Mercury Transit 2023- What can it bring for you?

By: Future Point | 24-Dec-2022
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Mercury Transit 2023- What can it bring for you?

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of intelligence, education, communication, and speech. Mercury is a neutral planet and represents youth. Everything related to reading and writing falls under the influence of Mercury. A person with strong Mercury in the birth chart has excellent communication and convincing skills, sharp memory, knowledge of different languages, trading insight, and good learning abilities. Mercury also rules speed, friendship, proficiency, and the ability to perform tasks faster. Hence, the transit of Mercury has a significant impact on people's life with its transit.

Mercury transit or Budh Gochar in the year 2023 will bring a significant impact on the lives of people belonging to different zodiac signs. Mercury transits in one house or zodiac sign for 23 days before moving to the next sign. Depending upon the house/sign of stay, Mercury can give both fortunate and unfortunate outcomes. Mercury gives promising results in the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth, and eleventh houses from the natal Moon.

Mercury transit in February 2023: Date and time 

Mercury will transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn on February 07, Tuesday at 7:38 A.M.

Results of Mercury transit 2023 on various zodiac signs

The transit of Mercury will majorly affect your intelligence, analytical skills, business and finance etc. To understand the results of Mercury on your zodiac sign, you can read below:


For Aries, the transit of Mercury will occur in the tenth house. This is an excellent position for business success. You will employ great trading skills and bag many profitable deals. The environment at home will be healthy and inquisitive. Any of your family members can enroll in some courses. Your mother will also become curious about gathering knowledge. 


The transit of Mercury will occur in the ninth house, which will enhance your religious inclinations. You will have good relations with your father, and his advice will prove fruitful to you. You may get in touch with a guru or teacher to upgrade your spiritual inclinations. 

You will become affluent in reading and writing. If you are an author, writer, accountant, clerk, or financer, you will excel during this period.


Mercury will transit through your eighth house of sudden events. Mercury's transit in the eighth house from the Moon is considered good. You will become influential in your speech. People will listen to you, and you can become a great occult master. If you are dealing in the share market, you can make sudden gains; however, you should be conscious of your words, or else bitterness in relations may follow.


Mercury is not a friendly planet for the Cancer natives. The transit of Mercury in the seventh house will disturb your married life. However, your business will flourish. You may become a fickle mind for these 23 days. You will acquire great trading skills. During the transit period, you may travel abroad. You should take care with due precautions. There are chances of cheating and fraud in business deals.


The transit of Mercury in the sixth house will bring good results at the workplace. Your colleagues will appreciate your intelligence and efficacy at work. The second lord will transit into the sixth house, which will result in wealth gains through your job. There is a possibility of promotion and salary hikes. However, it would help if you controlled your expenses during this time. You may need to spend on gadgets.


The transit of the ascendant lord in the fifth house will give intellectual abilities. The transit is extremely favorable for the students. If you are dealing in the share market, it is time to make huge gains. Mercury can help you learn special skills to sustain your livelihood. This is also the time to hang out with friends. Those in love relations can move forward in their love life. You may also introduce your love partner to your family. Your focus can remain on entertainment more during this time.


The transit of Mercury will occur in the fourth house of your zodiac. Mercury is the twelfth and ninth lord, and its transit into your fourth house will bring mixed results. It would help if you spent on your house's renovations. This is also when you decide to purchase property, but it should be taken with utmost care. Avoid property purchases and even if you do, check the papers/documants properly. There will be growth in business for your father during this time. 


The transit of Mercury will occur in the third house, which is an excellent transit for the writers, accountants, clerks, and travel agents. You will notice an increase in your reading and writing abilities. You may travel to new places with your siblings and friends. Your speech will become influential, and you will gain through your effective communication skills. Additionally, there is an opportunity for growth in career and investments. 


The transit of Mercury in the second house will give you an impressive speech. This is the time to learn new skills. You will take family responsibility and become the favorite of all. Transit is good for gaining wealth. There will be an increase in your savings, and you may also gain through inheritance. Overall, the transit is satisfactory.


The natives of Capricorn will become fortunate with Mercury's transit in their ascendant. Your luck will support you, and you will accomplish all your work goals. Transit will make you intellectual, and you will gain excellent analytical skills. The time period is good for your married life. There will be harmonious relations with the spouse. Your business will also grow. In all, this is a good transit for you.


The transit of Mercury will occur in the twelfth house. Mercury is the lord of the fifth and eighth house for your zodiac sign. The transit may increase your expenses. This is the time to go abroad for studies or trade. If any of your class projects were on hold for a while, they would be completed at this time. You will hear good news at work. However, one should take good care of the health. Maintain a good exercise and eating routine. 


Mercury in the eleventh house will bring gains from your business. There will be an increase in your social circle. You can meet many intellectual individuals during this time. Time is excellent for studies. Those in love relations will enjoy gala time with their love partner. You can also meet someone special during this transit. Many of your desires will be fulfilled, and this is the time to get accolades for your achievements. 

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