Sun transit 2023: How does the New Year 2023 start for you?

By: Future Point | 23-Dec-2022
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Sun transit 2023: How does the New Year 2023 start for you?

The first month of 2023 will start with many planets changing houses. In Astrology, the transit of the planets or their moving houses is essential. The planets bring significant changes in our lives with their movement to different houses. Sun, the king of all planets, will transit into Capricorn in January. Let's know the date, timings, and their effects on your zodiac signs.

What does the Sun represent? 

The Sun signifies the soul, self, ego, personality, and other distinguishing personal characteristics in Vedic Astrology. It is the energy that illuminates and brings life to the Earth. The Sun takes a year to travel around the whole zodiac. It stays in a zodiac sign for a month and then moves to the next sign. The Sun illuminates the significations of the house it transits, and the person gets strong results from the house. As the most powerful planet, the Sun is responsible for many raj yoga, fame, and power in life. The Sun's position in an individual's horoscope determines how strong or influential they become. Sun rules the father, masculine traits, immunity, physical appearance, and behavioral traits. Sun also gives confidence and varied skills. If Sun is weak in the kundli, the person ceases to live a respected life. 

Sun Transit 2023- Date and Time

Sun will transit into the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 14 January 2023, Saturday, at 8:45 P.M.

Results of Sun transit on all zodiac signs:


For Aries natives, The Sun will transit into their tenth house, where it gains dikbala or directional strength. The Sun gives excellent results in the tenth house. It is an excellent position for growth in my career. Transit will make you feel energetic and give youthful stamina to the natives. However, your ego may grow and create troubles with the mother, family members, and bosses. You are suggested to use this burst of energy positively rather than wasting it in arguments and fights. Success in career and business is foreseen if you apply diligence to work. 


The Sun in the ninth house of your birth chart will give religious inclinations. You may travel abroad for a career or studies. There is a possibility of arguments with the father and your gurus, so stay calm. Don't let your ego spoil your relations with your loved ones, especially friends and siblings. If you are a writer, financer, accountant, clerk, publisher, or travel agent, then time is extremely favorable for you. The Sun may give rigidness in your attitude, which you need to control. 


The Sun will stay in the eighth house, which may bring tough times. However, those in occult research will see a good time. Your long disease may come to an end. You will earn through inheritance and sudden events. There may be quarrels with your siblings and friends, so you are advised to talk softly with them. There may be pride and arrogance in your speech which you should control. You'll be more outgoing during this time.


The Sun in your seventh house can create problems in your personal and marital relations. However, the transit is good for your business as the seventh house represents the daily business. You may feel a kind of arrogance and pride ruling your mind. You will be energetic, but your immunity will be low. People with cancer are experts in hiding their emotions. However, this transit will make you showcase your emotions in public. There can be some auspicious work in your house. You need to check your ego and pride for this month.


The Sun will transit into your sixth house, which is a beneficial position for you. All your health issues will disappear, and if you appear in any competition, you will turn into a winner. Your expenses may increase for this duration, but the expenses will be for good motives. Lagnesha is transiting into the sixth house, so you will beat all your competitors and enemies during this time. But you won't be aware of it. You will turn out to be a leader at your workplace, giving commands to others. You may also spend on improving your appearance. 


For Virgo natives, the lord of the twelfth house will transit into their fifth house. This position talks of problems to your children. They may not focus on studies and may face a lack of immunity for this time. If you are in a love relation, then arguments and misunderstandings can spoil your relationship. You may gain through the government and higher authorities. Depending upon the position of the Sun in your natal chart, you can get fame and recognition during the transit. Take care of your words while you talk to your colleagues and those at the workplace else disagreements may follow. 


With Sun transiting your fourth house, you may face problems in domestic peace. Your family members can fight for unnecessary reasons giving you mental stress. However, it is time to make profits through property deals. You may buy a property to give you long-term benefits. The transit is good for getting accolades at the workplace. But you must talk carefully with the seniors as your egoistic behavior can be detrimental to your business growth. Time is good to earn abundantly from your business and career. You'll suddenly develop an interest in historical and ancient things or monuments. 


For Scorpio natives, the Sun will transit into your third house in January 2023. The first Sun transit 2023 will bring good results for your zodiac. There will be an increase in your efforts and zeal. You will feel enthusiastic and can visit a religious place as well. This is the time to enjoy yourself with your siblings and friends but take care of your arrogance. Time is good to get the support of your luck. Your father and teachers will be of great help during this time. Those pursuing higher studies will give their best, and many can go abroad for further studies. 


Sagittarius natives will feel ups and downs in their financial position. Those with strong Sun in the kundli will be highly benefitted as the lord of the ninth house is transiting into your house of wealth. The position is good for earning money through family and work. Your speech can become harsh, which can create bitterness in your family relations. You should think carefully before making any investment-related decisions as the Sun will aspect your eighth house of sudden events. You will be multi-tasking, catering to various family responsibilities during this time. You may feel erratic with the imperfections of others which you should avoid.


The Sun in the ascendant will infuse energy and enthusiasm in you. You can't sit at ease for this month. Many new ideas will inspire you to initiate some business projects. Your appearance will improve, and your mannerism will influence others. You need to take care in your personal relations as arguments with the spouse may follow. Time is good for business and profession. You will manage your funds nicely. But since it is the eighth lord of your zodiac, you may feel a sense of restlessness all the time. There is a possibility of headache and high fever during this transit. Donate wheat and jaggery to safeguard against health issues. Else, the transit is fine.


For Aquarius natives, the Sun will transit into your tenth house. The position is, however, not good for the moral and noble behavior of the natives. During this time, many of your hidden enemies will be uncovered. You can go abroad or earn abundantly if engaged in an MNC or foreign trade. If you do illegal activities, you might get exposed. There may be spiritual enhancement during this time. Take care of your emotions and temperament during this time. You will help those in need and less fortunate people during this time. 


The Pisces native will be one of the best signs to get great benefits through the Sun's transit. The Sun in your eleventh house will fulfill your wishes. It is the time to get social recognition and accolades for your achievements. You may get honored by the government or higher authorities. This is the time to get a good position in the political party if you are engaged in politics. You'll succeed in all your endeavors. However, you should avoid overthinking during this time. 

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