Mercury Retrogrades in Libra (27 September 2021)

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 14-Sep-2021
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Mercury Retrogrades in Libra (27 September 2021)

Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication gets retrograde about three or four times a year. This means it seems to go backwards in its orbit. In astrology, Mercury governs speech, wit, intellect and communication. Therefore, the retrogression of the planet of communication means people find it difficult to find the right words or expressions to convey what they want to say! 

What actually Mercury retrograde means?

To put it simple, Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that happens when the fast-moving planet Mercury—which takes around 88 days to orbit the Sun, appears to slow down. Planets move from East towards West around the Sun. During Mercury retrograde, Mercury appears to move "backwards," i.e. from West towards East.

Actually it is just the matter of speed, for example if two cars are running simultaneously and suddenly one car slows down then from the window of the fast moving car it will appear as if the other car is moving backwards but that is actually not the case. They both are running forward but one at a fast speed and the other at a slow speed. Same is the story behind the retrogression of the planets.

According to the best astrologers in India, this celestial phenomenon taking place far off in the sky has repercussions down on the Earth dwellers. During this time of apparent backwards movement, the areas of life as signified by the planet Mercury tends to get disrupted including travel, social relations, communication, and technology.

Astrological effects of Mercury retrograde

Within the purview of astrology, Mercury rules all things related to communication and travel. When Mercury is in retrograde, people may experience disruptions or difficulties within those realms. A few examples of Mercury retrograde may include several things like problems in typing texts, computer server may get slower, messages aren’t delivered, social media may create false or fake information, secrets are spilled out, computers may break down or in fact car batteries may fail. Travel plans may get postponed or cancelled, fallouts or arguments with friends may occur. Mind remains confused and indecisive.

In addition to supposedly impacting events, Mercury retrograde also affects minds and mental processing of the people. People may face troubles like brain fogginess and high levels of anxiety. During this phenomenon of going backwards, it’s also common for people to get nostalgic about their past or history—so get together and meetings with old friends and ex-lovers become a common sight.

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What to do during Mercury retrograde?

The best astrologers suggest just to “relax” during Mercury retrograde. Your mind tend to over think and over analyze the things which is nothing but the effect of the celestial changes in the sky i.e. retrogression of Mercury. This is the time when you should give rest to your mind if something awkward or out of the box comes to your mind. And only think to implement those new ideas only once the retrogression is over. One can use this time of turmoil to pause and look inside. Identify the areas in your life that may need to be altered after the planet becomes direct. Astrologically speaking, it is not the time to make big decisions.

If a person was born during Mercury retrograde?

Those with retrograde Mercury in their natal chart may not be affected as severely by the transit. In fact, they may feel at ease and would be able to think more clearly, perform efficiently, and decide better as their natal Mercury will feel "at home" amongst the cosmic movements. Talk to astrologer to know whether you were born with retrograde Mercury and the effects it giving in your life. 

Retrograde Mercury in Libra

Now when Mercury is getting retrograde in Libra there will be some emotional side to it. Libra is ruled by Venus and it is all about creating balance internally and externally. It is the most diplomatic sign and rarely confronts. Now when Mercury is direct in this sign, natives tend to speak softly attracting everyone by their side. Their sweet speech and charm win hearts of people. Now, when Mercury is retrograde means it’s moving inward so the whole focus will be on gaining harmony and peace inside. When Mercury is direct in Libra, natives try to make people happy with their expressive talks, but now when Mercury is retrograde the native will seek to have peace and calm inside before they put any influence on the outer world.

It will turn retrograde on 27 September 2021 at 10:40 AM, from where it will turn direct on October 18, 2021, in the sign of Virgo.

Let’s find out what results are in store for all the signs:


For Aries native, Mercury is retrograding in the seventh house which indicates turbulence or arguments in the marital life. During this time it is suggested not to get married or start any new partnership. Journeys should also be avoided until the planet becomes direct as there are chances of losses.


For Taurus native, Mercury retrograde is in the sixth house which indicates losses in speculation or projects involving high investments. Take care of your health and education of children. 


For Gemini native, retrogression is in the fifth house which indicates chances of miscommunication or gossips. Old friends may meet during this time. This period is suitable for strengthening the bond with your mother. Property issues will be resolved and family life will remain harmonious. Health will also remain decent.

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For cancer natives, Mercury is retrograde in the fourth house of comfort and happiness. The transit may give challenging times regarding property matters. Take care of the health of your mother but financially time will be suitable.


For Leo natives, Mercury is retrograde in the third house. Your relations with your siblings will remain sweet and you may also plan a short trip. You will spend time with cousins and friends. It is advised to postpone any kind of long term investment involving huge money. There are chances of promotion or salary hike during this transit. You will be appreciated by your seniors during this transit.


For Virgo natives, Mercury will retrograde in the second house of communication, wealth and family. The transit may create some misunderstanding with your family members, so you are advised to think and talk wisely. The peace at home will remain disturbed due to this but proper communication will resolve the issues. You may plan some long term investment to channelize your funds properly. This period may give sudden or unexpected gains. Business and job personnel will see good time.

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For Libra natives, Mercury is getting retrograde in the lagna only, thus affecting your personality to the most. The transit will give its natives religious inclinations. You may be interested in charity work or may also visit some religious place. You have to keep check on your expenses as you tend to spend mindlessly during this transit. You have to take good care of your health as mental stress may trouble you. Exercise regularly or resort to yoga and meditation.


For Scorpio natives, Mercury will get retrograde in the twelfth house. You may end up spending in unfruitful matters and you have to be extra careful while deciding any long term investment as that might not be the right decision. It is better to seek a professional advice before making any investments. You should stop being super emotional while you tackle any undesired situation regarding personal matters. You will remain secretive and will lack support of your colleagues. Take very good care of health and don’t avoid any minor ailments.


For Sagittarius natives, Mercury is getting retrograde in the eleventh house of desires and gains. This transit will bring recognition and honour to you. You might get new proposals in jobs and those in partnership will make profit. Your social circle will increase and you tend to get busy in partying. Relationships with the spouse will remain sweet and calm. You may also deal in some property during this time. 

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For Capricorn native, Mercury is retrograde in the tenth house of career and recognition. You might not succeed in your career goals and have to work harder to complete your tasks. Your colleagues will support you and will lend a helping hand. Your efficiency at the workplace may get enhanced. This transit will strengthen your bond with your father and his advice will benefit you a lot. Students appearing for competitive exams will do fairly well during this period. You tend to have religious inclinations and you may also travel abroad.


For Aquarius native, Mercury will get retrograde in the ninth house. There would be good news from the side of the children. Students will do well in studies and job aspirants may get new job. You are advised to take care of your health and follow exercise regime. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, the relations with relatives and friends may turn turbulent.

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For Pisces natives, Mercury is retrograde in the eighth house. This transit can’t be termed auspicious. The transit of Mercury indicates some health issues to your mother, which may turn serious and cause worry to you. Marital bonding may turn sour with little differences. Professionally too time is not that supportive, there are chances of differences with the business partner as well. Health of family members may trouble you and you have to spend on their medication bills. You may also spend on beautification or renovation of the house. Your creative tendencies like writing, dancing, photography, or painting will flourish during this transit.

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