. Your kith and kin will be supportive of your decisions which will help you out in the long run too when you need their advice in your professional sphere.


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You are strong enough to deal with everything and anything that comes your way, the only thing to keep in mind is your comfort and how you must keep yourself first no matter what. People tend to neglect you and your choice because of the way you have been by accommodating their needs in your schedules. Do not let that happen again. Courage must be your driving force as you deal with problems with a casual approach. Don’t let things get in your head and mess around with your peace of mind.



During the Mercury Transit, you will have a nagging feeling that something is amiss in your life. This could either be a person or a meaningful item for you, which when not found or discovered will lead you to act strangely. If you want to take things forward in your relationship, you need to act that way and take time out for your partner. When you devote time to your love life, only then can you expect it to blossom. If you start taking things for granted, you will end up losing the person and regretting your life choices, so act straight.


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The period is excellent for the natives of Scorpio zodiac sign, as you will be able to get a surprise gift from the person you love and cherish. Those looking out for jobs in the Mercury Transit period will benefit from it and land a job that keeps them happy and rewards their acumen. All you need to do is be resourceful and keep everyone around you pleased with your charm and wit. Your personality at work will draw attention from others and you will get to enjoy the praise from everyone around you.



No matter what work keeps you busy, always make some time for your family. You are expected to have a busy time in this duration, but with the efforts of your team, you will be able to move ahead. Your competency will help you achieve goals that you never thought were attainable. The support that you receive from your kith and kin in this duration will be unreal and keep you in high spirits. This would be extra amazing for when you would barely find the time to meet them. A supportive family will be your major driving force in this period.



The end of the year is an excellent time for you to see all the happy times roll in your life. You have selected an excellent job for you which will keep you occupied, and enhance your skill set as well. You will be working hard at this time duration, which is another good factor to see future growth in your profession. You have maintained an excellent balance between your work life and family life, which would provide you with opportune moments with loved ones. If you plan everything ahead of time, you will be able to make good use of your skills and give you moments to spend with people you love.



As Mercury Transits in Aquarius, you will feel the sudden shift in the temperament of people around you. This change would be for the better, as you will see good things happening all around. Wedding bells might toll for some in this period. You are on the right track at work, so stop doubting yourself and go for what comes to your mind first. Trust your impulses and work on getting better at listening to your inner voice. You have wasted an ample amount of time listening to others, but now is the time where you value your own self above others.



The chances of your past ailment resurfacing are pretty high in this duration, so stay healthy and stop putting your life on the line. You need to eat healthily and stay fit in order to have a wonderful time in this duration. Your courage would keep you in high spirits. At work, you will move forward with confidence and take care of your own needs before everything else. Your aura with a casual stride will be charming enough to make you the belle of the ball.

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