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Magic of Numerology can Skyrocket Profits in Your Business

By: Future Point | 21-Sep-2020
Views : 3037Magic of Numerology can Skyrocket Profits in Your Business

The functionalities of Numbers are not just limited to the usual arithmetic operations that they are generally associated with. Each of the Nine Numbers (1 to 9) vibrate on powerful frequencies that are governed by the Nine Planets involved in Astrology and hence, each number attracts & spreads the energy of the planet that it is essentially linked with. 

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To put it simply- Numbers are incredibly powerful and cast their phenomenal effects upon a person primarily based on the person’s date of birth but also via the properties, vehicles, businesses etc. that the person owns. These effects can be both positive or negative depending upon whether that number is lucky or unlucky for the person. It must be noted that there are certain numbers that act in a neutral way towards a person as well.

While one must consult with a Numerologist to know about what different numbers have in store for him/her, it is highly recommended that a person must also devote time & efforts in learning the immensely beneficial science of Numerology in life and for that very purpose, Future Point is offering an Online Numerology Course that is delivered by the Best Numerology Expert in the occult community!

So, be smart and harness the power of numbers that are favourable for you.

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Numerology for Business

Business is a domain where the only thing certain is uncertainty. There are so many aspects of a business such as costing, competition, regulations, inventory, labour, marketing, finances etc. that are required to be handled simultaneously as well as efficiently in order to ensure a profitable survival.

If a person correctly identifies how different Numbers are poised to affect his/her business, then that person can easily have unprecedented gains as well as a stable & rising profit trajectory in his/her business.

As per the concepts of Numerology, Numbers fundamentally affect a business through:

  • The Date of Birth of the Owner
  • The Name Numerology of the Business
  • The Address of the Business Location
  • The Nature of Business with respect to the Lucky or Unlucky Numbers for the Owner

Each of the above mentioned parameters need to be Numerologically in favour of a person to ensure the much needed support of Numbers that are lucky for that person as well as his/her business.

Remember, there is no point in swimming against the tide as only smart work ensures real & sustainable success in life and especially in the highly tricky domain of business!

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‘Special’ Numbers and Their Effects on a Business 

A person must consciously involve certain Numbers in his/her business only post getting a comprehensive Numerology analysis starting with his/her date of birth from an experienced Numerologist. 

This is because there are certain Numbers that cast their effects upon a native’s business significantly more than others based on the date of birth of the native, the name and nature of the native’s business as well as the address of the native’s business.

Number 4

This Number represents the ‘Shadow Planet- Rahu’ or the ‘North Node of the Moon’ which is considered as extremely dangerous in terms of triggering sudden & more often than not, negative events in life such as sudden losses, accidents, conspiracies etc. Hence, a business should be absolutely free from the malefic influence of Number 4 ‘if’ this Number is negative for the owner of the business.

Number 6

This Number represents planet Venus which is the natural significator of luxury & prosperity. Hence, if Number 6 is favourable for a native then the native must try to attract the positive energies of Number 6 into his/her business by incorporating Number 6 related Numerological Tips in life.

Number 8

This Number is governed by planet Saturn and is known as the ‘Number of Extremes’. The influence of Number 8 can both take a business to unforeseen heights of success & profits as well as crash that business into the ground as well. Therefore, it is incredibly important that one must be very cautious before taking steps that attract the extreme energy of Number 8 in his/her business.

Number 9

This Number represents planet Mars which although signifies stability but also has strong elements of volatility attached to it. Therefore, when it comes to a business especially its nature and location, the owner must take into account the effects that Number 9 has upon himself/herself as per his/her date of birth.

Therefore, take the wise and professional step of incorporating the wisdom of Numerology in your business and attract stability, growth & prosperity in your life!

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