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Mars Turns Direct In Taurus – Is It Good or Bad For You?

By: Future Point | 26-Dec-2022
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Mars has been doing something unusual in the year 2022-23. Mars has planned overstay in the zodiac sign of Taurus for almost 215 days. The Astrology enthusiasts have been keeping a close eye on Mars’s transit in Taurus as it goes to and fro in retrograde and direct motion from the sign. Now, Mars is ready to leave the sign of Taurus after turning direct on 13th January 2023. Mars will finally move into Gemini on 12th March 2023. When a planet stays in a sign for longer than a usual period, it brings out very noticeable results related to that zodiac sign. 

What will happen when Mars will turn direct?

When a planet turns direct it gives its normal results which are missing in its retrograde motion. In retrograde movement, the planet becomes stronger and put its impact in a sudden manner. Now, in direct motion, Mars will give its expected results and will remove the obstacles as felt by people during its retrogression. Mars in retrograde movement was taking long to accomplish any goal. The energy of Mars was under suppression as a warrior feels frustrated and can’t be expected to move backward. Similarly, the planet with immense energy was giving a kind of irritation and delays in the attitude and work of people. Those undergoing Mars dasha or having a connection of their dasha lord in any form with Mars, would have felt the larger impact.

Date and Time of Mars direct in Taurus

Mars gets direct in Taurus on 13th January 2023 and will finish its long stay in Taurus on 13th March 2023. The long stay of Mars in Taurus started from 10th August 2022 to 13 March 2023 with its transit into Gemini. 

Results of Mars direct in Taurus for all zodiac signs 

ARIES: - Mars is the lord of your first and eighth houses and will be transiting in the second house of the zodiac. Mars direct in Taurus in the second house will make you earn through inheritance and sudden means. However, there are chances of accidents to any of the family member. You are likely to have aggression in your tongue and may demean others. The direct motion may cause your savings to get wiped off. You may have a misunderstanding or fight with your children and lover. Those in the field of sports will excel. There are chances of going for a long journey and you will also take interests in religious activities. Exercise regularly and take care of your eating habits. 

TAURUS: - Mars rules the twelfth and the seventh house of the zodiac. Mars will turn direct in the ascendant itself. The position of Mars will fill you with energy and vigor. You may feel enthusiastic about your goals but over excitement can spoil the things. Your mind may remain engaged in money and family matters. Talk nicely with your life partner else arguments will follow. You may long for a relaxing place but your inner restlessness will not allow the same. Mars may give losses in property related matters, so, invest wisely for this time period. You will grow intimacy with the partner in hidden manner. Some hidden affairs may crop up for those with bad Mars in the birth chart. There are chances of making sudden gains but at the same time, take care of your expenses. 

GEMINI: - For Gemini, Mars rules the sixth and the eleventh house of the zodiac. Mars will turn direct in the twelfth house of losses and expenses. Mars here can increase expenditure of the natives. However, they are facing a situation of over spending since August with Mars coming in Taurus and this will continue till Mars moves to Gemini in March. Many may go to foreign country for job or medical purposes. Mars as a karaka of the 3rd house will cast an aspect at it. So, the natives will feel courageous to accomplish goals in life. You will work hard and the same will get the results for you. Passion in marital relations will help to live comfortably and happily with the partner. This is the time when you should avoid taking any loans. You may payyou’re your old debts during this time.  

CANCER: - For Cancer natives, Mars will become direct in the eleventh house of fulfillment of desires. Mars is a yogkaraka planet for Cancer natives and gives good results to them. Mars may give attractions for the opposite gender here. You will make financial gains and will also be recognized for your achievements. Many of your desires may get fulfilled but problems in family will give you stress. There may be many earning opportunities. You should invest after a careful inspection and should avoid taking loans for this time. Overall, the direct movement is beneficial for the natives. A strict control on harsh language is required. 

LEO: - For the zodiac sign of Leo, Mars will turn direct in their 10th house of karma or career. Mars is considered good in the tenth house. Here, turning direct, Mars will fill the native with energy and enthusiasm to achieve their set goals. There may be arguments with the seniors but you will achieve your goals successfully. Profession wise, the time is very good. Those unemployed will get a job as the yogkaraka planet is staying strong in the tenth house. Business will flourish and chances of promotions are there. Your children may give you some good news and you will retain passion in your love life. Avoid spicy and junk food during this time. 

VIRGO: - For Virgo sign, Mars will turn direct in its 9th house of long travels, fortunes and religion. Mars in the 9th house will infuse you with energy but there can be clashes with your father. Your bodily strength will increase. Those working in the fields of writing, accounts, publication, media, journalism, travel, advertising, or online business will do great. You will make gains through land and property. Your mother’s health will be good. Many of you will gain inclinations towards philosophy and religion. There would be increased responsibilities and more burdens of work but you will be able to make gains through it. 

LIBRA: - For Libra natives, Mars will turn direct in the 8th house of the zodiac. Mars here may reveal your secrets through your suspicious activities. You may earn through sudden or secretive means. Suddenly, you may grow interest in occult. Mars in the 8th house also shows car-accidents and surgeries. There will be new learning opportunity in life. You have to work hard to gain the desired results during this time. Mars will be casting its aspect at the eleventh house which will make you gain through your social contacts. This may not be a supportive time for your siblings. 

SCORPIO: - For Scorpio natives, Mars will turn direct in the 7th house of marriage, partnership and spouse. Mars here can increase arrogance in speech and you may have clashes with your spouse. One should speak sweetly for harmonious marital relations. However, you will feel attracted for your partner. Many new opportunities may come your way and new assignments in business can bring benefits. Your children will perform well. You will become energetic inside and will take care of your body nicely. 

SAGITTARIUS: - Mars turns direct in the sixth house of the zodiac. Mars gives excellent results in the sixth house. Being a functional benefic planet, it will give good results in this house. The natives will win over their enemies and will pay-off their old debts. If the native was suffering from a disease since a long time, then it is the time to get rid of it. Mars will make the natives highly energetic with its aspect at the first house.

CAPRICORN: - Mars in the 5th house will help the native to get positive results in love relations. Students need to focus more in their studies. The fifth house is the house of love, romance, intelligence, children, academics, and creativity etc. Mars in the 5th house may attract someone special in your life. Sportspersons will perform well. Mars will give fame and recognition for your hard work. Avoid rude language else differences in relations may follow. 

AQUARIUS: - For Aquarius sign, Mars will turn direct in the 4th house of the zodiac. Mars may give happiness through land and property but may create clashes in family relations. Take care of your mother’s health and speak softly to everyone in the house. Your seniors will support you but at the same time have some problems with your working style. Business will flourish and you may get your stuck finances back during this time. Fights and misunderstandings with the spouse may follow.  

PISCES: - Mars turns direct in the third house for Pisces natives, which is an excellent sign. Mars is the lord of the ninth and second houses for them. Its direct motion in the third house brings financial gains and the support of your siblings. Here would be an increase in the efforts and hard work of the natives. Mars performs well in the 3rd house. Thus the natives will get good results in all areas of life. The natives are advised to speak softly and keep a strict check on their ego and arrogance.